Concerned about your relationship? Questions to ask

Relationships are difficult to work through, regardless of how strong your love for one another may be. When challenges arise in a relationship, both partners must decide whether their love can go the distance. If you find yourself in the same situation, consider the following questions:

  1. Are you truly seeing me?
    We all have the desire to truly be seen by the person we are dating. This question delves into whether or not a partner is really in the moment when they are with us. While we all do our best to be there for our loved ones, it’s easy to check out during certain conversations or go through the motions of what we think a relationship should be. Even if both partners care about one another, if they can’t find a way to be invested in one another, this can be very telling. By asking your partner if they see you, you’ll see how strong your connection is.
  2. Am I all that you need?
    Partners are meant to satisfy each other’s needs. A majority of doubts about relationships come about due to the fact that their needs aren’t being met. While the best relationships allow each person to grow, partners shouldn’t go into a relationship trying to change one another.If your partner needs you to be a better version of yourself in order to date you, this is a sign that you both aren’t right for each other. While no one is perfect, both partners should do their best to find fulfillment in one another. 
  3. Do we make each other feel special?
    In addition to having our needs met by our partners, it is important that we truly feel special with the person we are dating. There’s nothing quite like feeling like the only person in the world to a partner when they look at us with love. Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or you have multiple partners, you still deserve to feel like they truly value you and everything you have to offer.Something as simple as an adoring gaze speaks volumes about the health of a relationship. By learning the answer to this question, you’ll gain a better understanding of how you both feel about each other. 
  4. Are they trying to control the relationship or you?
    Controlling tendencies aren’t always easy to spot. Though this type of behavior may seem like a form of love, this leads to an unhealthy relationship dynamic. Partners that are intentionally trying to change the behavior of the other person are acting in a controlling way.While this may not seem like a form of abuse, it can be. Oftentimes, this behavior stems from the desire to have the other person become completely dependent on them.
  5. Is the relationship a mutually beneficial One?
    Though the term mutually beneficial may have multiple meanings, it generally refers to whether or not both partners are equally matched. Both partners should have the same level of need for each other. Similarly, both people should benefit one another to the same extent. When one partner has more or less to offer, there is a clear power imbalance. Power imbalances can lead to unhealthy relationships. 
  6. Are they willing to make sacrifices and compromises?
    While the entire relationship shouldn’t be about making sacrifices for one another, learning to make compromises is what a healthy relationship is all about. Both partners should be willing to make compromises for one another to build a life that they both enjoy.When making compromises, both partners work with one another to determine how to meet both partners’ needs without causing either person dissatisfaction. Compromising is certainly a challenge, but partners that care for one another should be willing to work through this discomfort to strengthen the relationship. 
  7. Have you been tested recently?
    This question should be asked towards the beginning of a relationship and throughout the course of the relationship if both people have multiple partners. Getting tested is an essential part of any healthy relationship, regardless of one’s sexual history. If a partner isn’t willing to get tested, this is a red flag that they don’t care about their health or that of their partner. There isn’t one way to go about building a healthy relationship. However, there are a few things that are necessary to strengthen a relationship. By keeping these seven questions in mind, you’ll be able to assess whether or not your relationship will go the distance.

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