How to Fix .dll Issues Instantly?

If you have an issue with .dll file you will be glad to know that this one can be solved easily. Usually, all you need to do is to download the original version of the missing or corrupted file to your computer and place it in the proper folder. Hence, you get the problem solved and the software is being launched easily. However, in some rare cases this method is not helpful at all.

How to Find Reliable Source of DLL Files?

It can be demanding to find a reliable source of .dll files. The thing is when you try to find the place to download the library from you get the list of website you do not know a thing about. There is no guarantee the website is reputable and credible, and the files it offers are safe for your computer – some of the websites provide corrupted or malware files instead of the original libraries that could help you to fix the problem. In the list of the reputable .dll file providers there is a website, a place where you can find the widest choice of system files and the description of possible solutions for the problems a user may face.

When Do The .dll Missing Problem Usually Appears?

Usually the problem appears when you try to launch the game or any other kind of software. Most often this happens when you launch an old game (old means developed and released more than 5-7 years ago) – it happens especially often when it comes to the games developed before the year 2006.

The thing is that such games were developed for other systems with different hardware that was built on other principles. Therefore, the modern hardware with more recent drivers is not capable of dealing with these games, so you need to add the missing files and libraries to your computer to let the program launch. However, in rare cases even this is not enough to solve the problem.

So when you try to run games like Need for Speed, Sniper Elite or any kind of Paradox strategy released in 2002-2010 you can face this problem which can be easily solved.

What Is The Common Reason for .dll Problem to Appear?

The most common reason is the fact the piece of software was written in the outdated version of Visual C++ Studio. It is a very popular environment for game development and it remains popular for years.

However, the Studio is being constantly updated, and you need to download many versions of the software to make sure that all products released using this tool operate on a stable premises.

But please mind that sometimes the reason of the error is the fact the software has been installed incorrectly, or some system files and libraries are corrupted. In such case, simple download of the library won’t help; you will have to reinstall the whole component.


There are not many credible ways of solving .dll missing or corruption issues. Only two of them are actually efficient:

  • downloading library from;
  • downloading and installing the component containing the missing library from the official Microsoft website.


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