How To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

I would testify that life in college is tough. It is at this point that parents will expect you to start asserting independence. They will not send you money regularly as they used to so for the lazy ones, this is where they start indulging in bad vices like stealing and drug peddling for money. If you are such a student and you have great writing skills, below is how you can take advantage of this exceptional ability to earn money by getting a writing jobs from home.

Create your own blog

Nowadays you will realize that there are plenty of bloggers who are writing on various issues such as fashion, religion or academics. Pick whatever it is you are good at, create a blog, set up a profile and write quality work that will attract all readers. The more the people read your work thus generating traffic the more money you get. In this business, you should however not expect to get a lot of money quick. It does take time and so the secret here is being disciplined and patient. You can


Here you will have to set your page on some online workplace like Upwork and market it. For you to survive in this sector you have to ensure that you have the right marketing skills. What most aggressive freelancers do is they post samples of their work on the web so as to attract clients. However, the most important thing that will market you even more is quality work.

The people closest to you

I would advise anyone that this should actually be the first option. You will notice that there are some friends or relatives who need writing help let us say with essay or dissertations. It is time to call and tell them you can help. You should, however, separate business with friendship since some of them may refuse to pay you to explain to them why you need the money. Your friends may also not have essays to be written but they may know someone who needs a writer or an essay writing service. This is a chance to get hooked up if you want to get a job.

Seek online firms

There are those that help students with writing or editing assignments. In this case, you will have to up your game since there are plenty of you and some may have more skills than you. This is also a great opportunity since as you write for other students, you too will be learning and when you are examined in any particular area, you will be good to go since you will be having the facts at hand. You are constantly required to read books since no mistakes are allowed.

Manual print media

As much as technology has taken over the news business, we cannot deny that some print media houses are still making profits. You may see an ad that they are seeking for a columnist to write on any topic. Do not delay, take this offer. One thing about working in manual print media is that you will have to keep time, especially for the daily magazines and newspapers. Ensure that you meet deadlines if you really want to keep your job.


You can also get paid for your skills by marketing various companies or even people. They can give you a series of ads to post and it is for this that you will be paid. You may also be required to use your own words to sell a company. In this case, you have to use persuasive language that will convince a client. In this case, it is the firm that you are advertising for that will pay and not the readers.

Ghost novel writing

There might be someone let us say a colleague who had started writing a novel but due to various factors, they got stuck. This is your chance to complete it at a given fee but your name will not appear as the author thus the name ghostwriter. When you do this and realize that your novel is sold out, you may be motivated to write your own piece too.

Coaching writers

Yes, you heard me right. There may be some people who have gone through your work then find it interesting. They might call you and ask you to coach them since they are aspiring to be writers too. You can take advantage of this to charge them some amount for tutorials.

As stated above, there are plenty of ways through which you can earn money by writing. Pick your option and start earning. Do not let student loans overburden you. You can also use the cash that you get through writing to pay off these loans so that by the time you are graduating you have little or no debts. For the aspiring writers, I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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