Here’s how your Choice of Athletic Shoes Impact your Trekking Experience

Give the trekker a right pair of footwear, and he or she can conquer even the most rugged terrains. However, that being said, a couple of athletic footwear is of utmost importance to the hiker. It is also a commonly observed fact that a hiker spends a majority of his or her time in those shoes rather than spending in the tent. This is the reason that one has to be careful in the selection process of footwear. Only a right pair of athletic shoes can save their feet from those unfriendly trails. Your choice of shoes is a deciding factor in the latter stages of your trek as it plays a significant role in keeps your feet in the right shape. On the other hand, the weight of your backpack will usually take a load on your shoes. A pair of good athletic shoes would always be helpful in absorbing the extra amount you are carrying in the form of your backpack.

How to select the athletic shoes that are also good for trekking?

If you are someone who wants to experience the hiking trails in a new manner or you are an urban runner who wants to witness the challenges that rugged terrains throw at you, you have to invest your time and money on a pair of good athletic shoes. In this context, it is interesting to note that the athletic shoes are quite versatile. It is their easy adaptability which makes them a go-to choice for the likes of a majority of trekkers. This is the reason that before you head to the rugged trails to avail an ultimate experience of trekking, you would need shoes that are specially built for the purpose of hiking. 

If you own a pair of athletic shoes or are looking forward to buying one that can withstand the challenges of rugged terrains, you need to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Its grip on the territory: Buy a pair of athletic shoes that have lugged soles. It would assist you to facilitate movement in a speedy manner.
  • The construction of the shoes: Athletic shoes are built in such a way that they prevent excessive rotation of the foot. Hence, ensure that your footwear has durable upper materials to withstand tears and abrasion.
  • The amount of protection it can provide to your feet: There exist a plethora of external and internal features which would help your feet from not getting sore.

 Essential knowledge of the terrain and trek duration is also necessary

You may be comfortable walking and running in your athletic shoes, but when it comes to hiking on mountainous terrains, you have to be selective. If you own a pair of athletic shoes that are low cut models with flexible rubber soles, then they probably would fail to absorb the extra load you are carrying during your trekking. Hence, you must opt for elastic rubber sole athletic shoes if you are going on a short hiking tour. A flexible sole is a viable choice in case of urban roads but when it comes to hilly trails; these flexible soles can buckle under pressure. Hence, you have to opt for those shoes which have pressure absorbing soles.


Athletic shoes that can double up as trekking shoes

Nowadays, shoe manufacturers are increasingly paying attention towards the versatility of shoes. If you own a pair of athletic shoes that can also double up as trekking shoes, then you are in for luck in those rough terrains. These shoes are usually water-resistant and usually sport a stiffer construction. You can use these athletic shoes if you are someone who is a beginner to multi-day hiking or is an occasional trekker. These types of athletic shoes are a go-to choice for those hikers who are on a multi-day trek. This denotes that these types of shoes are always ready to soak the excess pressure that emanates from your backpack or the load you are carrying on your back. They also come with additional features like facilitating cross ventilation to prevent your feet from sweating.

Opt for athletic shoes on the basis of their cushioning

The cushioning level is also referred as stack height in footwear. If you are someone who is passionate about accepting the challenge of hiking on rugged terrains, then you have to opt for athletic shoes that come with massive cushioning. However, it is also important to note that choice for those types of shoes that have heavily cushioned midsoles. These heavily cushioned shoes would always be helpful in absorbing the excess pressure. On the other hand, athletic shoes that are available with maximum cushioning are more comfortable on joints. They also reduce fatigue and stress on high-mile walking and trekking. 


The fit of the athletic shoes

In recent years, the Nike athletic shoes are available in varied sizes and fit. The fit is one of the most significant considerations. On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that feet is are biomechanically involved and this is the reason that a good fit would also make sure that arch shape and foot volume is up to the mark. In order to get a viable pair of shoes, you can get a fitness assessment done.

If you are still lurking in the dark about the right type of athletic shoes that are also ideal for trekking, then consider appointing a footwear specialist. The footwear specialist can quickly tell you the kind of shoe you want for your trekking experience.      


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