155 Dog Memes That Make Them Smarter Than Their Hoomans

The sheer cuteness of dogs are exceptional for all the reasons I’m pretty sure you all know about. They are loyal, fun, and unbelievably smart. It’s pretty much a perceived certainty that having a dog elevates your mood, can even change you as a whole new person. But what if you ain’t lucky enough to have a doggo bestie around? Especially when your lifestyle needs it but can’t afford it. We go to memes! These adorable doggos gained their fame for showing that they are sometimes smarter than hoomans.

For sure we can tell what dogs will say, and the images below speak it all!


Trying to cover your brother’s mess be like..

Hmm… It seems like this clever canine developed an ability to replicate a kid’s footprints and get them in trouble for all those experiences they’ve made him sit and roll over before giving him ‘chimkens.’ This is what happens when kids get caught off guard messing around.

The after-breakup mantra

A confidence-boosting reminder to self. However, you still find it difficult to wear a smile in front of the mirror. Girls know this.


When you have that sudden impulse to take advantage

Anywhere is a comfy couch. Like literally anywhere

In this Golden Retriever’s mind, “I’m sorry hooman, you have no idea how this waterway comforts my balls. And, you can’t make me move an inch! Noooo… I’m staying here, hooman. Uhm… Maybe you wanna join me, hooman.”

—Which reminds me of myself when I’m too drunk to stand up straight without wobbling.

When mother hen had the most awekward affair

Aww… Just look t those cut dopey little faces. They have no idea why this hen lays on top of them and why she only got two weird-looking legs. Why the heck she’s so damn FAT with white fluff and wider arms! But. in these pup’s mind, “nevermind, I like her comfy fluff.”

Hush… Don’t make mama chicken mad.

The efforts of getting what you want to be like..

” I dragged another bag of treats, but I don’t want mom and dad to see it. Have I covered it? Can you see it? Can you see it?” —This is clearly not just done by kids.

The Hollywood potential..

A pup’s confusion factor, as if everything around them is incomprehensible and interesting is what makes them adorable. But this boy seems to have sensed what his parents are doing. And so, he strikes a pose.

Trying to get the message across be like..

This baby furball just wants to make it very clear to you. “Do you understand what my little chunky paw-toes is trying to tell ya???”

Rising a bar high!

I’m not sure if vacuums endanger dog’s mental state. I’ve seen dogs not giving an “F” with vacuums. But, this military doggo doesn’t want to be unheard. What’s your take about this?


The future puddle inspector

Well, we all know this, don’t we? A canine’s curiosity continually rachet’s up while they are still babies, and it doesn’t stop even as they get older. It looks like he already figured what he wants to be when he grows up.

“It’s mushy and soft with no sharp pieces of stuff, baby doggo approved. Now, let’s move to the next puddle. Ooh! I spot another one. Let’s go there, mommy!”


Regardless of age, pups are always babies

And the real owner of this bed would be like, “Mommy! That’s my bed!” This pup is surely dreamin’ of chimkens, toys, and treats. Ain’t that just cute?

When you do so much window shopping

Who would not want to if you see cute faces like that? And no, returns are not allowed. This is why you should only bring the exact amount of money for all the necessary groceries and stick to the dollar section. Oh dear, cuteness is expensive.

It’s called On-the-dot

Nailed it. Dogs are like shadows of human beings. They read our human minds and mirror our actions.

Everybody loves Burrito!

“Share me some Hooman, pweeesse! Or else, I’ll chew on your new Air Jowdan shoe!”


Confidence as shiny as his fur!

“Heck yeah! I know, right!” Huskies are beautiful dogs. No doubt about that.

Three Letters, “OMG.”

Once upon a time, there was an “adorabull” doggo named “Boogie.” He loves to chew on her dad’s shoes, make a mess in the kitchen by playing with the trash. Mommy scolds her every day, except these past few weeks because he’s been a good, polite doggo.


Talk about ‘first times’

“Oh my gosh! Is this the beach you telling me daddy? Ohh goody! It’s so pretty! It’s breezy and so wide. The floor is so weird, but I can run non-stop. Daddy, pweese, we go here again next week!”

Exploring different cultures

When your doggo watches too much animal planet, —this happens. Dogs are a pain in the bum but are absolutely smart!

Not just a comfort food, it’s also a comfort wardrobe

It’s because he just found a new fashion statement and figured the convenience it has when he needs a nap. Get it, got it, good, — doggo.


That’s how angry as he can get

Really? If that’s the face of an angry dog, I will walk closer and kiss his adorable face. P.S he might also fancy a belly rub, who knows?

 What a special dog indeed

“It’s because I’m a good boy I sit next to dad. Sowee, life is surely treating me like a boss.”


That’s the spirit!

As they say, dream big. In this little Corgi’s mind, the planet earth needs a hero, so, doggo must go. He can’t fly. However, he can run speedily fast even with short legs!


A Vet visit to remember

You are right at the moment to deliver a piece of shocking news to your boy, “sweetie, you’re pregnant. You just formed a toy inside your belly”

—You dog, “what the heck?! But I have balls”

The reality of parenthood

“Uh-Oh, no more boy’s night for me after this.”


The hotdog race!

I will never get tired of watching this race. It’s like trying to have a clearer vision while so drunk and all you see are hotdog sandwiches darting towards the finish line.


The undeniable resemblance

Dad dog: “Do you see anythin’ son?”

Pup: “Nah daddy, nothin’ I see goofy.”

—No need for a DNA test.

When your dad and mom are bored

What a perfect and cost-effective costume for a Halloween party! But, I would seriously rather use Mountain Dew or Budweiser brand for these cuties! Proud of the pups being a polite and a good sport.


The Obsessive Pup that we can’t get enough with

Some pups can be so clingy and get overly excited when we return after leaving the house for 5 mins. Well, it’s the only “obsession” we love.

Uh-oh.. The Uncanny Resemblance

“Really? Am I that ugly for you to compare me to that dummy freak? I’m going to poop on your purse later. I swear I will.”


What treats can make me

The face you make when you are up to do something crazy with your besties, and it’s going to be slightly troublesome.

A grateful doggo’s well-deserved birthday

When you are a good boy, you get a bunch of treats, cuddles, road trips, and lots of love from mom and dad. And oh! Let’s not forget the squishy toys!

Friendship knows no language

This is just absolutely adorable! You can only wonder how this two actually communicate, let alone get along. Animals regardless of species, have their own unique ways to understand each other. Quite bizarre, isn’t it?

What’s worse than getting stuck in a question?

When you got caught off-guard and don’t know what to answer. You better start practicing your mind-boggling special skills to showoff.

Highly relatable

We all know and got into trouble with this. We went on ‘mini-drinking spree’ with friends and swore never to get drunk. The fun evening went too good that we got home pretty late. And admittedly, we can’t throw the blame at the alarm clock.

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The best freebie!

No, don’t even try to remove it! That fluff of overload cuteness stays there.

Better than a bouquet of flowers

You can skip the chocolates and roses because there’s a better way to win the heart of your crush. The best Valentine surprise for any girl! I don’t even need to say more. Aren’t they a bundle of joy?

Dogs and balls are the real besties

The joy is just overwhelming for this pup. It’s the most universally loved “toy” by dogs everywhereThe hand that feeds them is just the second. Dogs don’t always have a way to chase bunnies, but they can chase balls. 

Alright, she’s ready to go!

Whoever started the idea this doggo vest-bag is a total genius! The babies can enjoy the outdoors without ever having to run with their little paws. Highly recommended!

Dishwasher’s new guard

What a generous little pooch. He offered to keep an eye of the dishwasher. I think it got him tired. Just sayin’. Super cute.

Clingy Baby

Whether it’s a work or a business, it can oftentimes be taxing and mentally exhausting. To just go home and see your fur babies is just what you need after a long day.

A very normal cat and dog relationship

Seeing this will convince you that a kitten can be the best companion for a pup. It can’t any normal than this.


Not just one, but two cute pups wanting to talk

“Hey, Hooman! I and my boy are listening. What’s up? When are you taking us this weekend?” 


A dog knows the way to a woman’s heart more than most men.

It’s a harsh truth. Plain and simple. So, use it to your advantage. If you have a crush you want to win, get a handsome, charming, and sweet husky!

Yay! Look at me!

“See? I told ya I am a better Christmas doggo. I’m a walking decoration with lights and a super cute face.”

One word…

“No.” — The face says it all.

Cute sleepy Pitties Overload!

Pitties are among the snuggliest, silliest, coolest dogs ever! Wait, where can we buy these cute onesies? I’m totally sold!


A surefire stress reliever

What a priceless doggo scene. Admit it, it doesn’t fail to get you all the time too. Oh boy!



That Friend…

Your one friend who always shows off her fake nails and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do it. Sounds familiar?


The joy of feeling that you belong

What a happy doggo it is! While most dog’s activities are turning the house upside/down, this hilarious photo is absolutely up to brighten up your day.

All you need is a head massage

The face of a satisfied and relaxed dog while receiving a head message from his hooman. Who can help but smile seeing this?



The aftermath of Daschund pajama party

They just crashed like that and you end up sleeping on the couch for a night.


It’s called motivation. Dream Big.

He’s been watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator and decided to be a Pittie version of him. What an adorable baby pooch.


The Unstoppable

“I know no give up in the name of chimken and toys. I will win against your blowing toy!” 


That nosey furball

When you’re close to throwing a fit, and you simply want some space. Then, this face welcomes you. It’s the friend whom you just can’t seem to get away from but it’s also the friend you just need.



Tattooed Hunk and a cute dog

It’s too cute to handle. Barbershops should have cute pompoms like this dog. It makes excruciating waiting time in a salon much more pleasing. What do you think?

Being polite doesn’t mean being careful

It’s too adorable and funny!

 It never happened!

We are all guilty of this! If you find this funny, then you just admitted you that you also make this face when you’re wrong.


He gets it… DOn’t worry baby, you are loved.

SOooo? What are the odds?

The hilarious resemblance is eerie but if reincarnation exists, I wouldn’t mind becoming a doggo.

That’s called true love

It’s because his daddy is too tired for playtime. He’s such an adorable fluffy-house-wolf.




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