How To Make Your House Sellable And Appealing To Buyers


As much as there are many people out there looking to buy their dream homes, selling a house is not always a walk in the park. Before making the final decision to buy a home, the consumer of today is very keen on a couple of things, including size, design, curb appeal, and overall form. While there’s very little you can do to change things such as size, there are a couple of things you can do to make your property more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. As a matter of fact, some of these things will even determine how long the property you want to sell stays on the market before closing the deal or even finding a potential client. And let’s be honest, trying to sell a home that looks unkempt, abandoned, and poorly maintained can be a nightmare of an experience.

Are you ready to put your house out there in the market and see it being bought quicker than you anticipated? If so, you’re on the right page.


Here are some tips on how to make your house sellable and appealing to buyers.

Address all repairs

From time to time, various areas of a house may require fixing. However, most of us tend to ignore the little problems and think to ourselves that they’re not necessary. Others prefer waiting until there’s a bunch of things to fix so they can deal with them all at once other than fixing something singularly every time it develops a problem. Thing is, ignoring minor home repairs could stand in your way when trying to sell your home. However, when it comes to selling your house, you’d want it to look presentable and likable. A client would want to move into a house that they don’t have to pay extra money to cater for expenses such as repairs. Start by fixing that broken window, cracked tiles, damaged doorknob, blocked sink, the leaking roof or anything else that could disqualify your home from being acquired. It’s the little things that matter less to us that ultimately make the difference for others and you might just be surprised by the number of clients interested in your house.

Do some cleaning

A dirty house has never been appealing to anyone, and in case you’re selling your home, dirt and untidiness will only turn off potential buyers. First impressions matter the most when it comes to home buying and if you portray a bad first impression, you are likely to lose out on potential clients. Clean the windows, bathroom, kitchen, dust your tables and keep your house clean throughout because a client could drop by any time. For the best results in case your house needs some thorough cleaning, you had better involve a professional home cleaner.

Remove clutter

When a potential buyer comes along to view the house, it is important that they find the place well-organized. As a matter of fact, research has it that decluttering can benefit your health or that of the new occupant. Houses fill up with time, both with important and unnecessary items, especially when you’ve lived in the house for quite some time. To make your house more appealing to potential buyers, consider emptying your rooms of accumulated stuff so they don’t appear untidy and unorganized. For items you’d rather hold on to, renting off-site storage can be a good idea. For other items of less value to you, you can choose to donate them to charity if they’re still in a considerably good condition, dispose of them or sell them at second-hand dealer shops.

Consider soundproofing

Nothing is of more importance than comfort to a home buyer. While there are so many things that you can do to improve a home’s comfort, one of the major house improvements most home sellers forget to do is soundproofing. Especially for property located in busy areas, cities, and locations near construction sites, outdoor noise can be a major comfort issue, and soundproofing could be the best way to enhance comfort levels in such a home. Experts at A Quiet Refuge say that soundproofing a home that is located near sources of noise such as traffic, nightclubs, and even noisy neighborhoods using acoustic foam panels can be an investment that you won’t regret. These soundproof systems have been proven to be so effective in blocking unwanted noise from outside as well as keeping indoor sound inside. In addition to improved comfort, your prospective buyer will also be assured of improved privacy with a soundproofed home.

Light up your house

Lighting (both natural and artificial) is another crucial aspect that you want to get right and square before putting your house for sale on listing sites. On this note, you will want to fix your rooms with brighter, more appealing lighting fixtures and replace those that are no longer functioning correctly. And if perhaps you are using outdated light fixtures, consider upgrading your lighting by replacing them with modern ones.

Another wonderful trick that you can borrow from interior designers is to use mirror illusion to add more space and light in your home. This tends to work magic, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms that look a bit packed up-tight. Put up mirrors in your rooms and hallways to add more light in rooms. Also, natural light does wonders when it comes to lightening up dark rooms so that they’re more appealing to visitors and potential buyers. If you don’t need extra windows, you can use lightweight fabric curtains to allow more light into the various rooms in the house.

Consider painting your walls afresh

We all have different color preferences, and not all people appreciate bright or dark colors on the walls or various parts of their homes. For this reason, you might be forced to repaint your walls with a neutral paint to increase the chances that just about any potential buyer will find the house attractive. Also, no one wants to buy a house whose walls and other parts look old, tattered, and worn out. Repainting your home will give it a fresh look and it could be the only thing you need to do to make it sellable and more appealing to prospective buyers.

Remove personal stuff

As much as it’s been your house for the longest time, it is best to get to terms with the fact that the time to sell it has finally come. Accept to remove personal stuff such as family photos and artwork and put them away for the time that you are marketing your house. You can replace this with a few general wall arts if you must, but just don’t have your personal materials hanging there. A client needs to feel that they can own the house and easily turn it into how they want it to look like. Seeing your pictures and other personalized stuff all over the house could easily affect their purchase decision. In other words, there’s a possibility that they could feel less attracted to buying your house.

Decorate and freshen your house

A nice-looking, fresh-smelling house is quite welcoming. Introducing some attractive, nice-smelling flowers can go a long way in making your on-sale house more appealing to potential buyers. However, it works better in a house that is clean, decluttered and well-organized. You can also introduce additional decor features such as drapes, new curtains, and nice-looking fabric for your tables. To freshen the environment even more, air fresheners can help get rid of any unpleasant odors that may be lurking in the indoor environment, enough to discourage your prospective client from signing on the dotted line.

In summary, selling a home doesn’t always come easy, especially considering how real estate has become a highly competitive industry these days. If you want your home to move fast, it will take some dedication and creativity. We hope the above few ideas can be an inspiration to you. Consider them before you even put your house out there in the listings sites and you will have little to regret about.

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