Explore, Relax, Shop: A layover in Philadelphia Airport doesn’t have to be boring!

Everybody knows that spending time in an airport can be a rather uninteresting activity and one that would rather be avoided if it could.

When travelling, passengers will typically prefer to be able to get on a direct flight and not have to go through the hassle of jumping on a connecting flight or have to spend time in an airport and experience a layover of any duration.

However, these layovers do not have to be as boring or as inconvenient as many make them out to be, especially when you have to spend time in Philadelphia Airport. In fact, with so many different things possible to do to kill time, some will be asking if they can spend more time in the airport and not necessarily be wanting to jump back on another flight!


If you have a layover that is fairly long, one of the best things to do is to go and explore the surrounding areas, including the actual airport and the facilities that it provides. For those unaware, there is plenty to do when at Philadelphia Airport.

There are over seven different terminals at this huge airport, meaning there is plenty to go and have a look at and to do when there is time to kill. However, if you have a lot of time on your hands, then potentially exploring what Philadelphia has to offer could be a great thing to do.

Located just outside of the main city of Philadelphia and by the Delaware River, there are a ton of different things that can be done. It is wise to make sure you leave enough time to get back to the airport and through security, though, as you would not want to miss your connecting flight to the final destination.

Stay in the lounge

The lounge area within an airport may be an additional expense on top of the flight cost that has already been paid, however there may be no better thing than to head to one of these whilst in Philadelphia Airport.

The lounges will provide a number of different amenities, including an area where visitors will be able to relax and enjoy a session of live casino gaming with Unibet, which is one of the best Pennsylvania Online Casino providers currently available to play games with. Indeed, the lounge will have some of the best Wi-Fi connectivity available as well, therefore making it the ideal place to sit down.

Entertain yourself with streaming and gaming

As highlighted above, there are a number of WiFi access points available to connect to and these are going to be great for those who have to spend time on a layover.

Although many can use data services such as 5G technology, others will be able to connect to the internet hubs available which will then allow them to make the time appear to go by quicker as they can surf the internet and do their favorite things, such as binge on their favorite shows and movies or play their favorite games.

Go shopping

It may not be a popular choice for everyone, however Philadelphia Airport has a number of shopping outlets that are just waiting to be explored. One of the best things about the overall airport shopping experience is that there can be some great bargains to be had at times, via the use of the Duty-Free shops.

It is not just shopping for products such as perfumes, alcohol and souvenirs that is possible when at the airport, though, as individuals can go and explore all the different eateries and restaurants that are on offer and potentially eat something that they have never experienced before or may not be able to get when they reach their final destination.

Sleep & relax

Travelling by air can be a rather tiring activity at times as it can be something that makes a standard day seem a lot longer than the 24 hours that it normally is. Of course, those that travel across a number of different time zones may experience jet lag, whilst some will have to start their days a lot earlier than normal due to the processes travelers have to go through when at an airport.

Therefore, one of the best activities for some – especially those that cannot do it whilst in the air – is to get some shut-eye, have a relaxing sleep and re-charge for the next leg of their journey!



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