How to decide what to do after college?

I remember the morning after graduation day; I woke up to the reality that I won’t have to attend lectures anymore, most especially the boring ones, write assignments( only if I had known about this assignment help online company) or have to wake up early to meet up with a morning class. This was worse during the extreme cold in winter. All these were supposed to be some relief; then it occurred to me that I’m now jobless, and I need to start making moves towards financial dependence.  Almost everyone feels this way after graduation. There is a phenomenon named “post-graduation depression.” This is when people allow the fear of life after college get the best of them. Students get scared that there won’t be recent graduate jobs for them after college. It gets worse for the students that are in a lot of debt. Life must not be difficult after school if you do the right things. If you just graduated and you’re reading this article, then you have taken the first step in the right direction. This article will highlight and elaborate on what to do after college

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How my after college journey began

Standing in front of the world of possibilities I was confused. Of course, I felt relieved, but I didn’t know what to do with my life. I started to look for jobs for college graduates to earn my own money to pay debts. I attended dozens of interviews. But neither had I liked the position, nor was I suitable for the job. I thought I was not qualified enough and felt depressed. Though, I didn’t give up. I proceeded in my search for a job and found a place where I could do what I love – write and express my thoughts in texts. I learned to be more self-confident and believe in myself.

I can proudly state that all the mistakes I’ve made and all the hesitations I’ve had, helped me become the person I am now. Though I lack some skills; I am trying to work hard to fill the knowledge gaps. Maybe I will change my occupation in the future or choose another direction to develop in. But I realized the only way to overcome post-graduation depression is to take actions.

Thus, what’s the next thing after college?

  • Are you supposed to accept the first job that you’re offered?
  • Where would you like to settle down?
  • Were you stressed in college and now you’d like to enjoy life?
  • Do you need to discover who you are?
  • Do you try to eliminate your debt right away?
  • Do you pursue a second degree or get a job?
  • Would you like to get married to your girlfriend as soon as possible?
  • Do you want to pursue a different thing entirely, start a business, fashion, music?

 There are many questions that you must answer for you to move forward. However, you must understand that whatever you do might determine the rest of your life.

Are you supposed to accept the first job that you’re offered?

If you’re confused on what to do after college, my advice to you is to do what’s not usual, especially in the American culture, which is to get a 9-5 job. If you have the opportunity, you should travel to another country, and experience a new culture, learn a new language. The world is bigger than your state or country. Another alternative is to get a job you would like. That kind of environment may help you clarify what you’d rather be doing.

In my opinion, I would say you should not jump at the first job you’re offered unless the pay and benefits are really good.  It’s good if you can secure a part-time job on the side while running your business. You can make payments for your student loan all at once. Some individuals would like to pursue something different from what they studied in college, now is the best time to do focus on that, be it music, fashion, business or art. Other folks might want to continue their education; it all depends on what you want from life. I’ve seen people who bagged their Ph.D. in their late 20’s. You must realize that everything is possible. My advice is that you should not rush into anything. There are answers to every question you might have. Most people graduate from college in their 20’s; you have a lot of years ahead, hence try not to put a lot of pressure on yourself, although it’s good to keep moving, progress is more important.


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