Fall and Winter Essentials Men Should Own in Their Closet

Fall and winter can be tricky seasons for men. They have to dress appropriately and still remain warm. Plus, it’s more difficult to remain fashionable when the temperatures drop than it is in the summer. Plus, fall is quite of a sneaky season, since you can’t tell exactly when the temperatures have dropped so much. In the end, you have to be ready for a drop-in temperature at all times. To remain classy and stylish even when the season is not on your side, we have a short list of essentials that all men should have in their wardrobes.

#1. A Structured Blazer

A structured blazer is a must-have piece for all men out there. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, it may be just the perfect time to consider investing in one. A similar piece can be your best ally and your secret weapon. Plus, a similar piece is such a versatile and approachable element. You can dress it down with a knit hoodie for a relaxed and laid-back look, you can wear it with a crisp dress shirt, a pair of tailored trousers and a pair of simple, yet exquisite oxford shoes. These elements are perfect in all occasions and social setups, be those brunches or smart cocktail parties.

#2. A Tie

Like it or not, ties will always remain timeless pieces that shout class and style. Whether you have to wear one at work or you just love wearing an intricate piece on special occasions, an element of this kind will contribute to your image as a successful adult. A tie is a successful way to add a drop of class, even to those casual ensembles of yours. Plus, you’ll always be prepared for those occasions that demand a tie, whenever they appear. In some cases, it can act as a personal note to all your outfits. No matter the reasons, you should always have a tie in your wardrobe.

#3. Coloured Denim Pants

Give your classic blue denim pants a break and try to introduce some colour into your wardrobe. While men are notorious for avoiding colours in their outfits, expert designers and image counsellors militate for these incredible coloured versions. Pick muted colours, if you’re not bold enough to try a bright red pair of jeans, but you should definitely try to incorporate more colour into your daily outfits. Trust us, even rigid workplaces have an extremely relaxed policy when it comes to those.

#4. A Versatile Vest

Be it fleece, puffer of a cotton knit, a vest is a clothing article that should be present in all men’s closets. Not only it’s the perfect addition if you want to add an extra layer of warmth without bulking up, but it’s also the great element you should invest in if you want to add a hint of smart-casual to all your outfits. Sometimes, men avoid wearing such elements because they feel like they prepare for a fishing expedition, to avoid this, simply wear it with a button-down shirt and you’re all settled.

#5. An Always-Popular Plaid Button-Down

You will never see a more popular element than the plaid button-down, as the experts at Boutique 1 fashion for men say. This is a timeless piece that can be worn at the office but also in more casual setups. The best things about these shirts? You can find those in varied colour combinations and they will certainly allow you to change your look as frequent as you wish. For a relaxed look, try pairing a plaid button-down with a pair of blue denim jeans and boots. If you want to create a classier outfit, go for a black plaid with black jeans and a pair of Oxford shoes. 

#6. A Preppy Polo

This is an all-time favourite of the affluent man. This is the perfect element for those who want to maintain a classy look without feeling constricted by a crisp shirt. If you carefully think about it, these clothing articles fall somewhere between a casual tee and a dress shirt. They are a staple for many men out there and they are the ideal choice for events that are not particularly casual, but not nearly overly formal. The best way to dress a preppy polo is by pairing it with a pair of boots, coloured denim and a simple waterproof jacket for those rainy days.

#7. A Pair of Stretch Blue Jeans

We mentioned previously that you should incorporate more colour into your denim collection, but you still need several pairs of blue jeans. For casual outings, go for a pair of distressed jeans or a pair of lightly pre-washed jeans. Dark stretch jeans, on the other hand, work better in more elevated outings. Add a blazer and lace-up leather boots and you’re just fine, no matter the occasion or context.

#8. A Cashmere Pullover

 For those extremely cold winter days, a cashmere pullover would work wonders. It will keep you warm and cosy and it will allow you to wear your favourite winter jacket, without hiding away in a bulky parka jacket. These pullovers are extremely comfortable and they can be combined with a dress shirt underneath, for a preppy and office-ready outfit. Plus, the colour palette in which you can find these elements is quite generous. You will be able to articulate and coordinate your outfits, no matter what your jeans of choice look like. And the best thing about creating similar outfits is that you can always remove the pullover if you end up in a warmer indoor environment.

These are some fall and winter essentials that all men should own and wear during the colder months. The presented articles will allow you to create versatile outfits and always look spotless. And the best thing about most of those is that they are lifetime investments. A good cashmere pullover will last you years before you start noticing slight imperfections. Make sure to select your retailers carefully for some extraordinary pieces.

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