How to hit London without breaking the bank in 2019

Whether or not you’ve ever been to London before, you’ll know that it can be a little more expensive to visit than other parts of the country. However, that extra cash goes a long way to help you to enjoy long weekends and mini-breaks packed with culture, fun and learning. Here are several easy-to-manage money-saving tips that will help your budget for your next break in the capital.

Book your travel as early as possible

While last-minute flights are always an option, you do risk not being able to travel at all if you bank on plane fares to suit your needs as and when. However, with rail fares, it’s a little different.

As reported in The Telegraph, to find the cheapest train tickets around, look for the limited number of fixed-time Advance tickets that become available, around 12 weeks before your intended departure date. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little longer actually travelling to and from the city, a coach would usually always prove to be a significantly cheaper option all round.

Shop around for entrance fees and offers

It’s pretty well-known that you can experience the Natural History Museum in South Kensington for free (donations are accepted upon your entrance and exit, if you wish to leave a small fee).

However, most of London equals money – so, when you’ve sorted your travel, shop around for offers. Even if it’s voucher codes for restaurants, family tickets for other activities, or coupons for any shopping you wish to do, you could plan the rest of your trip around several money-saving visits to specific locations. This way, you’ll also have more of an itinerary to follow when you arrive!

Staying centrally can still be cost-effective

Don’t be put off by the idea of staying centrally. Away from the West End, there are hundreds of hotels vying for what’s in your pockets, wallets and purses, so prices remain competitive.

Besides, by staying centrally, you’ll save time on your travels and save money on your Oyster card expenditure, so consider somewhere like the Dorsett Hotel, City of London for 4-star accommodation that won’t leave you without enough cash to enjoy the rest of the city. Central locations like this are also closer to iconic sites such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern.

Use your feet as much as possible

On the subject of sightseeing, when you’re planning what to see and when, work out what you can do by foot. Inevitably, you will need to purchase an Oyster card for your tube and bus transport around London – but, with a little forward planning, you can avoid queues, cramped carriages and extra expenditure by putting your legs and shoes to work wherever possible.

This way, you’ll also take in more of the city from the ground and be able to soak in the rich, unique atmosphere of each site and area you wish to visit. You may even burn off a few extra calories in the meantime, too.

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