Five Dress Stlyes That Are In This Summer

Choosing Stylish Summer Dresses

Summer is one of the best seasons for style, especially for women. Every woman should have at least one staple summer dress in her wardrobe that she can throw on and head out the door in. Dresses can be dressed up or dressed down. They can be worn out to events, to work, or simply running errands. That’s because the styles range from comfortable to trendy to fancy. Before you look anywhere else, check out Modvisor is the place to find reviews, answers to your questions, discount codes, and more, all while finding brands and stores like the ones you love. Here are the five most popular dresses for summer.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are a casual style that can be worn to work, to the beach, or even to date night. They come in a variety of materials such as chiffon, cloth, lace, and polyester. These are dresses that wrap around your body and usually tie at the side or in the front. They are super flattering to almost any figure. Wrap dresses are a favorite among moms because they hide the stomach area which many are self-conscious about and showcase cleavage and legs.

There is no shortage of designs when it comes to wrap dresses. There are fancier ones which are covered with lace and are perfect for date night. If you want to keep things fun and simple, there are a plethora of floral and polka dot wrap dresses available.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a staple of summer. That’s because they are so easy to just put on and go. Maxi dresses are considered fairly casual, although you can dress them up. They’re perfect for those days when it may be a little bit chilly and you want something covering your legs. This style is perfect for taller ladies but can also work for those who are short by simply tying a side knot towards the bottom. Maxi dresses come strapless, with spaghetti straps, or even thicker straps, short sleeves, and quarter-length sleeves.

These dresses are also perfect for layering. You can add a sweater for those cool nights, chunky jewelry, and a beaded pair of sandals. Consider keeping a variety of different colored maxi dresses in your closet so that you can experiment with different looks and styles.

Floral Print Dresses

Floral is in during those warm months because it epitomizes summer and happiness. It also makes for a great pattern. Bright red, blue, and purple floral designs make any dress pop. It’s one of those patterns that are suitable for almost any activity that you find yourself doing. These designs can be as fancy as intricate roses stenciled onto a silk dress worn for a fancy occasion. Floral patterns can also be found on almost any maxi or tank dress that are perfect for the beach. No matter what the weather may be outside, these dresses will be sure to brighten your day and your wardrobe. They can be paired with a bright set of heels to truly make your outfit pop.

Ruched Tank Dresses

Ruched dresses are becoming more popular because of their simplicity and because of how flattering they are for both petite and plus-sized women. These dresses have extra fabric typically on the sides and sometimes in the front. The fabric is bunched up in order to hide areas that women are self-conscious about. These dresses typically come in simple colors and basic patterns. They’re perfect to just throw on if you’re heading to the grocery store or out to a quick lunch. The ruched tank dress typically comes to about knee-length or shorter. The fabric is typically cotton and therefore perfect for those hot days. The ruching adds texture which makes the whole dress pop, even if it is just a simple color like black or grey.

Cold Shoulder Dresses

A very popular style this summer is the cold shoulder dress. These dresses have material cut out on the shoulders so that it hangs loosely. It’s a chance to show off your toned arms and shoulders. Cold shoulder dresses are perfect because the pattern can be simple and the dress will still draw attention because of the way it is designed. These dresses typically have spaghetti straps so that they stay in place. You don’t have to worry about having a wardrobe mishap. That makes these dresses perfect for running around with your children at the park or a playground.

Experiment With Different Styles

Warm months means it’s a time to experiment with different styles. All women have different figures and certain dresses may be more flattering than others. That’s why it’s fun to play around with the different styles, materials, and patterns to find what works for you. So, keep looking for that dress. You’re bound to find the one that is just right for you!

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