Fiat – Invest in Leader and Succeed With Them

Getting started in online stock trading is something which many people are gravitating towards in today’s society. If you are one of these traders, Fiat is a stock which you should certainly considering adding to your portfolio. Whether you are focused on online stock trading for beginners, or more experienced traders, this Italian stock from parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is a worthwhile pick up. The company has been around for generations and is one which has become iconic and synonymous with top quality automobiles. Currently, the group is the earth largest global manufacturer of vehicles. This looks set to grow further as they position themselves at the forefront of the transition to leaner, greener, automobiles.

Making Your First Trades in Fiat Stock

Getting started with your first trades in the stock market can be a challenge. This is why it is advisable to choose a top quality stock broker to get you started. In this regard, TradeFW is one of the best online trading sites around. They fully CySEC licensed, transparent, and regarded by many as the best stock trading site for beginners. Here you can choose from a range of stock CFDs as well as trading in forex currency pairs of all types.

Stock market trading is no longer the preserve of the wealthy elite. As a trader, with a simple deposit to open a live account, you can be starting to buy and trade stocks in no time. The majority of the best online stock trading sites such as TradeFW will also accommodate all of your educational needs to develop your trading skill for a successful future in the industry.

What Does the Future Hold for Fiat?

Recent months for almost every company in the auto industry have been somewhat turbulent. With that said, Fiat and the group overall seem to be very well placed moving forward in 2019. The stock was recently given a big boost with the announcement that sales were up 14% in December for the US market alone. Positive news also in the fact that the company plans to invest $12.6m in expanding their Auburn Hills HQ. Analysts report that the company balance sheets are also extremely healthy with the company possessing as much as 40% of its market cap in cash.

This is certainly welcome news for potential investors on the online stock exchange and shows the power that the company still holds in the global industry. They are a company who has never shied away from a bold merger or acquisition when required, and more of the same will be expected moving forward.

The company is already adapting to be at the head of the industry for many years to come, Chrysler recently announced, to great acclaim, that the next Dodge Challenger will be electrified. It is this level of progressiveness which has seen the company advance through all challenges in 120-year history in the industry.

Risks and Potential

As with all online stock trading, companies do have some inherent degree of risk to traders. This risk though, in trading stock CFDs, is certainly no more than when trading in any other markets. The stock trading platforms provided by current top brokers, are some of the safest, fastest, and most user-friendly that there has ever been.

Specifically related to Fiat and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the future looks full of potential. They are cash rich which is always an excellent positive sign for any company, and committed to leading the way into the next generation of automobiles.

Also, in terms of being trustworthy and secure, the company stands out a great deal to potential investors. They are steeped in history, having been around since 1899. This history and legacy is unquantifiable but certainly of positive value to you as an investor.

In terms of challenges, there is no doubt that the company, just like all of its competitors in the industry, are battling to become more in tune with the energy efficiency movement and regulations, as well as increasing labor costs. That said, Fiat are positively leading the charge, and have certainly overcome bigger obstacles in the past. Having already planned to fully electrify one of their flagship models, signs are positive for the company.


Ultimately, if you plan to get involved in stock trading, Fiat represents the ideal model stock which would make a great addition to your first portfolio. Dealing with the correct stock brokers and making the correct initial trading decisions can have a huge impact on your future in any form of trading. This is why top brokers such as TradeFW are highly recommended for your first foray into the market. Similarly to the stocks they feature like Fiat, these brokers are both reliable and well-respected industry wide.


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