Essay Writing Tips: The Power of Introduction

Have you ever thought how your favorite books hook you? At 99.9% it is always about an introduction.

An introduction is the most powerful part of any essay, research paper, and even a dissertation. It makes you want to read more. Any essay consists of 4 parts: introduction, thesis, analysis, and conclusion. But try to guess which part is going to be the most important one. Yes, an introduction. A lot of students fail to write a great paper because of boring, plain introductions, which do not lead to an interesting storyline. But there is always a way out and a secret which is the key to everything. The same is with an essay writing. Today, we’re going to reveal a couple of small secrets, which will definitely improve your introduction writing skills. In case, your problem is not about an introduction only and you want to learn to write great essays and receive writing strategies for research papers, you can always apply to the professionals. There are hundreds of professional writing companies on the market right now. If you need more information, go to essay box review to understand how such companies and their services work for the students.

And now, let’s skip to an introduction itself.

Develop Your Writing Skills

Your essay introduction is a significant road map for the rest of your paper. It conveys a lot of information to your readers. Here you can let them know what your topic is, its importance, and how you are planning to proceed with your discussion. In case you have never managed to write a powerful introduction to any of your writing assignments, these tips will be a saving grace for your papers. 

3 Steps to Powerful Introduction

  • Write the first part last. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But the truth is that writing your thesis first and your introduction last helps to develop a natural flow of ideas. First of all, you have to understand what you want to analyze before actually analyzing it. Not your introduction, but your thesis is the base for the whole essay. And to find that powerful thesis you have to ask the questions around the topic you have;
  • Then, draft and revise your analysis. And only then, you can go back to your introduction. It should be something to intrigue and inspire the readers. But, please, avoid famous quotations in the first sentence. Do not start with dictionary definitions too. And forget about rhetorical questions;
  • Any introduction can be divided into 3 different parts: hook, background, and thesis statement. The hook is that first line of your paper which intrigues and draws the reader in. A background gives your reader a little bit more information about what your topic is going to be about. Provide the main points and explain the importance of the topic. But keep it short. Then, you explain your position or your main topics, depending on what type of essay you have to write. Be clear, specific, and original.

Most students make one common mistake when writing an introduction. They want to seem to be too clever, trying to say too much, but not being obvious enough in their introductions. It is very important that your first lines in the essay are very clear and obvious. Start with something quite simple. And don’t forget about the length of the first part of your assignment The shorter essay is, the shorter introductory part will be. But when it comes to a huge dissertation, an introduction can be several pages or even more. So, general proportions and balance are must for any writing assignment.

Remember that an introduction is the first thing your readers are going to see in your essay. So, make sure it is great and interesting enough to keep them reading more.

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