How to get more views on YouTube Videos

There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video marketing channel in the world. Every minute, hundreds of video hours are uploaded on this platform, thus exponentially increasing the competition for those who would like to market on YouTube.

Most of the established brands would go to any length, including setting aside money to buy views for YouTube just to beat the competition and remain at the top in YouTube search. As a beginner, you might find it a little hard to favorably compete, given that you might be struggling with your budget.

To help you get more YouTube videos for your videos, even with a tight budget, I will discuss some of the top tips and tricks that you can use to get views without having to pay or at least pay something very small to increase your brand awareness.

1.      Write clickable titles

Before anyone thinks of watching your video, he first has to click on it. But is the title compelling enough to get a click?

Keyword research is very crucial for you to write clickable titles. You need to understand which keywords to use in the titles that will attract the attention of other YouTube users. Once you have identified the keywords that have the highest monthly search volume, you now need to know how to use them in the title.

To win big with proper keywords, make sure you use them to write descriptive and interesting titles. Note that YouTube algorithms will use the keywords in the titles to sort for relevancy and rank them higher, thus give the more exposure.

2.      Write video descriptions

The use of video descriptions can help you better inform YouTube users as well as search engines of what your video is all about. Once users know what your video is about and can relate to hat they are looking for, then you can get a high click-through-rate.

While writing the video descriptions, try your best to both stand out and remain generic. Use both short-tail keywords as well as long-form keywords in the descriptions. In the long-run, your main focus should be to entice users to click and view your videos.

3.      Focus on the use of tags

YouTube video tags play a very key role in distinguishing what your content is about from the competitors’. These tags go a step further in helping YouTube algorithms understand the things that users will see once they click your video to watch. It is the tags, title, and descriptions that form the core part of your video, as these are the things that will dictate whether or not your videos will rank and get views.

4.      Make sure your video’s thumbnail image is well optimized

YouTube thumbnail image can bring all the difference that you are looking for in getting YouTube views. The thumbnail images will appear in the organic results page, suggested videos section, or in social media. These images can attract users to click on the title and watch what your video is about.

To get more with thumbnail images, make sure you use high-quality images that have readable and clear fonts as well as facial-close ups, especially if they feature in the video.

5.      Your YouTube video content must be educative as well as entertaining

Before you post any video, you need to be sure that your viewers will want to come back to watch it again as they wait for the next one. The video needs to be both entertaining and educative, to provide true value to the viewers. Valuable videos get the viewers coming back, thus increasing their views.

6.      Stick to one theme

One of the biggest mistakes that most YouTubers make is to keep on changing themes from time to time. This confuses your already existing subscribers, making them opt-out of your subscription list, thus reducing the number of views.

By sticking to one particular niche, you will be building a list of loyal subscribers who will always come back to watch more videos. Remember that once you post a video, a notification shall be sent to the subscribers and thus will watch. If they find that the content is different from their expectations, then they might have little options but quit.

7.      Try using guest YouTubers

Just as it is with guest posting for content marketing, YouTube marketing has guest YouTubers. These are the industry influencers and can drive a lot of traffic and thus views to your videos. Guest YouTubers can bring a whole lot of different experiences to your videos, thus attracting a lot of viewers to your videos.

To hook up with an influencer, and benefit from hi, you first need to initiate. You need first to reach out, offer a link to their videos, and once they notice you, ask them if they can reciprocate. If they do, then you can be sure you will emerge the winner in the whole arrangement.  

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