100 Geometry Tattoo Design Ideas For Math Lovers

Geometric tattoo designs are very popular nowadays. It is the tattoo design of choice of those people who want to make a statement because of its intricate structure.  There is virtually no limitations when it comes to the number of designs that one can come up with.

In a geometric tattoo, designs are formed by using straight or curved lines, dots, cubes, and different geometric shapes. Sometimes, different shapes are allowed to overlap with each to create another cool tattoo design.  There are also geometric designs which are aesthethically appealing that a lot of people wants to have it permanently inked on their skin. Little did they know that these designs have a cultural or religious significance for a particular group of persons.

Aside from being a cool design, a geometric tattoo also holds symbolic significance. A single geometric figure may symbolize life, the sky, and so on. A person may use different, unrelated shapes or figures which may look meaningless for the others, but holds a sacred meaning for him. Anyway, having a tattoo is a personal expression which cannot be suppressed.

There are lots of interesting, stimulating, and thought-provoking geometric design out there. You can also come up with your own design and there is no limit to it. Take inspiration from the tattoo designs that follow.

geometry tattoos designs (1)

  1. Composed of clean, straight lines and triangles, this geometric tattoo design is good for those who are looking for a simple yet intriguing design. Perfect for the arms and the calves, this geometric tattoo will lengthen the limbs because of its upright design.

geomatry tattoos designs (1)

2. Both Math and Chemistry lovers will dig this tattoo design. Though much of the design elements are  Chemistry-related, the perspective view of the Rubix cube will appeal to those who love pattern, lines, and dots.

geomatry tattoos designs (2)

3. With a touch of elegance, the overlapping circle provided movement and continuity in this geometric tattoo design composed of delicate lines, dots and a crescent moon.

geomatry tattoos designs (3)

4. An angular presentation of a blooming flower, what this geometric tattoo depicts is not easily recognizable. One has to look at it a little longer before having that ‘aha’ moment when he realizes what it really is.

geomatry tattoos designs (4)

5. An inverted triangle featuring a creative illustration of the front part of the face of a tiger is also a nice geometric tattoo design.

geomatry tattoos designs (5)

6. A geometric cube that draws the eyes inwards through the use of lines and angles.

geomatry tattoos designs (6)

7. The face of the tiger is once again featured in this geometric tattoo design. Surrounding the face of the animal is a pattern that looks like broken shards of glass.

geomatry tattoos designs (7)

8. Here is a mandala, a geometric tattoo design that represents the cosmos symbolically and metaphysically.

geomatry tattoos designs (8)

9. This heart here becomes a multi-dimensional geometric tattoo design through the use of triangles, squares, and other polygons.


10. The artistic use of lines originating from one point and going into different points made this geometric tattoo design look like a spider web draping over the knees.

geomatry tattoos designs (10)

11. Lively colors define and enhance the movements of this colorful and graceful dancing bird.

geomatry tattoos designs (11)

12. Using different kinds of triangles has created an illusion of different surface levels, making this geometric tattoo design look like a diamond, instead of an ordinary stone.

geomatry tattoos designs (12)

13. There are quite a number of things to talk about in this geometric tattoo design inked in the thigh.

14. Owls are known to be the symbol of wisdom and knowledge so wearing the owl on the arm as a tattoo was thought to enhance one’s wisdom.

geomatry tattoos designs (14)

15. Another way to feature a geometric tattoo design of a tiger’s face, only, this one has colors which creates the illusion of dimension.

geomatry tattoos designs (15)

16. The appeal of this geometric tattoo design lies in the use of contrast between curves and angles.

geomatry tattoos designs (16)

17. The use of different shapes has created the dimension in this jaguar tattoo design.

geomatry tattoos designs (17)

18. A far cry to the usual black or black-and-white tattoo, this six-pointed star use vibrant colors to make it special.

geomatry tattoos designs (18)

19. This one is definitely eye-catching; the different elements used in this design tells more than one story.

geomatry tattoos designs (19)

20. Majority of the images in this chest tattoo was formed using dots and the whole design has a geometric flair into it.

geomatry tattoos designs (20)

21. One can’t help but notice that using geometric patterns in an image makes it more intriguing; like the image has been hiding a knowledge which can only be seen by those who understands.

geomatry tattoos designs (21)

22. This diamond tattoo has a minimalist feel to it with its clean and crisp straight lines and angles.

geomatry tattoos designs (22)

23. The curved lines in this tattoo exude sensuality. This design is perfect for those who love wearing backless or low-back dresses.

geomatry tattoos designs (23)

24. The intersecting lines inside this diamond led to the formation of different shapes and patterns.

geomatry tattoos designs (24)

25. One good thing about minimalist designs is that they are able to convey an idea or a message without the need for so many design elements.

geomatry tattoos designs (25)

26. You can’t have too many triangles, especially if you want to create an illusion of distance in your tattoo.

geomatry tattoos designs (26)

27. Here’s another way of expressing your love of triangles. In this design, the overlapping figures suggest movement.

geomatry tattoos designs (27)

28. One may find this tattoo design intriguing as the sequence of different shapes might have a personal meaning to the person wearing this.

geomatry tattoos designs (28)

29.  Simple yet artistic, this featured tattoo design works fine if you want something less ambiguous.

geomatry tattoos designs (29)

30. Rabbits and hare hold a prominent role in some culture, so if you are planning to have this design, make sure that you understand how these animals are presented in other societies.

geomatry tattoos designs (30)

31. A true blue Math lover will love to have the Fibonacci sequence engraved in his skin.

geomatry tattoos designs (31)

31. This tattoo design composed of triangles, diamonds, and hexagons has an African vibe into it.

geomatry tattoos designs (32)

33. Another great conversation and puzzle piece, who can put together a story behind this combination of geometric patterns,  a skull, a Masonic compass, and the schematic drawings of the sun and the moon?

geomatry tattoos designs (33)

34. A nice geometric design accentuates the length of the legs, and it’s a sexy conversation starter, too.

geomatry tattoos designs (34)

35. This little triangles here may look innocent but they do hold meanings inside their small figures.

geomatry tattoos designs (35)

35. This geometric portrayal of Marilyn Monroe is great piece of artistry and those who loves her will find this design appealing.

geomatry tattoos designs (36)

37. There are plenty of animals which can be portrayed geometrically aside from the tiger and the jaguar. The pelican can also be featured in a geometric tattoo design with the use of curved and straight lines, with an emphasis on their long beaks.

geomatry tattoos designs (37)

38. Looking very masculine, this tattoo design featuring an inverted pyramid and angular cubes gives off a strong vibe–perfect for the tough man.

geomatry tattoos designs (38)

39. This realistic-looking tattoo of straight lines forming big mesh holes made it look like a net, with a hole in the center, is covering the arms of this man.

geomatry tattoos designs (39)

40. What screams Math more than the Pi, which is also a symbol for infinity?

geomatry tattoos designs (40)

41. Tiny dots of solid black color were used to create these diamond figures. This type of tattoo design takes time to be completed but its all worth the wait, when the final image is revealed.

geomatry tattoos designs (41)

42. Another dot work figure created from tiny black dots but this time, the diamonds were placed at the center of the torso, inches away from the belly button.

geomatry tattoos designs (42)

42. Straight, diagonal lines are used in this figure to create the illusion of shadow in this image that bursts with so much message–perfect for those who want to make a statement.

geomatry tattoos designs (43)

44. Science fiction fans knew what this tattoo design stands for. This image of the Time Lord seal is composed of circles of varying sizes inside a bigger one.

geomatry tattoos designs (44)

45. This one is not only for the geometry enthusiasts but for the music lovers, too.

geomatry tattoos designs (45)

46. Cubes work nicely as a design element because of its dimension. Perforated lines are used to suggest space inside the cubes.

geomatry tattoos designs (46)

47. The good thing about tattoo designs is that you can go as abstract as you want without anybody questioning your design, just like this image here. One does not have to explain the connection between the eagle and the angular cube figure.

geomatry tattoos designs (47)

48. Oftentimes, simple designs like this one composed only of a few, straight lines make the boldest statements.

geomatry tattoos designs (48)

49. For the couple or best friends who are into geometry, these matching geometric tattoo design will forever bind your relationship.

geomatry tattoos designs (49)

50. Another animal in angular presentation, the deer has contrasting physical and behavioral characteristics. Though deer are strong and powerful, they are also known to be shy and demure.

geomatry tattoos designs (50)


geomatry tattoos designs (51)


geomatry tattoos designs (52)

53.  Another inconspicuous tattoo design, this multi-sided cube has a sensual vibe into it, especially when placed in the hip area.

geomatry tattoos designs (53)

54. The number of geometric tattoo design is unlimited, especially when the lines group together and forms another figure just like this design where overlapping lines and triangles were able to form a multi-point star.

geomatry tattoos designs (54)

55. A multi-pointed figure like this one looks prominent especially when placed in a partially covered part of the body such as the wrist.

geomatry tattoos designs (55)

56. Though black-and-white tattoos look classy, colored geometric ones have their own brand of beauty, as well. So, there is no need to be afraid of colors when it comes to tattoos.

geomatry tattoos designs (56)

57.  The beauty of a geometric tattoo does not only lie on the intricacy of its design or the colors used. Simple shapes placed in the right position can aesthetically enhance the whole design like this one featured here.

geomatry tattoos designs (57)

58. With its occult vibe, this geometric tattoo may look like a symbol or a code of sort. What made it even mysterious is the fact that it is inked on the upper part of the throat, where it is almost hidden.

geomatry tattoos designs (58)

59. This 3D tattoo design is so realistically sharp that it almost look like a part of a Halloween costume!

geomatry tattoos designs (59)

60. A triangle tattoo at the nape will go well especially when the chain of the necklace goes above the image, making it seem as if the tattoo is part of the accessory.

geomatry tattoos designs (60)

61. Mosaic is actually ‘geometry-meets-art’. In using this technique, the artist or the wearer is endowed with a lot of artistic freedom so they can go as realistic or unrealistic, as they like.

geomatry tattoos designs (61)

62. Who says that only couples can have complementing tattoos? Your two arms can also have their own pair. What’s good is that each arm can have a distinct tattoo design which when combined, will form a different image.

geomatry tattoos designs (62)

63. Though this tattoo design looks extremely painful, it will definitely earn you bragging rights. Also, with this design, you literally have the Pi at the edge of your tongue.

geomatry tattoos designs (63)

64. If you need something interesting in your body that could spark a conversation, why don’t you try an optical illusion image for a tattoo, just like this one where the lines trick the eyes.

geomatry tattoos designs (64)

65. On the other hand, instead of a conversation piece, why not try inking a design which could tell a full-length story? This images of Red Riding Hood and the wolf inked on the legs work as a nice visual aid as you tell their story.

geomatry tattoos designs (65)

66. Another nice set of complementing tattoo design, but this time, it’s placed in the arms. It is also made more appealing with the use of red and black colors.

geomatry tattoos designs (66)

67. Though this is a minimalist tattoo design, the elements in this design is enough to stir one’s curiosity.

geomatry tattoos designs (67)

68. Bored with geometric tattoo design of an animal? Then, this geometric bug tattoo may tickle your fancy. But make no mistake, for this bug has a surprise—it has a crescent moon for a head.

geomatry tattoos designs (68)

69. If you are after artistry, this image of the deer delivers creativity with the use of complex geometric structures, clean lines, and well-defined spaces.

geomatry tattoos designs (69)

70. Colorful geometric tattoo design with a tribal flair is a nice choice if you are looking for something that if out-of-the-ordinary.

geomatry tattoos designs (70)

71. The unique nature of the watercolor and its bright shade gave life to this image of a horse depicted geometrically.

geomatry tattoos designs (71)

Repeated image (please refer to no. 14)

geomatry tattoos designs (72)

72. Yeah, you guessed it right– it’s a Celtic Knot and it Celtic symbols are known to provide protection to a person so wearing it as a tattoo is a good idea.

geomatry tattoos designs (73)

73. Arabic designs also make use of geometric patterns to create an entirely new image like this tattoo here inked at the woman’s lower back.

geomatry tattoos designs (74)

74. Since ancient times, people have a strong fascination with the sky and its stars. If you are one of those persons who love the night sky and its constellation of stars, why not have the universe at your back?


75. This image of a bug against a backdrop of multiple triangles inside a circle somehow resembles the image of the Renaissance Man, isn’ t it?

geomatry tattoos designs (76)

76. The geometric patterns and shapes resemble a giddy character in this tattoo design, thus making it look lively.

geomatry tattoos designs (77)

77. Is this a wolf or a deer? No matter this creature is, there is no denying that the geometric pattern adorning the antlers and the scarf is truly eye-catching.

geomatry tattoos designs (78)

78. It’s hard to see a cunning and strong fox in this tattoo design as the geometric angles made the animal look graceful and dainty.

geomatry tattoos designs (79)

79. This geometric tattoo drapes around one side of the shoulder, with the design spanning from the upper part of the chest and towards the upper back.

geomatry tattoos designs (80)

80. The excellent use of shading enables this Chihuahua head to have a dimension which makes it look like a thing attached to the skin, instead of looking like a tattoo.

geomatry tattoos designs (81)

81. Skulls are among the most popular choice for a tattoo design element and this design became more interesting when the artist placed the skull inside a snow globe. While we do not know what is the message or the idea behind this combination, or if there is any. One thing is for sure, and that the tattoo is definitely thought-provoking and intriguing.

geomatry tattoos designs (82)

82. This geometric tattoo design of a snake chasing its own tail is thought-provoking since there are lots of insights just by looking at the animal. On the other hand, it can a be a round ornament with a snake head on top, as a decoration. What do you think?

geomatry tattoos designs (83)

83. As the space is limitless, so as the ideas for a tattoo design. If you want something that is bigger than the universe, how about the solar system, perhaps? The concentric and the overlapping circles represent elements in the solar system such as the sun, the moon, and the planets, including their orbits.

geomatry tattoos designs (84)

84. Hide a surprise behind your ear by having this nice, little man at the back of one of your ears.

geomatry tattoos designs (85)

85. The skillful use of black ink and angles made it possible to show that there are figures, which look like stones, behind each other and made it look like the real thing.

geomatry tattoos designs (86)

86.  As these two parts of a geometric tattoo fuse into one, so as the relationship between these two persons will be.



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