General Tips on How to Befriend the Girl Successfully

A spontaneous acquaintance has almost faced the issue of extinction and transferred into an out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon. In the contemporary world, it’s much easier to communicate with people via the Internet but still, it can’t fully substitute the romance of real communication. While speaking with a girl face to face you perceive her emotion, spot the changes of the continence as well as you can feel whether she is truly sincere with you. Unfortunately, because of the rapid development of social networks, people often feel confused when it goes about starting a conversation with a cute girl. If you have the same problem, then the following suggestions will help you to befriend any girl you like.


Demonstrate your confidence 

Don’t be shy and try not to behave cowardly if you want rich women dating you. The most important is to radiate confidence as it attracts girls. You shouldn’t be afraid of initiating the conversation. Even if it doesn’t flow smoothly, it’ll provide you with the necessary experience of socialization. The more you practice the better it will go and remember that each of us has our own small fears and vulnerabilities. All the girls are the same human beings as you are, so be self-assured and never give up.

How to behave while getting acquainted with the girl?

To make a good impression on the girl and continue your relationships successfully stick to the following simple rules.

  • Maintain eye contact. Staring embarrassed into the floor and endeavoring not to look strictly into the girl’s face unlikely will help you to arrange a lively and relaxed conversation.
  • Show frank interest. Ask her about her preferences and try to get her to know better. Pick light topics for conversation and don’t ask stupid questions. She should understand that you’re interested in her personality. It’ll definitely grab her attention.
  • Be attentive and considerate. On the subconscious level girls tend to show their attitude to the interlocutor with the help of various gestures and movements, so don’t miss the moment.
  • Be flirty and make a compliment. Have you ever met the girl who can resist the subtle magic of flirting and sincere compliments? Even one appropriately said phrase can deeply hook her feelings.


Take advantage of the surroundings 

If you’re visiting the same exhibition or a concert, then your tastes might be similar. This way starting a small talk is even easier and doesn’t require much creativity. Use your surroundings as a reason to talk!  For example, ask which product or dish she prefers or what picture she likes the most. Improvise and use your sense of humor as well as try to omit trivial cliché phases. Girls like guys who know how to make them laugh.

Where to Look for New Acquaintances?

The common cause brings people closer, especially if they require teamwork. These may be, for example:

  • Pub games or pub-quizzes. It is only on TV where the participants look like an elite club, which you cannot get into. In reality, a quiz is a fairly democratic game and they have moved to the bars altogether.
  • Cycling parades. Everyone there has a bicycle, common interests, and even a common enemy – people walking along bike paths. During the parade itself, you are unlikely to talk but before and after it, conversations are fastened by themselves.
  • Dog grounds. The sociability of dog owners can only be envied. And their memory, too, because they know all the furry inhabitants of the region by name. The main thing is to get a pet at the call of the heart, and not to search for the partner.
  • Concerts and fan meetings. If you love one artist or performer, you already have a lot in common. And if you met each other because of the fandom, then this is really serious. Together you will be the ideal Doctor and Rosa, Iron Man and Pepper Potts, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson – depending on your preferences.

The positive attitude is really important. A smile is regarded as an invitation to communicate, an approval. If you receive a smile in response, feel free to make a new acquaintance. Remember that trying is not torture and failure is not a disaster. The first time is always scary to smile. But the more often the experience is repeated, the more familiar it becomes.

Acquaintances, in reality, are good because they can happen at any time. Including inappropriate. You can meet in line at the dentist or at the airline counter after losing your baggage.

  • Pros

You will have a great story that you will tell friends and grandchildren.

  • Cons

Chances are that such a spontaneous dating just will not happen.

The art of making acquaintance outside isn’t sufficiently tricky; it only needs regular practice and good social skills which are easy to develop by communicating with people. And the most important is to be smiling, optimistic and original. Then all the most beautiful girls will be yours!

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