Five Tips to Greatly Improve Your Writing Skills

See what you need to do to write the best text in your life without the plague words, how to exercise your brain and enjoy the whole process.

5 Steps to Boost Your Writing Skills

How good are you at writing poems, novels or essays? What do you do to improve your writing skills? This article is for you if you’re looking for the tips on how to make your writing better and more compelling. Just read all the tips that we will provide below or choose only the ones that you like the most. Let’s get started.

Forget all the plague words

And do this even in your everyday communication. The more times you use these words, the higher probability to use them in your text will appear. These words don’t have any sense and they can spoil the overall impression from the text. The shorter the text is the less unimportant words you should use.

If you’re writing an essay or a novel, you can use these words to stress on some specific facts or actions. But if you have to prepare a term paper or a thesis, you should avoid using them. Check the text for the plague words only after you have finished writing the draft. Otherwise, you may get confused with the nonstop edits.

Always use the online software to check the text for any plague words as you may not see them if you are used to using them in your everyday speech. Read the tips at about writing the academic papers and what to do if you have any problems with it.

Write it every day

If you’re a student and you’re done with all writing tasks, find some time for creating a piece of text. If you work long hours and you don’t have time for anything, find time for writing at least a few lines. You have to do it every day. It’s like exercising. The more time you spend without any activities the worse the result on your next training will be.


You can do it at any part of the day or even at night when you have time. If nothing comes to your mind, just write any words or any letters. You should start writing and stop only you complete the minimum. You can set the timer or you can decide to write one page of the text. You can use a pencil or you can type words on your laptop.


Here are some ideas what you can write about:

  • What you see with your eyes at the moment;
  • What you plan to do on the next day;
  • Describe the worst or the best moments from the past;
  • Describe the appearance of yourself;
  • Make up a list of traits you want to have;
  • Write a letter to your close person.

Read books

The more you read the more you exercise your brain. It works the same way as with the previous tip. You will improve your memory and logical thinking. You will also improve your vocabulary that will help you remove weird words from your speech. You will also see different examples of compiling the plot and the climax.

What’s more, you can read in different languages and add more words into your passive vocabulary. Another good thing that happens because of reading is having rest from everyday routine. Are you still thinking that reading is boring and you don’t really like it? Start listening to the audio recording of the books. Dive into the plot and then read the novel yourself.

What can you get from reading the books? Here are some examples:

  • You can learn how to describe your characters;
  • You can see the stylistic and pragmatic approaches;
  • You can see how to present controversial topics;
  • You can borrow some ideas that you liked the most.

Participate in contests

The biggest problem of the beginners is to finish the writing and publish the book at the end. It’s much easier to write an academic paper as you have a strict deadline that you cannot ignore. When you’re writing a novel or a short story, no one supervises you and no one can evaluate your work until you finish it. Therefore, it’s good to take part in various contests.

For example, you can take part in the National Novel Writing Month that is conducted every November of every year. You have to write 50,000 words and submit it before the November 30. You have the whole year for writing the text and you have a firm deadline. No one will wait one more day until you cope with the task. It will help you become organized.

You can take part in any contest you wish but not in more than two as you can fail writing different stories. You may mix the information in your mind and spend much more time on writing than in case you had only one text. Evaluate your skills and be ready to lose.

Enjoy the process

This is the most crucial tip with a few notes. The first note is that you cannot love doing it every day and it’s absolutely ok for all the writers. And one more tip is that you have the right to hate your writing. If you’re a student and you need to create a piece of text and you don’t like the topic, don’t try to pretend that you like it.

Most of the writers love their work at first time. They start hating it in a few weeks and it lasts for a few days. You should realize that this period is inevitable for all writers despite the number of previously written texts. Just accept the fact that you will not always love what you’re doing. Change the part of the day not to feel exhausted and tired when writing.

Have fun creating new and compelling stories with the help of the tips above. Be ready for unexpected reactions of your body. Try to stay calm even when you decide not to write in the future. Writing is addictive, so be careful with it as you can make people fall in love with your novels.

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