Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas for the Traditional Bride

When choosing the perfect Los Angeles wedding rentals and cake, you may find you have a flair for the traditional. With so many modernist and contemporary cakes becoming mainstream, you may be finding it hard to find a good, old-fashioned traditional cake. Fortunately, you still have plenty of choices for your big day. For your wedding cake, you may not want to take any chance and experiment. You should always go for a stunning cake that will impress everybody and look gorgeous n photos in addition to tasking delicious.

The following wedding cakes boast the traditional beauty and elegance you look for in a cake.

Classic Wedding Cake

If you want conventional beauty, the multi-tiered Classic Wedding Cake can provide you with plenty of it. Blending all the elements of traditional design, the Classic Wedding Cake boasts dramatic latticework and exceptional garlands on its side, as well as grapes and roses.

Designed to mimic the over-the-top cake decorating style of English baker Joseph Lambeth, the Classic Wedding Cake is covered and decorated with the finest royal icing. Talk to an Austin event rentals professional about choosing decorations to match your classic cake. You can search online for designs of multi-tiered classic wedding  cakes and if you are so very much impressed by any, you can simply replicate that for your grand wedding.

Piped Rose Wedding Cake

The Piped Rose Wedding Cake stands a perfect testament to time-honored cake-decorating traditions. A simple white cake decorated with pink, yellow, and peach garden roses, this cake will complement virtually any wedding venue. Bakers achieve the bright, intricate flower designs by using two different icing colors. Dots are created using buttercream to cover each tier. This can look just as elegant as you want. Make sure the cake is not over-sized nor is too small. Remember, the decoration is the key to make a traditional piped rose wedding cake. You can be creative with colors but make sure it perfectly goes with your wedding theme. Hiring a reputable baker to do the job can make it perfect for your wedding.

Gilded Wedding Cake

If you want a cake that screams classical sophistication, the Gilded Wedding Cake may be right up your alley. Covered in a remarkable Venetian-inspired pattern meant to imitate real Italian fabric, the Gilded cake use multiple shades of peach and pale pinks to achieve its look. The cake also gives off a marble appearance when exposed to light.

Meringue Bouquet Wedding Cake

The Meringue Bouquet Wedding Cake is designed for flower lovers everywhere. Featuring meringue flowers in a variety of white shades, the cake is famous for the delicious crunch each flower provides. Some flowers are made using pipes while others are assembled by hand and attached.

White On White Wedding Cake

The use of royal-icing beading and delicate gum-paste flowers can make a normal cake look spectacular. White on white is one of the most popular wedding cake themes and there is hardly anybody who won’t love the look of this elegant cake.

Grosgrain Ribbon Wedding Cake

While there are modern ways of doing the grosgrain ribbon wedding cakes, it can make look elegant and classic with sleek, oval tiers enrobed in fondant. The main feature of this cake design is a band of grosgrain ribbon that encircles each layer, protected with piped royal icing. A traditional broth bride-and-groom cake topper stands on top all the time.

Crystallized Flower Wedding Cake

You can get creative with crystallized flower wedding cake using various things that include violets, cornflowers, lavender, roses, pansies and more. For a sparkling appearance, you can add sugaring flowers in case you want your guests to be able to chew on its lovely decorations. Make sure you go for a refutable baker to prepare a perfect crystallized flower wedding cake.

Lusterware Wedding Cake

Typically painted in pink, copper and silver, the shimmery and sweet details of lusterware plates are often used to serve desert in the early 19th century. This traditional cake design can make the baker be very creative with colors and stuffing.

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