Cisco Certified Network Associate is on high demand

Before you make a career in IT, it is essential to know that this is the one industry where you need to keep upgrading the information you have. Technology keeps changing. New inventions are coming up every other day, and you need to keep up with good knowledge. Otherwise, you risk being irrelevant in your field of study.

Cisco routing and switching certification is one way of improving your knowledge, especially when it comes to networking. Think of it this way; a scientist cannot be an expert if he or she doesn’t possess good knowledge in physics. You need CISCO-routing and switching to be a networking engineer. There are no shortcuts. You will need to study to pass this exam. It is not just about getting certified. This Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification exam is designed to test your knowledge of the system. Certification is only awarded if you pass.

As a network engineer or a potential one, Cisco routing and switching exam not only tests your knowledge on the foundation of technology. In fact, it also tests your ability to compete with the changes that are happening by equipping you with the necessary skills required to survive in this industry.

Fortunately, to take this Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification exam, there are no pre-requisites. All you need is your interest in networking to get this certification.

What makes this certification so important?

Training and certification in Cisco-routing and switching mean you will be more marketable as you will be able to handle networks built on Cisco infrastructure. Your knowledge is Cisco products will not only propel you to greater heights, but your specialised skills will be in high demand. In addition, there are various other key advantages, like:

  • Cisco Cisco CCNA Certification 200-125 Exam Dumps for Routing & Switching certification by a network leader means your employer or potential employer will have confidence in your skill set.
  • This certification training entails installation, monitoring and troubleshooting the network infrastructure products. These are core to networking. Acquiring this knowledge and skill means you get an intimate understanding of network infrastructure, such that as technology changes. You will easily be able to adapt too since you know the basics and what changes are taking place.
  • The certification will expose you to a world of possibilities. You can choose how you want to progress in your career. You can stick to routing and switching and progress to be an expert in the field or, you can use your skill on alternative technologies such as cloud, network programming, data centre, security and many more. The decision is in your hands. The freedom this certification gives you merely is liberating.
  • This digital era needs this kind of training and certification. Most companies now rely on software to run their business. They rely on virtualisation, analytics and cloud service management. Networking has enabled many business owners to run their businesses remotely as they are regularly updated because of a well-structured system. Cisco CCNA certification will always give you an extra advantage.


Opt Right Approach to Pass Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification exam

The job market can be a tad confusing. You go looking for a job, they ask for your certification. Good enough, you are certified. Then they demand working experience. Now, apparently unlike many others, you too start wondering – “which came first- the chicken or the egg?”

It can be frustrating especially after putting your all into getting these certifications. However, there are no two ways about it; you are safer looking for employment opportunities with certifications because no employer will entrust you with his systems with no evidence of acquired skills. However, it is essential if you want to upgrade to other certifications which will be building on the knowledge gained from routing and switching exam. This Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification will expose you to a lot of information.

You get equipped with knowledge, but after completing the program and certification, you would gain a practical approach to resolve the problems. Undoubtedly, theoretical knowledge is excellent, but if you can practice using some actual equipment, it will be easier to ace the exam.

Two option to Acquire Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification

If you are looking to acquire Cisco CCNA, then there are two different ways to appear for the examination and pass it successfully:

  • The first approach is – you opted for a single exam at once. This is the cheaper option. It is however quite demanding as you will need to have a lot of information at your fingertips. It is possible to do and pass this exam if you had prepared well and covered all core subjects of routing and switching.
  • Another option is – you can split the exam into two. You get to appear for two separate exams. This way you do not have to get loaded with much information at the same time. You get to test your knowledge incrementally. However, you must note that it is an expensive option in comparison to appearing for the exam at one go.


The exam is structured to test your ability to deduce the right answers in:

  • Multiple choice sections. Be sure to read the question correctly. If you are asked to choose three answers, you have to pick three otherwise the system will not allow you to move to the next question.
  • In the drag and drop questions, you will be required to match items and then drag a command for a correct syntax.
  • In the simulations section, you will need to do actual configurations and troubleshooting. You will be required to get into the simulated equipment and fix it.


Unfortunately, you cannot skip a question to get back to it later. Once you move to the next question, that’s it. There is no going back. It is important to study as much as possible and do practice test so you can answer all questions swiftly without giving up on any of them.

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