100 Gorgeous Foot Tattoo Design You Must See

On the list of some of the most popular places for tattoos, for newcomers and ink aficionados alike, is the foot. The different angles, sizes, and designs that the versatile foot area offers allows people to get very creative. Below are some of the most creative and attractive designs for people with many different interests. From the gentle to the fearless, check out some of these designs to get inspired or just admire!

Spread your wings

foot tattoo design (1)

Looking for your first piece? Free yourself with this conservative, back of the heel idea with two words of your choice. It’s a good place to start if you’re still nervous of being too showy and still makes for a really intriguing tattoo.


2. Go Wild

foot tattoo design (1)

The top of the foot makes an ideal spot for bigger pieces. It’s a great open space for animal portraits, like these butterflies and bears. This guy even got a little edgier with the words across his toes!


3. Foxy friends

foot tattoo design (2)

Just like the bears and the butterflies, these foxes found a great home on top of the foot. Another great thing about foot tattoos is that you can have one piece come together by using both feet. Look how these foxes look at each other!


4. Always home

foot tattoo design (3)

The foot’s inner arch is a really great place to work with longer tattoo designs. This New York City skyline fits perfectly on the inside of the foot and looks very elegant. Get your own city across your arch to show your pride!


5. Selfie!

foot tattoo design (4)

Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. Like Frida Kahlo’s famous self portraits, this person decided to have her foot tattoos turned inward, so they’re always facing her and she can always admire them herself.


6. Seasons come and go

foot tattoo design (5)

Getting ink doesn’t always have to be a lifelong commitment. Henna tattoos are very popular for people who love body art and want to have the opportunity to keep switching it up. Henna is popularly done on the hands, but these henna tattoos in the inner arch put a dazzling pep in your step.


7. Fierce florals

foot tattoo design (6)

This creative tattoo gives off a wild vibe with the animal print on the top of the foot, but makes it pretty and feminine with the floral and heart patterns leading up the leg. This particular artist went with black and white, but there’s lots of different ways to play with this idea to make it unique!

8. One fine vine

foot tattoo design (7)

This lovely leafy pattern is very delicate. It naturally arches up the ankle and is lightly shaded in for a gentle foot tattoo that is still sure to wow!

9. Kiss from a rose

foot tattoo design (8)

The rose is a timeless tattoo option. It’s beautiful, delicate, and dangerous (if you go near the thorns). This one goes more on the delicate side on top of the foot with a few leaves and vines with no thorns in sight. It works perfectly on the top of the foot.


10. True North

foot tattoo design (9)

This cute little foot tattoo doubles as a moral compass. It’s a flirty and fancy take on a traditional compass, only depicting the most upward direction of north.


11. Anchors Away!

foot tattoo design (10)

Yet another take on a very popular tattoo: the anchor. This anchor gets very details with realistic roses and dew drops. It’s a very pretty and very realistic tattoo.


12. Tribal

foot tattoo design (11)

Tribal tattoos have long been a theme since tattooing began gaining popularity in modern culture. Many people choose to do tribal tattoos on the arm or back, but this foot tattoo is a great option for the linear pattern! Don’t be afraid to branch out from the foot, as this idea extends all the way up the calf!

13. Natural Instincts

foot tattoo design (12)

Here’s another way to go from foot to ankle to leg tattoo in one shot. This pretty floral tattoo could be mistaken for actual standing in grass. The flowers grow around her ankle and the bird swoops down to have a look at the vibrant colors. A great artistic tattoo that make you really feel like you can smell the flowers.


14. Little flowers

foot tattoo design (13)

If you don’t want to do a whole garden scene, that shouldn’t stop you from wanting a tiny bit of growth. This ankle piece is just a few lines with just enough detail to give it some flower power.


15. Shine bright

foot tattoo design (14)

If you aren’t looking for a flower design, another option is to incorporate stars. This pretty tattoo is mostly black and white swirls that really end with a pop of pink for the star to shine.

16. Lobster love

foot tattoo design (15)

This couple seems to really have a crush on crustaceans! Foot tattoos offer a great opportunity to have connecting tattoos, like these two lobsters that meet in the middle to complete a heart.

17. Rare rose

foot tattoo design (16)

These rose tattoos go a little bit against the grain. They seem to have some cosmic inspiration, with dark blacks and deep purples instead of the traditional rose red. Don’t be afraid to branch out when you’re deciding on how to personalize your tattoo. This person went all out, on both feet, and the result is captivating!

18. Butterfly and flower

foot tattoo design (17)

This foot and ankle tattoo is so sweet, the butterfly couldn’t even resist it. It sticks to a purple pink and yellow theme that is very feminine but also very close to the natural colors. The flower seems to be emanating a wonderful scent. Overall, this piece brings pure serenity.


19. Speak your own language

foot tattoo design (18)

Whether it’s a very specific scene or a very vague symbol, foot tattoos can always be all your own. This piece is a lot more clear as to what it is to all who see it, but very specific to the owner.

20. Black and white butterfly

foot tattoo design (19)

While some butterfly tattoos express the unique colors of the wings, others like this one find the beauty in simplicity. It still has a very detailed flower and butterfly, but went for the more muted concept of black and white.


21. Heavy Heart (and heavy ink)

foot tattoo design (20)

This person might have started on the foot and just kept going! Only the left has a truly complete “foot” tattoo, but the toes, ankles, shin, and calf have all also been splashed with everything from words, to symbols and pictures.

22. Aloha

foot tattoo design (21)

This pretty little hibiscus certainly looks like a Pacific island reminder. Maybe this person got it on vacation, or maybe they live there or are from there. Either way, it’s a very cute design that can have lots of different inspiring moments!

23. Aztec

foot tattoo design (22)

We’ve seen a lot of tribal designs, but this one looks to be a little more specific. Wherever the true inspiration is from, it is certainly specific. You can tap into your nationality or dream destinations to find your own inspiration.


24. Small and strong

foot tattoo design (23)

An anchor is a very popular idea for many reasons. This one is very dainty and adds a little, discrete heart to it to let it look extra loving.

25. Fresh flowers

foot tattoo design (24)

This pretty design put a little extra pizzaz on the floral tattoo idea. The purple and blue color scheme is perfectly shaded so it’s just the right touch of color. This will look so nice peeping out of sandals!

26. Surf’s Up

foot tattoo design (25)

The perfect beach accessory is this oceanic tattoo. The bright colored wave and flower work perfectly inside the turtle’s shell, that is wonderfully delicate. This guy will be so happy to be burrowed in the sand.


27. Hold you down

foot tattoo design (26)

A lock, an anchor, and an important word. This tattoo is a very meaningful way to show what’s valuable of the wearer. The anchor is slightly cartoonish in design and color, but the message is clear: family is a strong grounding entity.


28. Locked up

foot tattoo design (27)

The key to a perfect tattoo: be true to yourself. This key looks like it has a very distinct reference, from the initials in the handle to the chain it hangs from. The foot is, once again, a great spot to have it gracefully lay. In this specific tattoo, we can even see the shadows it projects around it, giving it a very realistic look.

29. Henna gone wild

foot tattoo design (28)

This is not just henna, this is real ink! Let this beautiful practice be embedded in your skin andante creative! Add a lotus or a heart, or ocean waves or a bird. It’s your tattoo- your rules!

30. Unbreakable bond

foot tattoo design (29)

Sometimes you really want to clarify where your heart lies. This pretty little ankle design can be shared among you and your sisters to show you’re always close at heart.

31. Dream weaver

foot tattoo design (30)

Here’s a good example of a very uniquely done tattoo. A lot of the elements of it seem to be very individualized. The basic idea is a vine, but all of the different things branching from it are unique to the wearer. It’s another great way to get creative and personalize your body ink.

32. Let your garden grow

foot tattoo design (31)

This pretty flower fits perfectly on the side of the foot. It has a few vines complemented by some light dot work, giving it an overall feminine look.

33. Fish are friends

foot tattoo design (32)

Swim safely! This impressive shark has a tribal aspect to it. The bold, dark lines are offset nicely by the swirls. The way it arches down this foot makes it look like he’s swimming back to the depths.

34. Hearts intertwine

foot tattoo design (33)

There’s lots of different dream catchers out there, but this romantic spin is beautiful one! It could either have begun with wanting a dream catcher and turning them into delicate, interwoven hearts, or transformed from the simple idea of two hearts intertwined with dreams in mind Either way, it turned out great on the foot.

35. Fierce

foot tattoo design (34)

This brazen dragon design has a lot of individuality to it. It looks almost like it is embedded into the skin, but also has hints of a tribal feel to it. The shading is done really nicely as well, giving it an extra pop.

36. Rise from the ashes

foot tattoo design (35)

Phoenix tattoos are often symbolic of rising from the ashes. A lot of people get them after going through hard times to show they prevailed. This is a very delicate take on the often very intricate bird. It has soft lines and a wide, tail spreading across the foot, a great spot to show there’s no where to go but up!

37. Big bad wolf

foot tattoo design (36)

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Whoever inked him on their foot certainly is not! This one has a Sailor Jerry feel to it with a humanistic feel to it. He’s hiding behind the monocle and hat, but still snarling at unwanted onlookers.

38. Always in your heart

foot tattoo design (37)

The infinity symbol has risen in popularity to display something eternal. This one is colored in, to give it a little extra allure. This person chose to show the love of a father, but almost anything can be written in the infinity sign.

39. Good Vs. Evil

foot tattoo design (38)

Using the feet as your tattoo spot gives a lot of options when trying to make a statement. Here on the left, there’s an intimidating rattle snake swallowing a sword right under a winged-eyeball that seems a lot like a chaotic scene. On the other, it’s a simple skull growing into a prosperous tree and flowers. Whatever the message, this scene is made a lot easier to understand by sharing it across two feet.

40. A Bug’s Life

foot tattoo design (39)

The dragonfly can sometimes be a tribute to someone who has passed. Some people believe that dragonflies carry messages from beloved ones in the afterlife. This beautiful little blue dragonfly could be doing that, or just could be appreciated for its aesthetics alone.

41. Flower Power!

foot tattoo design (40)

Flowers will probably always be a go-to tattoo. This threesome gives just a little pop of color on each, growing from a thin black vine. A beautiful little foot design that could mean a multitude of things to the wearer.


42. A Crown for a king!

foot tattoo design (41)

This person is all about the riches of life! The crown is topped with a G, which can be replaced with almost any letter, and the purple diamonds are a personal preference as well. Something like this has a lot of room for personalization as well: color, size and cut of diamonds, etc.


43. A pirate’s life

foot tattoo design (42)

The feet can be a full theme, or a pair, quite easily. This person went with the anchor, compass, and tied them both in to look like once piece with the flowers.

44. Desert dweller

foot tattoo design (43)

It’s not dry skin, it’s dry terrain for our amphibian friend. This lizard is very realistic, and the artist went the extra mile by adding in some cracked land below him to live on.

45. Illuminate

foot tattoo design (44)

Another popular bird aside from the phoenix is the peacock. Known for its multicolored tail, the feathers are very stunning. These two tattoos match in their arching style along the out side of the foot, just missing the toes, and nailing a beautiful design.

46. Flowers full of grace

foot tattoo design (45)

These flowers are flourishing on the vine, and are a great addition to the calf. Pick your favorite flower and color and get creative.

47. Aumakua

foot tattoo design (46)

Turtles love to disguise themselves in tattoos! Turtles can represent good luck and endurance in Hawaiian culture. This is another island-inspired design all seems to come to a point with the turtle high on the calf.

48. Afterlife fashion

foot tattoo design (47)

Sugar skulls are most prominent in Mexico during Dia De Los Muertos, and have made themselves widely known to tattooers as well. The designs are limitless. This one has a little bow drooping on the head and only a few pastel colors to sit against the blacks.

49. Thoroughbred

foot tattoo design (48)

Horses are a beloved animal in many cultures. They’re helpful to humans in many different ways, and very strong animals. This horse is up on its handles, giving a show of this strength and dominance.

50. Perfect symmetry

foot tattoo design (49)

This tattoo is split perfectly down the middle, and the impressive dot work seems to be perfectly symmetrical. One side mimics the other to creative synergy between two seemingly different pieces.


51. Always have faith

foot tattoo design (50)

This simple fish of faith is a popular image in Christian communities. It’s small enough to fit gently on the foot, and big enough to always be reminded of what you believe in.


52. Butterfly kisses

foot tattoo design (51)

Inking the name of a loved-one is a nice gesture if they’re someone who is or was very important in your life. Adding the butterfly is a nice gentle touch to make the tattoo a full piece.


53. Paw Prints

foot tattoo design (52)

Man’s best friend shouldn’t be slighted any love that other family members get! People often choose to get paw prints for their own pet, or if they have a general love for all furry friends.


54. A perfect blossom

foot tattoo design (53)

The rose never gets old to look at, even in black and white. This rose is very realistic while still keeping the simplistic two-toned look.


55. Weave your dreams

foot tattoo design (54)

This design could have been inspired by many things: a chandelier, lace, flowers. Whatever the source material was, the foot is a nice place for it to rest and drape, and always be seen.


56. Happy feet

foot tattoo design (55)

The penguin is a widely beloved animal, and it’s very fitting that it found a home on this foot. It looks a lot like some of the turtles above, but adds its own little hint of color to look extra vibrant.


57. Look a little closer

foot tattoo design (56)

At first glance these tattoos look the same. A little more investigation and you can see just how they differ. They go together well, but have their own appeal in each; a wonderful way to match the feet without subscribing to monotony.

58. Henna-inspired and permanent

foot tattoo design (57)

There’s something very relaxing about these designs. There’s no actual color but they still have enough movement to make it feel like a very zen piece.

59. The key to my heart

foot tattoo design (58)

This heart is locked tightly around the ankle, and the key isn’t far from reach. Diamonds around the chain make it seem like it’s a little more expensive than you might think.

60. Blue beauty

foot tattoo design (59)

This delicate spiraling vine is a nice touch to any ankle. It’s simple, elegant, and you can choose your own color scheme to match your personality.

61. Life and Death

foot tattoo design (60)

This tattoo features bold colors, strong lines, and great contrast. It is a clear depiction of a bright, blossoming flower and a cold, dark skull.

62. Spread a little sunshine

foot tattoo design (61)

Here’s a delicate little ray of sunshine! It’s small and simple, but brings a lot of light to this person’s ankle. Maybe there’s a moon on the other foot!

63. All hail the Pumpkin King

foot tattoo design (62)

No matter what day of the year it is, this person is always representing All Hallow’s Eve.

64. Pieces of the Puzzle

foot tattoo design (63)

Puzzles are a lot of fun to get inked. Whether you’re sporting a sole piece or it matches up with someone else’s ink, they’re a versatile way to make your segmented statement.


65. Always Anklet

foot tattoo design (64)

This pretty little rose found a home draped on this person’s ankle. The added little chain and rhinestones makes it extra pretty!

66. Trail of flowers

foot tattoo design (65)

This hibiscus trio gets bigger and better the farther down the foot it goes. The pink and white coloring is very subtle, making it a mild piece but without sacrificing any of the beauty!

67. Full bloom

foot tattoo design (66)


68. Lotus flower bomb

foot tattoo design (67)

The lotus is a timeless tattoo piece. It is very recognizable, whether it is done very detailed or, in this case, minimalistic.

69. Vineyard

foot tattoo design (68)


 70. How many licks does it take?

foot tattoo design (69)

No matter what question you have for the wise little owl, he’s still a cute little friend to keep on hand (or on foot). Get creative with your little friend. This one is particularly cartoonish, with his big eyes and simplistic body shape.

71. Three peaks

foot tattoo design (70)

Mountain ranges can represent many things to the wearer. Sometimes the number of peaks can be related to family members or it can simply be modeled off of a real life image.

72. Birds of a feather

foot tattoo design (71)

Love birds is a common and well known concept; two birds don’t need to be identical to be compatible. These rainbow birds meet in perfect harmony combining their rainbow elements to make a perfect foot tattoo.

73. bipedal petals

foot tattoo design (72)

If you want to admire your own tattoo as much as possible, no better place than the top of the foot. It’s always in plain sight and you don’t have to try too hard to smell the roses.

74. Connect

foot tattoo design (73)

This piece is complete on its own, but finds fullness with a friend. You can get them to match someone else, or do split them among your own two feet.


75. Count your blessings

foot tattoo design (74)

A rosary is a Catholic tool to pray, and also a very common accessory. This person always has their prayer guide wrapped around their foot as a reminder of their faith.

76. Call me, maybe?

foot tattoo design (75)

A cute little spin on BFF tattoos. Before cell phones, there were tin can telephones. This innocent little tattoo keeps it very simple with stick figures and and effortless connection to your best friend.

77. Pastry shop

foot tattoo design (76)

It feels like we fell down the rabbit whole with these tea-party themed tattoos. They’re very bright and colorful, but stick to the same general color scheme.


78. Bats in the cave

foot tattoo design (77)

These bats aren’t confined to a cave; they’re on this person’s foot, always out to play, and definitely not afraid of the sunlight.

79. Cute to death

foot tattoo design (79)

The Jolly Roger gets a makeover with this cute little skull. It borrows slightly from the idea of sugar skulls and adds a girlish bow to the otherwise intimidating face.


80. Lovable mammals

foot tattoo design (80)

Dolphins are some of the friendliest and happiest members of the animal kingdom. These pair of friends will always be playing footsies with this owner of this swirly, tribal-style tattoo.


81. Glass heart

foot tattoo design (81)

Very original! This skull is made of glass and seems to be picking up all different types of colors on the spectrum. The heart, on the other hand, is true to its red hues.


82. Flex your feathers

foot tattoo design (82)

The ever-popular peacock is an impressive tattoo when it expresses the wildly colorful feathers like seen here.


83. Always in style

foot tattoo design (83)

Flowers don’t go out of style. The same goes for floral tattoos.

84. Fantastic Beasts

foot tattoo design (84)

This colorful beast has found a home on this person’s foot. It’s colors are the original Sailor Jerry style has elements of several different types of beasts: wings, a tail, and fangs to name  a few.

85. Fresh flowers

foot tattoo design (85)

The fresh flowers look newly done and very beautiful! There’s thousands of different breeds of flowers, and so many ways to make them your own when you decide to ink them.


86. Be my anchor

foot tattoo design (86)

Sometimes someone else is your strength. This couple is showing their strength as a pair with matching anchor tattoos at the base of their body.


87. Three souls and one heartbeat

foot tattoo design (87)

These matching sister tattoos show that these girls’ hearts beat for eachother. The individual beats all start at one end with a loving heart and end in the word “sisters.”


88. Hold you down

foot tattoo design (88)

Anchors can be stylized in a variety of different ways. This one seems to be wrapped around the ankle and supporting this person’s body by resting on the foot.

89. Half of a whole

foot tattoo design (89)

Sometimes one is enough. This foot features half of a whole mandala-style tattoo. Whether or not this person has it complete on the other foot, it’s a beautiful and creative piece of body art.

90. One with nature

foot tattoo design (90)

At first glance, you might only see a collection of color swirls. Looking a little closer reveals a very colorful bird that blends effortlessly into its environment.

91. Locked and lucky

foot tattoo design (91)

The horseshoe is a vastly recognized symbol of luck, while the key can take on many meanings. Put them together and it’s a metallic duo is a very personal foot piece.


92. Color me happy

foot tattoo design (92)

Here’s another example of how you don’t have to be fully colored in to be complete. These swirls are happy to stay black and white while the flower provides it’s own exclusive pop of color.

93. A strong anchor

foot tattoo design (93)

There’s something very poetic about getting an anchor done on your foot. This one, when put together, is a strong base for this person.

94. Batman vs. Superman

foot tattoo design (94)

Before the move craze, comic books had a huge cult following. These opposite tattoos stay true to the original superhero designs of two of the most recognizable good guys in pop culture.

95. Walk forward fearlessly

foot tattoo design (95)

Right on the side of this person’s foot is a very important reminder to stay strong and have no fear.

96. Illuminati

foot tattoo design (96)

This foot tattoo reminds the wearer that someone, somewhere is always watching. On the other foot is a stylizes skull and cross bones- moving away from the Jolly Roger and more for a Sailor Jerry style vibe.

97. Opposites attract

foot tattoo design (97)

When you ink hearts on your body, the first thing people think is normally “love.” This foot design makes it clear that love comes with a side of hate.

98. Cryptic

foot tattoo design (98)

This ornate pair of tattoos is very unique… except for the fact that it is duplicated on each foot.

99. Tranformation twosome

foot tattoo design (99)

Express your wild side by swapping your toenails for claws- or just adding them on. These awesome paw tattoos are a great way to show your fierce inner-animal.


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