99 Reasons Why You Really NEED a GREY SKIRT

Fashion girls, here is the new and exciting new fashion trend that had been taken over for the past season. The grey skirt! You know you want one, if you didn’t knew, after reading this, you will need one in your life.

Grey is a neutral color, that makes it easier to pair with absoluttlety any other color. You can pair a grey skirt with black and  white-in this case, grey is the center of attention and the white/ black the netral. Or, you could go for a bold color and in this case, grey will be the netral.

If you ask me, you wordrobe is not complette without the netral colors. Grey can work with any skintone. Depending on the shape of the skirt the outfit can be casual for day time but also for night time and for a more elegant look. Ready to see the outfits? Here we go.


No.1:A cigarette grey skirt can be easyly paired with a burgundy turtule neck top and a pair of high heels for an office look.

grey skirt outfit

No.2:For a more casual look, go for a grey maxi skirt and pair it with a top and a pair of snikers. You are good to go run errans of walk the dog or maybe just have a casual day with friends. What to know the secret? A maxi skirt is probably the most comfortable item you could have in your wardrobe and also, super flattering on any body shape J

grey skirt outfit (1)

No.3:Grey and grey? Yes please! As you know, snikers are huge right now. From vogue editors to the Kardashians sisters they all proven that the snikers can get out of the gym and worn on the street. So, get a grey skirt, pair it with a black top and grey jumper, some white snikers and I can assure you, you will steel the spot light and you haven’t even put that much effort in.

grey skirt outfit (2)

No.4:The Harry Potter star, Ema Watson is an britsh fashion icon. For an elegant look, she paired a grey maxi skirt with a white shirt and red lipstick. When going for an elegant , night look, the materials you are wearing are more important that the items. So look for a more expensive looking material for your grey skirt.

grey skirt outfit (3)

No.5:Just a graphic sweater and a grey middy skirt is all you need to get the Parisian look. It looks so efforles and put togeder. Also, go for some black heels, to elonget the legs and bring a non color into the mix. If you are feeling it, throught in a statement necklace and you will be the bomb.

grey skirt outfit (4)

No.6:For a summer look, when is so hot outside that all that is on the mind is a pair of short jeans is time to mix it up. An asimatrical grey skirt is the way to go. You want to know a secret? A skirt is so much more comfortable than jeans. Pair it with a black crop top and some sandals and you ready to go.

grey skirt outfit (5)

No.7:This one is for my ladys out there that love a vintage look. Sience grey can look plain, pair it with a colored shirt-the many the better and add a pair of mirror sunglasses. Less is always more when it comes to fashion, so if the shirt has all the colors, go for black shoes and a black clutch. Also, play with the textures and feel free to get items with geometric details for a more eyechatich look.

grey skirt outfit (6)

No.8:Ok, a grey short cigarette skirt can be perfect for cocktail hour. Pair with sme gold accessories- a belt, bracelet- earrings or a necklaces, and a pair of nude high heels. To spice this outfit up, you can also do a red lip and some red heels.

grey skirt outfit (7)

No.9:The next outfit is all about comfort. A middy skirt- this time A line, a white tope and a grey top with a pair od grey sneckers and you good to go. Where? Well, you can go to coffee, meet with friends , even a school day or work.

grey skirt outfit (8)

No.10:It’s all about what you pair the clothing when it comes to the sport trend. If you do it wrong-you will look like you miss the gym and end up on the street. Make sure that when you pick the clothes, they fit- no over size if you want to get it right. If you also do your hair and make-up, you have more chances of succeeding.

grey skirt outfit (9)

No. 11:Black and white looks great with grey, after all, is like a color family portrate. The striped top is a Parisian look staple pair it with a tweed grey skirt and  you are ready for a croissant and a coffee on Champelixe.

grey skirt outfit (10)

No.12:Black on top, grey skirt and grey boots? Yes please. I think the most important detail of this outfit is the white watch.

grey skirt outfit (11)

No.13:In the winter, we all go for black. Just because the weather is despressing outside and if the nature doesn’t give you anything colorfull why would you try to wear anything else than black? How about a twist? Go for all black and add a grey circle skirt. The circle skirt is also great because 1. It’s flatteririnng for all body shapes; 2. It will ensentute the waist line.

grey skirt outfit (12)

No.14:How about a grey tule skirt? Don’t tell me it can’t be casual. If you pick a neutral color tule skirt, pair it with a white jumper-meke sure is fitted so you want sink in your clothes- and some black ballerina shoes it is as casual as it can be.

grey skirt outfit (13)

No.15:An A line maxi skirt made of tartan, calls for a casual look.Add a top-black or white- and some brown booties. Let the skirt be the central of attention.

No.16:Bair Waldorf is that you? You already know how to look like the Gossip Girl character. All you need is fitted clothing, rich material , a pair heels and a hair band.Add a red lipstick if you are going for this look to make sure you have some color on.

grey skirt outfit (15)

No.17:Jennifer Aniston’s style, like herself it never gets old. The American beauty opted for a grey skirt, white tank top and some heels. So effortless, beautiful and LA style.

grey skirt outfit (16)

No.18:In the winter time the nature it self is black, grey and white. Nothing more. So why not get inspired by it? In this case, the sweater is oversized and over the skirt, looks great. But make sure you don’t lose your shape in so many layers.

grey skirt outfit (17)

No.19:As I said, bold colors and grey make for a perfect outfit. Red blazer, black turtle neck shirt, some boots, a grey skirt and you are ready to go to work. Am I right?

grey skirt outfit (18)

No.20:How about diffent shades of grey worn togheder? Totally ! Do a light grey on the top and a darker one on the bottom and some nude shoes.

grey skirt outfit (19)

No.21:The geometric line of the shirt is so beautiful and has to be the star of the look. So, a grey fitted skirt is the perfect choice, it just exists and does her job without getting any attention.

grey skirt outfit (20)

No.22:Navy blue, white, grey and brown? Yes, you see it nature all the time.

grey skirt outfit (21)

No.23:Turquise calls for summer. This is a great outfit for work, the grey skirt and the top call for business and the sweater adds a twist.

grey skirt outfit (23)

No 24:Lether jacket, black tanktop , a grey middy skirt, black tighs and an oversized scarf. Yes, please!

grey skirt outfit (24)

No.25:For a bussines look go for a grey-knee lenth cirle skirt, a black lether jacket and some heels.

grey skirt outfit (25)

No.26:Remember what I said about the assimetrical skirt? Here is another example to wear them in the summer time.

grey skirt outfit (26)

No.27:For a night look, add black with the grey skirt. Black it will instantly make the outfit elegant.

grey skirt outfit (27)

No.28:And for a casual look, if you add black, make sure is a more casual item-like a sweater.

grey skirt outfit (28)

No.29:You have a summer party? Do an asimetrical skirt and a black top with shear arms. Add some heels and golden accessories and you will be the show stopper.

grey skirt outfit (29)

No.30:Grey and grey, yes again. But this time, is diffent- brown accessories- a belt and shoes. It’s the perfect look for fall.

grey skirt outfit (30)

No.31:For a beach look, you need to have a maxi shirt! Get a grey one and add a black top.

grey skirt outfit (31)

No.32:Tartan skirts are so in right now. This grey one, because of it’s shape you can pair it with almost any color. Or the easy choice-all black.

grey skirt outfit (32)

No.33:A grey power suit? Totally, it’s more casual but as presentable as the black one.

grey skirt outfit (33)

No.34:A grey skirt, goes great with a navy shirt. Add some orange with a necklaces.

grey skirt outfit (34)

No.35:Another work ready outfit.

grey skirt outfit (35)

grey skirt outfit (36)

No.36:A tule skirt can also be paired with a crisp white shirt.

grey skirt outfit (37)

No.37:This is a great airport outfit. The maxy shirt will keep you worm, a jeans jacket and a stripped top.

grey skirt outfit (38)

No.38:Add some color with a black and grey outfit. Maybe some orange shoes?

grey skirt outfit (39)

No.39:Neutrals work great togheder. Baby pink and grey.

grey skirt outfit (40)

No.40:Another casual outfit. Here is a tip, if you add a lether jacket it will instantly elevet the look.

grey skirt outfit (41)

No.41:Don’t be affrade to play around with different textures

grey skirt outfit (42)

No.42:And then again, black and grey.

grey skirt outfit (43)

No.43:A grey power suit.

grey skirt outfit (44)

No.44:Here is another option for a fall outfit.

grey skirt outfit (45)

No.45:The perfect outfit for summer- neutrals all the way.

grey skirt outfit (46)

No.46:This is the perfect transion outfit-summer to fall.

grey skirt outfit (47)

No.47:Stripes and a grey skirt.

grey skirt outfit (48)

No.48:Grey  goes for any skintone.

grey skirt outfit (49)

No.49:White and grey.

grey skirt outfit (50)

No.50:And another power suit. Feminine and appropriet for bussines.

grey skirt outfit (51)

No.51:Red and grey is always a good idea.

grey skirt outfit (54)

No.52:You can pair a butterfly top with a long A line skirt.

grey skirt outfit (55)

No.53:Neon yellow and grey. Told you grey can be paired with anything J

grey skirt outfit (56)

No.54:Ok, now you believe me you need a grey power suit?

grey skirt outfit (57)

No.55:This is the type of outfit that can easily go from day to night.

grey skirt outfit (58)

No.56:Red and grey for winter. This would go perfect for Christmas time.

grey skirt outfit (59)

No.56:Casual but classy. Black and grey go perfect with blonde hair.

No.57:Play around with geometrical shape.

grey skirt outfit (61)

No.58:Taylor Swift is a style icon, anything she wears looks efforles and amazing

grey skirt outfit (62)

No.59:Grey and grey plus a hat? Yes please.

grey skirt outfit (63)

No.60:White top and grey long skirt.

grey skirt outfit (64)

No.61:Grey on grey- to make the outfit more interesting, choose different textures.

grey skirt outfit (65)

No.62:I should try grephics top more for a casual look.

grey skirt outfit (66)

No.63:This outfit is so amazing because of the accessories. When the outfit is casual, you can go all out with the shoes.

grey skirt outfit (67)

No.64:Try a no sleeve turtell neck. It’s great for transion between for a seasons.

grey skirt outfit (68)

No.65:Here is an option if you are going for a vintage look.

grey skirt outfit (69)

No.66:Brown and a grey skirt.

grey skirt outfit (70)

No.67:Grey on grey on grey and white shoes.

grey skirt outfit (71)

No.68:A hat is always a good idea, pair it with some hellted sandals and a casual grey skirt.

No.69:Different textures and a brown belt to bring them all togheder.

grey skirt outfit (73)

No.70:Add some red shoes for a statement outfit.

grey skirt outfit (74)

No.71:Black and grey, again.

grey skirt outfit (75)

No.72:Told you, turquoise is always a good idea.

grey skirt outfit (76)

No.73:This add a twist on the usuall power outfit.

grey skirt outfit (77)

No.74:If you are petite, go for a skirt that hits just above the knee. It will look better this way.

grey skirt outfit (78)

No.75:Grey on the bottom, white on the top.

grey skirt outfit (79)

No.76:Stripped top and a grey skirt.

grey skirt outfit (80)

No.77:The top is the main attraction of the outfit. So no better choice than a grey skirt to let the top shine.

grey skirt outfit (82)

No.78:High-low skirts are still in. Pair it with black and you are good to go.

grey skirt outfit (83)

No.79:This is the best option for the cold winter days.

grey skirt outfit (84)

No.80:And here is one for summer.

grey skirt outfit (85)

No.81:A crop top and a high wasted skirt look good on any body shape.

grey skirt outfit (86)

No.82:And here is another white and grey mix.

grey skirt outfit (87)

No.83:Burgundy and grey screams fall. Add some intresting tights and you ready for the day.

grey skirt outfit (88)

No.84:Peach top and a long grey skirt.

grey skirt outfit (89)

No.85:This look screams London style.

grey skirt outfit (90)

No.86:And if you want a power suit, you don’t have to make the bottom match the top.

grey skirt outfit (91)

No.87:If you only have basic colors on, add some pattern-like the animal print shoes.

grey skirt outfit (92)

No.88:Lilac shirt and a grey skirt. Doesn’t this look great?

grey skirt outfit (93)

No.89:Love this one, so simple and elegant.

grey skirt outfit (94)

No.90:And for fall, wear a musterd top ,pair with a grey skirt and some animal print.

grey skirt outfit (95)

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