Cowboy Boots are Back

Cowboy boots are more than just rodeo attire; they can be worn with any attire. If you like the cowboy style and jazzing up your outfit, then adding cowboy boots might be the option. The variety of textures and colors on authentic cowboy boots will help you find the right design for your style. The wave of cowboy boots has taken the fashion industry by storm once again. Here are five style tips for your cowboy boot return.

  1. Versatility

The versatility of men’s square toe cowboy boots is best revealed when the right pant cut is chosen. Skinny or straight leg pants are a good fit for revealing the design of the boots; however, boot cut pants are perfect for encasing the shoe design to balance the style they are being worn with. Since cowboy boots can be worn at any time, for the most part, it’s time to see what works well with them. Anyone can throw on a pair of cowboy boots and call it style, but a connoisseur knows how to make it work well with everything properly.

  1. Wear What You Know

A good man knows a good pair of boots like the back of his hand. They can determine it from the price, the fit, the manufacturer and the soles of the shoes. If you put them on and they don’t feel right then they aren’t right. A man’s favorite pair of boots has a comfortable feel to them while still looking good. A good polishing and cleaning every once in a while can extend the life of a good set of boots. Your favorite boots can be worn on any occasion so long as you take good care of their appearance. If they look great on the outside and feel comfortable on the inside then you have successfully cared for your favorite boots.

  1. Seasonal Style

Cowboy boots can be worn during any season, and unique seasonal styles can be hard to choose from. Whether your style is button up shirts or cashmere sweaters, the basic design of cowboy boots can fit any style. A reminder, the colors matter the most. If you like blues and browns or light blue and dark blue, a color chart and the season can help determine what tones would go well together. Pick three colors and stick to it: blue, brown, and white or blue, black, and white.

  1. Dressing It Up

First things first, pick a color that works well with your wardrobe. Some color ideas are burnt sienna, black, dark brown, or dark blue. If you stick to those basic colors then you can find your boots go with every event so long as the cut of your pants is correct. Disclose the boot when appropriate and enclose them when warranted. I highly recommend solid colors like black and dark browns for formal occasions.

  1. Boot Care

No matter the type of boot you decide on, the general rule of thumb is to take care of your boots or throw them out. A little self-care and maintenance can do you good, but don’t forget about your boots. Boots need care and depending on the material, it can make the wear last a lot longer. Cowboy boots are originally made from cowhide. Leather boots usually last a lot longer than synthetic boots because of the thick organic material they are made from. Boot care steps made easy:

  • Clean –dish soap, water, and a soft cloth
  • Condition –leather conditioner prevents cracks (every 3-6 months)
  • Protect –waterproof them
  • Correct –take proper steps to fix stains and scuffs
  • Store –store in a breathable room temperature area (out of direct sunlight)

Extra Tip:

Forbes talks about cowboy boots being back on the catwalks in many designer’s Spring 2019 collections; the color scheme was black and white. A deep black leather with a stark white accent is a priority for an iconic design. However, you don’t have to be a style icon to know how great cowboy boots are and how long-lasting they can be.

Cowboy boots can stand up to almost any weather. One step out in the rain and your boots are a quick brush away from perfection. Take your old boots out for a spin or take yourself out for some new boots. Cowboy boots are back in town and here to stay.

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