How to Soundproof a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors have very many significant benefits, responsible for their increased use in many houses. To begin with, they offer a great view of the exterior, they let in a lot of light to your house, allow more space within and without the house, and operating them is also very easy. This is why you need global sliding door repair Coconut Creek.

However, everything has its own drawbacks. For the sliding glass doors, the most common drawback is that they cannot block sound from entering or leaving your house. This is because of their low STC. The gaps within the doors are also paths for sound. In this case, your privacy will be tampered with, and as a result, you may need to Soundproof your sliding glass door.

Before looking at the various ways of soundproofing your door, let’s talk about the sounds that will be getting in and out of your house or room.

Structure-borne sound

This is the type of sound produced when there impact between an object and a surface or structure. The impact will cause vibration, which will result in the production of sound waves.

Airborne sound

This is the kind of noise produced and transmitted through the air without any direct contact between the source of the sound and the structure of your house. An example is the type of sound produced when people speak, when dogs bark, when there is music, and in many other instances. The soundwaves are then transferred through air, and upon hitting your sliding door or wall, they get through into your house.


For each of the two types of sounds, there are specific techniques of soundproofing your house against them. The methods stated below will help you Soundproof your sliding door without interfering with its functionality:

Using Soundproof Curtains

The dense fabric of these curtains enables them to absorb the soundwaves, and as a result, they will fade the sound. Moreover, these curtains do provide thermal insulation during both the cold seasons and the hot seasons. Neither the hot air nor the cold air will leave your house, and this will make your house more comfortable to stay in. You will need not to spend any penny on air-conditioning and any other unnecessary energy bills. You can double up the panels by using the double curtain rod. This will improve the efficiency of the soundproofing.

Using Sound Deadening Blankets

These deadening blankets are also hung in a similar way as the soundproof curtains. The only difference is that they are made of fiberglass, which makes them more effective than the soundproof curtains. These blankets are available in many sizes that can fit your door well.

Using Laminated or Triple Pane Glass

This is the most expensive of all the measures for soundproofing. The good thing, however, is that they can block both the high frequency and low-frequency sounds. The glasses create spaces in between them, which will deaden the sound as it travels through. It also plays a big role in insulating both cold and heat, therefore making any sunroom in San Jose more comfortable.

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