Favorite Ways to Unwind After Work

When was the last time you chilled out well, felt really fresh and full of energy for soaring to new heights? Being constantly busy, stressed, and in an endless rush is a pressing problem nowadays, which turns our lives into a treadmill that’s never gonna stop.

Lack of quality rest after work (especially in summer, when a lot of people have vacations and holidays, and you have to labor) has a major impact on the motivation, preventing us from achieving the goals. Besides, the absence of me-time can cause exhaustion of mental and physical resources, or even deep depression, which is no better.

No matter how much you enjoy or can’t stand your career or current role, there is something certain: you’re gonna have some really hard days, so hustling your buns off all day at work can feel like a battleground. That’s why it’s so essential to indulge in a little you time.

How to unwind after work, when you’re in a bad mood, your dogs are barking, and the body is like a ball of cotton wool? How to spend your summer to good use? Here are my favorites among the most effective ways to mentally decompress and relax in summer:

  1. Take a Nature Walk


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Slow down and take a look around – our world is amazing! And sometimes it’s enough to spend time alone with nature, especially in summer, when it seems to be even more healing. Head to the public park, or walk along the beach, go on a hike, or just wander around your neighborhood – everything fits when it comes to your comfort zone and recharging after a busy stressful day. 

  1. Eat Out


This one follows from the previous point, but here you have an even bigger amount of options. You can meet with friends in a local café, or drink some cocktails with your sweetheart in a cozy river restaurant, gather your family around the fire pit on a nice starry night, or enjoy the sunset with someone special at the picnic out there. 

  1. Enjoy the Water

The first thing most people are dreaming about after a hot summer day spent in a stuffy office is taking a cool shower. It feels like you’re washing away all daily problems and fatigue. However, for some a hot bubble bath with a glass of chardonnay and Netflix is the best solution regardless of the season and weather. Besides, you can also pour water over your body or turn it all into fun and make a water gun battle. Ask yourself what works best for you and never miss this unique opportunity to spend time, renewing the energy and spirits.


  1. Work Out


Despite any type of workout requires lots of physical strength and concentration, it has become the best friend for people all over the world in a struggle with bad mood, depression, and job stress. Avoid stuffy gyms and take this unique summer opportunity to train outside. Running around, riding a bike, going swimming or surfing around 8-9 p.m. when the sun goes down is a good way to clear your head, instead of keeping thinking about your day. 

  1. Help Yourself with Alcohol


If alcohol is your cup of tea, then why not? Treat yourself with a glass of sparkling wine or chilling beer to take the edge off and just relax. But remember not to overdose on it, as otherwise you’re gonna spend the whole next day suffering from hangovers in the workplace.

  1. Create Your Personal Space


Creating some “me time” will help you really unwind, but not just switch your brain to other stuff. Change into comfy home clothes, unplug from technology for a couple of hours and give yourself an hour to relax. You can also use different aromas like essential oils, light some scented candles, do a quick at-home beauty treatment, and turn on calm music with sounds of nature.

  1. Do Yoga or Meditate


If making your personal space is not enough, yoga and meditation as a variety of “me-time” can come in handy. Close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out, and concentrate on your breath, not your problems. Even 5 minutes of yoga will regain your strength and mental state.

  1. Get Out and Garden


Quite keen on plants? Get into gardening or growing some decorative flowers and bushes. If you really enjoy the process, it’s your thing. If not, escape.


  1. Do Hobby


Do you like doing anything with your hands? Start creating different crafts: try knitting, cooking, sewing. Like helping people? Do volunteer work. In love with music? Buy a guitar and sign up for a few lessons. Enjoy photography? Wander around with your camera. Read books, watch movies, play active or board games, listen to music, go on guided walks or to the concerts – just do what makes you happy! 

  1. Put on Your Party Pants & Shoes


Summer is a great time for fun and parties. Yes, it can be fun, even though you work every day. What is your backyard made for? Invite your friends and dive into a diversity of pool parties, loud music, refreshing drinks, barbecuing, and dancing, dancing, dancing.


I hope you all enjoy my favorite summer ways to unwind after work. There are thousands of other options though – it’s just up to our imagination. So, if you have any other ideas, you’re welcome to share them here. Have a great summer!

Written by Nancy Cooper http://thecrossfitshoes.com/

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