100 Striking Henna Tattoos Design for Girls

Henna is an amazing way to decorate your skin, it is a semi-permanent method for wearing art on your skin without the use of a needle. The various application processes used are incredibly interesting and allow an artist to stain your skin temporarily, generally a couple of days or weeks depending on how hard you scrub your skin, with works of art that you like. This is also an excellent way to test out ideas that you may have about getting a tattoo before you get one since tattoos are permanent and don’t wash away like henna does. Here are 100 beautiful henna designs for girls that may help you to strike up some inspiration for your own creations.

Floral Swirls

This henna tattoo design is not only very feminine but beautifully decorates the wearer’s hands without going overboard. You can see a lot of detail in the line work that allows you to really appreciate the artwork.

heena tattoos design (1)

Sunflower Chain

Sunflowers and other floral designs are incredibly common when looking at henna designs for girls, and these flowers are usually painted in a slightly connected fashion from the fingers to the forearm.

heena tattoos design (99)

Flowers and Crescent Moons

While flowers are incredibly popular when looking for a henna tattoo, crescent moons are also incredibly popular with girls as seen below.

heena tattoos design (100)

Matching Hands and Feet

Many henna designs for girls also possess matching designs for the hands and the feet which allow you to not only decorate your hands and arms, but match your henna design to your pedicure as well.

heena tattoos design (101)

Abstract Swirls

There are many henna designs that feature abstract, almost smoky, swirl designs for women that usually lay in the background to a larger design. However getting only the abstract design with intricate line work isn’t completely uncommon.

heena tattoos design (102)

Palms Up

You can also put designs on the palms of your hands that lead to your forearm as well, this example matching the abstract swirls seen above.

heena tattoos design (103)

Simple Patterns

If you are new to henna, then you can always try a simpler design of basic lines and shapes rather than jumping into the more intricate designs.

heena tattoos design (104)

Fishnet and Paisley

Many designs look a great deal like fishnet and paisley in the way that there are crossed lines and tear drop swirls, however these also feature flowers such as daisies and sunflowers.

heena tattoos design (105)

Full Forearm

There are many designs that you may find you enjoy that feature a full forearm of patterns and decorative lines. These usually feature various tear drop shapes, fan shapes, and so much more.

heena tattoos design (106)

Floral in Color

While many people think that henna simply comes in brown or black, there are colors that can be used as well to create the designs. This is more commonly seen in floral designs such as the one below, and usually used as an accent.

heena tattoos design (107)

Cross Hatched Paisley

In this design, you can find many patterns that were used to create something incredibly unique. There are flowers, but there are also paisley notes along with cross hatched curves that attract the eye.

heena tattoos design (108)

Lace Patterns

Some of the most popular designs feature notes of lace patterns in the line work of the henna tattoo designs, these are also coupled with other patterns to create a more attractive piece.

heena tattoos design (109)

Flowers and Discs

Another popular choice for henna designs for girls include flowers between decorative disc designs and other natural notes, for example the leaf like design running the length of the pointer finger.

heena tattoos design (110)


Chained blooms of flowers are also popular as they don’t completely cover the hands and arms, though they still accent them nicely without being overpowering.

heena tattoos design (111)

Arm Bands

Arm band designs are simple and don’t require a lot of time, though they are easily covered or worn like jewelry making them one of the best choices in henna designs.

heena tattoos design (112)

Finger to Forearm Designs

For those who would rather go big, the designs that run from the middle finger up to the forearm are popular as they accent the shape of the arm through the designs that are chosen.

heena tattoos design (113)

Dream Catchers

There are many designs featured in this shoulder to fingertip design, though the dream catcher shapes are becoming ever more popular over time, even in henna designs.

heena tattoos design

Lacy Brush Strokes

Designs that seem as though they are painted on and possess an intricacy to them are incredibly popular henna designs as they are more unique than smaller and simpler designs.

heena tattoos design (115)

Bold Shoulder Designs

Bold shoulder designs that feature a floral like image are wonderful options, and can be as big and bold as you wish with ease.

heena tattoos design (116)


Designs that take up a great deal of space and possess intricately placed lines are also popular and can appear glove like.

heena tattoos design (117)

Simple Back Designs

Simple designs for the back and spine featuring curves and dots are popular as they can be enjoyed like a semi-permanent piece of jewelry.

heena tattoos design (118)

Matching Anklets and Bracelets

Designs that look like anklets and bracelets are incredibly popular, while also featuring a paisley design appearance.

heena tattoos design (119)

Imagery Designs

Henna designs that feature a lot of imagery are also popular choices for girls, these have birds and flowers while also appearing to have movement in them.

heena tattoos design (120)


Native American style patterns are also popular, especially those of the Aztec nature through the use of triangles and line work.

heena tattoos design

Swirls and Spades

You will find many designs for girls feature swirl patterns that usually lead up the arms or ankles that are topped off with spades. These designs possess intricate and feminine patterns within them that stand out.

heena tattoos design (122)

Floral Shoulder Pieces

This particular shoulder piece not only features daisy like flowers but a very feminine pattern to it which makes it a popular choice.

heena tattoos design (123)

Two to One

Many girls opt for forearm pieces that interconnect when placed next to one another, creating a larger piece that is more whole than the two halves on their own.

heena tattoos design (124)

Rainbows and Daisies

Flower patterns featuring arches or curves within the pattern not only capture the eyes of many, but are incredibly popular options.

heena tattoos design (125)


This style of design takes some real talent to perfect, however designs that feature the fading of black to brown are also popular.

heena tattoos design (126)

Curving Direction

You will also find that designs featuring arches and curves leading to the tips of the fingers are more popular as they have a more lace stylization to them.

heena tattoos design (127)

Blazing Suns

Henna tattoo designs featuring a sun like image are also popular as some use floral patterns or a more natural substance to the design.

heena tattoos design (128)


Paisley styled patterns are definitely more popular with women than they are men, as well as various other fabric styled patterns.

heena tattoos design (129)

Rising Suns

Patterns with lace style suns and flowers peaking above and below two curved lines are also popular for their lace like design.

heena tattoos design (130)

Palm to Tip

Henna designs that are placed on the palms as well as finger tips are also more popular with women than they are with men.

heena tattoos design (131)

Wrist to Tips

This image is another perfect example of palm or wrist to fingertip patterns.

heena tattoos design (132)

Floral Fingers

Floral designs that run from one finger to the forearm are incredibly popular and are worn for various occasions, including for fun.

heena tattoos design (133)

Split Designs

Designs that feature a wide space between elements are also incredibly popular and attract more women than men.

heena tattoos design (134)

Paisley, Flowers, and Wrist Bands

There are many designs that feature paisley like patterns, but some of them seem to chain into other elements such as wrist or arm bands and feature flowers.

heena tattoos design (135)


Patterns on only the fingers tips are also popular, and floral elements can be found in these as well. It is also beneficial to start with the tips of your fingers as waiting for them to dry will allow you to avoid smudging them if you are doing your own henna work.

heena tattoos design (136)

Wrist Bands

Any pattern with a wrist or arm band appear to be some of the more highly popular choices.

heena tattoos design (137)

Sectioned Patterns

Most designs for girls have spaces of patterns that are sectioned off rather than melded together. These patterns can be contained into shapes of diamonds, triangles, or ovals depending on the pattern and are excellent accents.

heena tattoos design (138)

Floral Back Pieces

Since more girls where low cut shirts that either dip in the front or in the back, women are more commonly seen with floral back pieces that peek from the backs of their shirts.

heena tattoos design (139)

Mismatched Patterns

It is also more common to see designs on hands and arms that look alike, but have subtle differences between them such as the palms and forearms of this image.

heena tattoos design (140)

Animal-like Shapes

You will also see more women choosing henna tattoo designs that feature shapes that resemble adorable animals. Can you find the owl like shape in the image?

heena tattoos design

Simple Lace

Though more women prefer simplistic patterns that are easier to fix as the staining fades. Lace like patterns are also great for those who wish to have something that is more simplistic while matching a specific outfit.

heena tattoos design (142)

Band Designs

Simple bands around the calf, ankle, wrist, and forearm are also increasingly popular due to the ease of covering them up when excessive fading begins.

heena tattoos design (143)


Sun patterns placed on the shoulders also have a higher popularity with women than they do with men, and generally very from incredibly simple or awe inspiringly intricate.

heena tattoos design (144)


Sayings are popular with both men and women, but motivational sayings are predominantly chosen by girls rather than guys. While some choose meanings that mean something personal, others choose phrases that simply motivate or remind them of something special.

heena tattoos design (145)

Side of the Feet

Designs that run down the inside of the feet are also more predominantly chosen by women as they look amazing when paired with sandals and other open shoes.

heena tattoos design (146)

Back to Arm Pieces

Henna designs that run from the center of the back and down the arm with paisley like floral patterns are incredibly popular for girls.

heena tattoos design (147)

Top of the Feet

Designs that also go across the tops of the feet are also chosen more by girls as they look beautiful when paired with anklets and heels. These amazing designs are not only attractive but are easy to cover when not wanting to show them off.

heena tattoos design (148)

Floral Spine Designs

Designs that feature floral chains and are placed on the spine are also more predominantly chosen by girls and women since deep cut dresses can show them off like jewelry.

heena tattoos design (149)


Another thing about henna spine designs is that they vary in their intricacy and can be either incredibly simple or amazingly intricate. They can be something like a series of patterns or even floral designs that go from the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades down to the center of the lower back.

heena tattoos design (150)

Curved Back Pieces

The size of henna back designs very, but most possess a curving motion to the design that accentuates the body. Some even very in color and glitter as well as golden colored paint is added to further accentuate the designs.

heena tattoos design (151)

Simple Ankle Designs

Simple designs on the ankles are also popular and feature either small flowers winged with patterned sections or swirls that accentuate the shape of the ankle as well as compliment the heart of the design.

heena tattoos design (152)

Ankle to Feet

Floral designs look amazing anywhere and can even run the shape of the feet as well as the legs to accent the curvature of the ankle.

heena tattoos design (153)

Ankle to Foot

Floral designs with winged accents are also popular and can be incredibly simple while still accentuating the line of the ankle to the foot.

heena tattoos design (154)

Finger Accents

One design that can be a great accent your manicure is to have henna designs on your hands and fingers like this swirling design.

heena tattoos design (155)

Flowers on Shoulders

It isn’t uncommon to see women with henna flower designs on their shoulders during the summer months when tank tops and spaghetti straps are in style.

heena tattoos design (156)


Crowns are another henna design that is more popular with women as they symbolize the better things in life. While this is more of a king’s styled crown, crowns are incredibly popular design options and may mean something specific to the person wearing the tattoo.

heena tattoos design (157)

Thigh Designs

You will also see many thigh designs for henna tattoos of flowers and other floral patterns on girls. These are also more common during the warmer months of the year when shorts are more predominant.

heena tattoos design (158)

Adorable Animals

More women are getting henna designs of cute and adorable animals like this owl to see how they like the placement for something more permanent. However there is nothing like sporting beautifully designed animals on your body in henna.

heena tattoos design (159)

Matching Patterns

Henna designs that match that of a dress or favorite outfit are also more common for special occasions when colored henna is used for a more accurate match.

heena tattoos design (160)

Large Floral Designs

You will find many large floral designs on girls which can be placed either on the thigh or a larger part of the body such as back or chest.

heena tattoos design (161)

Phoenix and Other Birds

Birds are another popular design for girls and can be seen placed all over the body, usually representing freedom. There are also birds that are chosen for other meanings such as strength and beauty that attract more women than men.

heena tattoos design (162)


Other popular designs that match that of flowers are snowflakes which can be seen in the late fall when the weather cools as a celebration of winter coming.

heena tattoos design (163)

Zen Flowers

Flowers with a deeper spiritual meaning are also more common with girls as they carry a special meaning to the person wearing it. Good examples of these kinds of flowers include that of lilies and cherry blossoms as well as many other flowers with deeply profound meanings.

heena tattoos design (164)


Arrows are another common choice with girls when it comes to henna tattoo designs as they can be as simple or as intricate as you like. These simple arrows are not only amazing looking but create a kind of length to the forearm.

heena tattoos design (165)

Meaningful Designs

Another popular choice is that of designs that have a meaning to them such as the personal attributes of the wearer. These can be something like what is seen in the image, or can be something like kindness, joy, and peace.

heena tattoos design (166)

Simple Sun

Suns can be incredibly intricate or super simple like seen below and are chosen more by women than men due to the feminine designs that are available. They can be made with swirls or lines depending on the design that speaks loudest to you when looking for a sun like design.

heena tattoos design (167)

Floral Paisley Spine Design

There are many applications for paisley styled designs, including spinal designs that are chosen by women who enjoy wearing tops and dresses that show a lot of skin in the back.

heena tattoos design (168)

Shoulders and Chest

Another common placement for henna designs include that of the shoulders and chest where a dream catcher styled design is most commonly seen.

heena tattoos design (169)

Feet and Toes

Designs for the tops of the feet are also more common with women as well as simple designs on the toes. These may incorporate dots and other small design elements which create the perfect accent for the tops of the feet and manicures.

heena tattoos design (170)

Full Leg Designs

Designs that run the full length of the leg are also most adored by women as they accent the shape of the leg as well as pair incredibly well with skirts and shorts.

heena tattoos design (171)

Blooming Flower

This blooming flower pattern is one of the most popular choices in henna designs as it can be placed just about anywhere and look wonderful.

heena tattoos design (172)


Henna designs of elephants are popular with women as they are adorable and can bring awareness to the endangerment of these amazing creatures.

heena tattoos design (173)


Mermaids are also incredibly popular as they are feminine and can be created using delicate lines and dots that provides a more whimsical design.

heena tattoos design (174)


Curves are an incredibly popular feature in feminine designs and seem to attract more girls to these particular designs than any other.

heena tattoos design (175)


Design elements that are stacked on top of each other are also popular as they can be chained up the spine with ease.

heena tattoos design (176)


Henna designs that you can set side by side to complete the image are also much more popular with women than with men, likely due to the patience that is required to sit while the work is done.

heena tattoos design (177)

Friend Designs

Another popular thing with girls that guys don’t do is get friend henna tattoos, this is where the designs either complement each other or go together in some way and worn as a group.

heena tattoos design (178)

Sandal Tops

Designs that resemble the tops of sandals are also popular with girls as they provide the look of wearing your favorite sandals, even if you are wearing flip flops.

heena tattoos design (179)

Forearm Patterns

There are several kinds of forearm patterns that girls choose when looking at henna tattoo designs, including those with multiple patterns that are sectioned off into shapes.

heena tattoos design (180)

White Designs

Most henna tattoo designs are in brown or black, however it is possible to get white henna designs done. Though they are usually for special occasions like weddings and are highly sought after by girls due to their uniqueness.

heena tattoos design (181)

Other Wedding Designs

Other fantastic wedding designs are chosen for bridesmaids and are usually in the brown henna colors, reserving white for the bride.

heena tattoos design (182)


Designs that frame the palms are also common and usually incorporate circles and swirls into the design.

heena tattoos design (183)

Floral Chains

Patterns that chain floral patterns together from the wrist to the fingertips across the palms are also options that girls choose.

heena tattoos design (184)

Bracelets, Rings, and the Back of the Hand

Designs that resemble that of rings around the fingertips and bracelets around the wrists are common choices and linked through a central design on the back of the hand.

heena tattoos design (185)

White Lace

White lace-like designs are popular due to the uniqueness of the color and a mostly seen on women.

heena tattoos design (186)

Full Hand Designs

These designs are chosen as they can accent the hands in a way that no other design can, and they incorporate many patterns.

heena tattoos design (187)

Flowers and Leaves

Floral designs with swirling leaves are worn all over the body and are adored for their feminine style.

heena tattoos design (188)

Forearm to Palm

You will find many women prefer their designs to cover the forearm to the palm with a pattern of swirls and curves.

heena tattoos design (189)

Bracelets and Spades

Bracelet designs with spades and small bands are becoming increasingly popular, these are seen on wrists, forearms, and legs.

heena tattoos design (190)

Matching Feet

Feet designs from henna are usually made to match and pair well with various shoe styles. These usually feature swirls and leaf like elements that help to hold together the main pattern that was chosen.

heena tattoos design (191)

Wrist to Tips in Floral

There are several variations of floral designs for the wrists, palms, and fingers that women simply love. These patterns usually chain together to link the fingers and wrist in an intricate or simple design of flowers, leaves, or paisley patterns.

heena tattoos design (192)

Back to Arm

Patterns that stretch the length of the arm, onto the shoulder, and across the back are popular due to their size and the ability to accent various styles of clothing.

heena tattoos design (193)

Swirling Pairs

Henna tattoos that are interconnected when placed side by side takes a great deal of accuracy and patience to complete. These designs are popular for their detail and the excellence of the artist who performs it.

heena tattoos design (194)

Down the Ankles and Around the Toes

Patterns that seem to run down the top of the foot from the ankle and into toe-ring type designs are popular due to the lace like appearance they take on.

heena tattoos design (195)

Kings and Queens

Aztec or Mayan type patterns with pictures of kings and queens represented in the patterns along with many other elements are popular due to the intricacy as well as symbolism they carry.

heena tattoos design (196)


Patterns that frame certain parts of the hand such as an engagement ring are popular and chosen usually in celebration of an engagement.

heena tattoos design (197)

Queens Crown

Crowns, especially those that appear more feminine, are chose by women due to the level of intricacy and beauty that they possess.

heena tattoos design (198)


Patterns that look a great deal like lilies are also frequently chosen due to their meaning and beauty. Not only do these designs carry great meaning, but can be done in a variety of different ways.

heena tattoos design (199)

Choosing Henna Designs

When choosing your own henna designs, it is best to choose something that speaks to you and that you will enjoy for up to a month or two. Since henna isn’t permanent, choosing a pattern or design shouldn’t be too difficult, though you should still consider your options carefully to ensure that you won’t get bored with it too quickly. Due to the semi-permanent nature that henna possesses, since it only stains the skin briefly, it is an excellent tool when considering a more permanent tattoo or simply enjoying a design for a short period of time.

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