80 Beautiful Fish Tattoos Designs To Ink

If you are looking for something that represents your love for sea creatures or maybe even a love for fishing, then why not try out fish tattoos. Fish are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Fishes were one of the first creatures in existence and you can’t go wrong with choosing a fish for your tattoo design. The great thing about fish tattoos is that they come in cool and bright colors, though colors aren’t always necessary. If you are looking for a cool new tattoo, then check out these 80 Beautiful Fish Tattoos Designs To Ink:

  1. Koi Fish

Koi fishes make for great tattoo design because you can add bright colors to them.

By the way, carp koi is a popular motif in jewelry that is supposed to represent perseverance, dedication, and faith in one’s own strength. A koi fish ring together with your tattoo will create a powerful and visually pleasing symbiosis.

fish tattoos designs (1)

2. Bright Colors

A great style like this has plenty of bright colors for you to show off.

fish tattoos designs (2)

3. Apple Blossoms

If you are looking for a cool shoulder tattoo, then these apple blossoms are perfect for you.

fish tattoos designs (3)

4. Black and Red Tattoos

Another gorgeous Koi fish tattoo that looks awesome with black and red.

fish tattoos designs (4)

5. Swimming Fish

A great fish like this is swimming around on his body. We love the detail with this style.

fish tattoos designs (5)

6. Bright Goldfish

The bright orange of this goldfish is truly remarkable. How can you not love the color?


7. Blue Fish

A great style that is bright blue and has a totally fierce look to it.

fish tattoos designs (7)

8. Sleeve Designs

If you are looking for a cool sleeve design, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

fish tattoos designs (8)

9. Chinese Styles

This gorgeous tattoo looks like it was painted right on her skin. The fish is bright and rather incredible.

fish tattoos designs (9)

10. Detailed Fish

This is just a fish head, but it’s very detailed.

fish tattoos designs (10)

11. Fishbones

If you are looking for a badass style, then you have to check out this detailed fishbone tattoo.

fish tattoos designs (11)

12. Bold Colors

These gorgeous fish are colored with breathtaking purple and blue styles. The fish themselves are very pretty.

fish tattoos designs (12)

13. Bright Fishes

A great style like this is truly remarkable because of the bright colors. The fish itself is a bright orange.

fish tattoos designs (13)

14. Bold Colors

If you are looking for a huge back tattoo, then why not try this colorful design.

fish tattoos designs (14)

15. Bold Colors

A great tattoo like this is full of bright and beautiful colors.

fish tattoos designs (15)

16. Red Designs

A wonderful tattoo like this is truly remarkable. If you want some bold colors, then this is a great tattoo design for you.

fish tattoos designs (16)

17. Bold Looks

This splashing fish is a cool looking tattoo and you can really see all the details.

fish tattoos designs (17)

18. Large Styles

A large design like this takes up the entire shoulder.

fish tattoos designs (18)

19. Bold Styling

As you can see these fish are very popular styles. We can’t help but love the deep red style we see here.

fish tattoos designs (19)

20. Clown Fish

These fish are super cute and they are designs that you are sure to love.

fish tattoos designs (20)

21. Dark Designs

A wonderful style that has three very detailed fish on the back.

fish tattoos designs (21)

22. Fish Styles

This sexy shoulder design is one that is truly eye-catching.

fish tattoos designs (22)

23. Awesome Styles

A dark tattoo like this one is sure to make you love fishing all over again. It’s quite the large tattoo design, it covers the entire back.

fish tattoos designs (23)

24. Cartoon Styles

This style is a little less realistic and has some bold colors.

fish tattoos designs (24)

25. Deep Blue Sea

This is a gorgeous blue fish that is colored with a deep and beautiful blue coloring. It’s a smaller tattoo, but one that’s really amazing.

fish tattoos designs (25)

26. Cute Fish

This little fish is small enough to fit right behind the ear. It’s a sweet and cute little fish that is bright and has the perfect amount of detail.

fish tattoos designs (26)

27. Painted Fish

A gorgeous and bright red fish that looks as if it’s been painted on the skin. There is no outline on this bright fish.


28. Edgy Styles

A great style like this is original and has an edge to it.


29. Beautiful Fish 

These fish are incredible because the fish are so deep and dark. You can’t go wrong with this style if you are looking for something insanely beautiful.

fish tattoos designs (29)

30. Large and Bright

Another example of a large tattoo design with some bright colors.

fish tattoos designs (30)

31. Pretty Details

A pretty fish with a really pretty eye. The bright colors are very unique.

fish tattoos designs (31)

32. Cool Designs

A bright orange fish is the perfect tattoo addition to your life.

fish tattoos designs (32)

33. Bold Fish Designs

A cool fish design that is rather large. Make sure you love the tattoo design as it’s a big commitment.

fish tattoos designs (33)

34. Sleeve Tattoos

A cool design that takes up the whole sleeve. It’s just an outline at this point.

fish tattoos designs (34)

35. Bright Blue

Blue and red colors are a perfect combination. These bright fish are very eye-catching.

fish tattoos designs (35)

36. Pretty Colors

A wonderful look that has some very pretty colors to it. This is a great tattoo for a woman.

fish tattoos designs (36)

37. Shining Fish

These two fish are swimming around a cool quote.

fish tattoos designs (37)

38. Silhouette Styles

These are very unusual styles, but they look so cool. The fish have no details, they are just silhouettes, but they look really cool.

fish tattoos designs (38)

39. Dark Tattoos

A great tattoo that is large and has some pretty dark colors.

fish tattoos designs (39)

40. Cool Fish Designs

A gorgeous black and red fish tattoo that is small but very unique.

fish tattoos designs (40)

41. Bold Tattoo Designs

These bright colors are the best part of the tattoo. Koi fish have a lot of meaning to it.

fish tattoos designs (41)

42. Golden Designs

This sexy tattoo covers the entire back. We love the colors because the fish itself has some golden color.

fish tattoos designs (42)

43. Cool Arm Tattoos

If you are looking for a cool sleeve design, then this is a really cool look for you. The tattoo is dark which really makes the tattoo stand out.

fish tattoos designs (43)

44. Gorgeous Blue Fish

This swimming fish has a striking blue shade to it. If you want a pretty design, then this is the one for you.

fish tattoos designs (44)

45. Cool and Detailed

If you have a love for fish, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s a great fish design that is truly unique.

fish tattoos designs (45)

46. Chest Tattoos

You are sure to turn heads with this gorgeous and dark fish tattoo.

fish tattoos designs (46)

47. Aquarium Designs

This sleeve design looks like an aquarium full of fish. The colors are bright and really well put together.

fish tattoos designs (47)

48. Geometric Fish

Geometric designs always look cool and that’s why you should totally go for this style. It’s dark and it has a little mystery to it.

fish tattoos designs (48)

49. Different Fishes

There are many different kinds of fish that you could get tattooed on your body. This is just one of many options for you.

fish tattoos designs (49)

50. The Swimming Fish

These two fish are circling each other. The best part of them is their bright colors.

fish tattoos designs (50)

51. Hunting and Fishing

This tattoo combines the love of hunting and fishing together. We see antlers and fish as well as a bullet flying from a rifle. It’s an interesting take on a modern tattoo design.

fish tattoos designs (51)

52. Realistic Designs

This fish design is very realistic and we love it. There is no dark outline to the tattoo which makes the colors blend right into the skin.

fish tattoos designs (52)

53.  The Piranha

If you are looking for something fierce than this is the tattoo for you. Respect the powerful and sometimes deadly piranha. There is a reason why there have been horror movies made from it.

fish tattoos designs (54)

54. Cool Shoulder Designs

A great style like this fits perfectly on the shoulder.  This design is detailed and it looks pretty amazing. If you have a love for fish, then you have to try this style.

fish tattoos designs (55)

55. Gorgeous Eyes

Doesn’t this fish have the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen? We also love the bold green color on the fish.

fish tattoos designs (56)

56. X-ray Styles

A cool fishbone that shows off the bones inside of the fish. It’s an interesting way to represent fish.


57. Cool Fish Designs

This is a great tattoo that fits perfectly on the leg. It has a dark design that anyone would love.

fish tattoos designs (58)

58. Watercolor Designs

We love the watercolor tattoos because they don’t stay in the lines.

fish tattoos designs (59)

59. Bold and Beautiful

These fish come in many different colors and adding colors to your fish creates a great look.

fish tattoos designs (60)

60. The Art of Fishing

This bright tattoo represents the owner’s love of fishing. It fits perfectly on his thigh.



fish tattoos designs (63)

61. Pretty Colors

The great thing about fish tattoos is that you can experiment with colors. Red and oranges are always great colors to work with. The koi fish is known for its bright colors.

fish tattoos designs (64)

62. Ying and Yang

This light and dark tattoo represents the Ying and Yang symbol. If you love the style but want to represent it in a different way, then try out this cool design.

fish tattoos designs (65)

63. Cool Painting Images

Sometimes the coolest tattoos are the ones that don’t look like tattoos at all. These bright colors look more like a watercolor painting than anything else.

fish tattoos designs (66)

64. Cute Designs

For the most part, we have seen very large tattoo designs. This one is small and cute; it fits on the back offering you a delicate and elegant design.

fish tattoos designs (67)

65. Scratchy Designs

This badass tattoo design looks more like a charcoal drawing. We love the scratchy elements to it. It’s a tattoo that is sure to draw some attention your way. Try it out this year and start turning heads wherever you go.

fish tattoos designs (68)

66. Heart Designs

This fish tattoo is more than meets the eye as it has a part of a heart. Maybe it represents the true love he has for fishing.

fish tattoos designs (69)

67. Cool Tattoo Looks

Remember Dora from Finding Nemo? This was the kind of fish she was. The realistic design offers you a style that really stands out.

fish tattoos designs (70)

68. Cool Outlines

This is a different way of designing a fish tattoo. Sometimes being creative with your tattoo will give you something a little more original.

fish tattoos designs (71)

69. Embossed Looks

This is clearly not a tattoo as we can see the embossed paint, but you could certainly use the design for a tattoo.

fish tattoos designs (72)

70. Blue Tattoos

Blue is always a great color for tattoos because it stands out really well. The bold colors are bright and we can’t help but love the creativity of the design.

fish tattoos designs (73)

71. Tank Fish

This tattoo is very realistic and it gives us a vision of what we see in aquariums. We love the bright colors and they are perfectly designed to represent the true colors of the fish.  If you love the deep blue sea, then you are sure to love this style.

fish tattoos designs (74)

72. Bright Cartoonish

A great style like this is eye-catching because of the bright colors involved.

fish tattoos designs (75)

73. Red Fish

We love these fish designs because the bold coloring really pops off the skin.

fish tattoos designs (76)

74. Catch of the Day

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. If you love fishing then why not represent that love of fishing with a bold picture of the great catch.


fish tattoos designs (78)

75. Cool Sleeves

Sleeve designs always stand out because they usually tell a story. If you like the bright colors of the sea, then you can’t go wrong with a tattoo design like this.

fish tattoos designs (79)

76. Fierce Fish

This fish looks like it’s ready for a fight. It’s in attack mode and makes for a badass looking tattoo. If you are looking for a badass tattoo, then this is the one for you.

fish tattoos designs (80)

77. Orange Sleeve Designs

Bright colors always make sleeve designs stand out so much more. If you like these bright designs, then you are sure to love this one.

fish tattoos designs (81)

78. Black and White

You don’t need bright colors to create an amazing tattoo design. This proud fish is in black and white and it’s perfect for the design.

fish tattoos designs (82)

79. Cool Shoulder Tattoos

These bright colors really stand out on the shoulder. You can easily show off this tattoo while on the beach.

fish tattoos designs (83)

80. Ribcage Designs

This is a very cool design that goes all the way down the ribcage. The black of the tattoo gives off a mysterious vibe. It’s certainly not your average tattoo design.

fish tattoos designs (84)

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