How To Speed Up The Recovery Process Of Sclerotherapy

You’ve finally got rid of them! Those veins that you just couldn’t cover up. Those veins that got on your nerves. And you feel the stress slowly diminishing.

Did your doctor tell you?

Sclerotherapy is a brilliant treatment for those who wish to get rid of their spider veins as quickly as possible, without any complications. Despite the fact that varicose veins are completely harmless (except for the self-confidence, of course.)

Not many people realize that it’s not an immediate treatment, and it can take some time before the effects of the treatment start kicking in. Through this article, we plan to discuss everything that you could possibly need to know about Sclerotherapy, and it’s side-effects.

Ready to get into it?

How Does The Sclerotherapy Therapy Work?

The first thing to note is that there are “ideal” patients. Those who are non-smokers, and psychologically stable. The good news is that even if you do have a hidden joker ego waiting to surface – it does not mean you cannot get the treatment. It only impacts the recovery process and the side-effects of the treatment.

The treatment basically involves sclerotherapy injections into the targeted veins that you wish to get rid of.

To start, you will be asked to stay still while the doc in charge of the operation marks the veins that he/she will be dealing with. Once that is done, the solution is injected into your veins to harden and fade over time.

But, you may have already gotten the injection, so why on Earth do you care about all of this?

Well, you were wondering how long the treatment takes to show, this is the first-step; understanding why it is delayed.

The Recovery Period Of Sclerotherapy

How long it takes to recover from these injections and start seeing physical changes to the varicose veins varies from person to person.


You may have been advised to apply compression bandages over the section where the veins lay, we strongly recommend you listen to your doc. As this will force the veins to swell due to increased pressure.

The good news is that you should only need to deal with these pesky bandages for a day or two.


However, you may need to continue using your support hose for anywhere up to two-weeks.


Another important note, is that if you got the injection in your leg, you may be advised to keep the leg elevated, as this could make all the difference in the recovery process.


If you want to speed up the progress of this treatment, physical exercise is a must. This is just another way to help you get the blood pumping, which increases pressure – 10X’ing the treatment progression.


No Fair – It’s Been Almost A Week And My Veins Look The Same


It’s no secret that this treatment is not exactly the cheapest option on the block. So you may be disgruntled when you read all of these articles telling you that you will notice the difference in 2-3 days maximum.


The truth is…


The entire point behind Sclerotherapy is to lighten up unsightly veins until they are as close to unnoticeable as possible. But the exerted pressure of both the compression bandages, and the general injection can leave some bruising.


Which means even if the vein looks lighter, it’s still going to look just as bad, or worse…


Unfortunately, a bit of patience is needed. But you will be right as rain in no time at all.

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