99 Fabulously Casual Outfits For Every Season

The days where dressing comfortable meant pajamas pants and are sweatshirt are long gone.  With “norm core” trending harder than ever, casual comfort is the way to go.  People everywhere are trading in their platforms and stilettos for sneakers and their perfectly tailored pants suites for mom jeans.  We’ve mastered the art of dressing cozy while still looking great, and how to take your norm core casualness from day to night.

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Simplicity: Keep it simple with tight black jeans and a slightly cropped top, this outfit can take you from a full work day to happy hour with friends.  The black studded boots add flare and a top knot bun keeps hair prim and proper with no need to readjust throughout the day.

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Summer Fun: Florals are always in style, and a pair of short shorts with a flower print are the perfect way to a freshen up your summer look.  Add a flowy top tucked in and you’re ready for a day at the beach or a stroll through the park.

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Mix and Match: Sneakers are flats more comfortable cousin, paired with a short skirt they add an athletic feel to any outfit.  In true norm core style, throwing on a pair of little white socks will complete your look.

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Get Fancy: Who says you can’t feel comfortable while all dressed up? A delicate fabric on a formal dress will having you wanting to get fancy everyday.

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Basics not basic:  A simple ensemble that is always on trend and matches jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and slouchy sweater with your favorite pair of booties.  If you feel like taking it up a notch throw on some closed toed wedges.

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Nuetrals: Mix up hues and wear all your neutrals at one time.  A cream colored sweater paired with a gray t-shirt give for an earthy feeling.

cozy outfit for women (5)

Cool in Camo: Camouflage is making a come back, and is best when paired with a neutral colors.  To add a little pop consider a singe color scarf or handbag.

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Solids: Look sexy and feel great in an oversized crop top.  The geometry of this outfit shows off all your best assets and the color blocking is an everlasting trend.

cozy outfit for women (7)

Wrap Around: A wrap around 50’s style skirt is great for a day or night out, its free flowing style won’t bother you a bit. We especially love the use of bright colors paired with neutrals for an even color palette.

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Pop of color:  Classic comfy jeans and sweatshirt vibe is anything but messy, add a pair of colored Converse and give it a pop!

cozy outfit for women

Prints: Aztec prints and a statement necklace are essential to dressing up your coziest everyday outfit.  Add a wide brimmed hat and some sunnies and you’ll be totally on trend.

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Two tones: Highlight two tones with different fabrics.  These slouchy pants with a more geometric shaped top are a minimalists dream.

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Sweats: Who knew sweats could be so sexy? Treat them like a pair of denim with a top that shows a little bit of skin, its easy going and ridiculously comfortable.

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Comfort:  Oversized fashion is anything but shapeless this loose fitting dress is perfect for layering and even better flying solo.

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Rompers: Rompers are an all time favorite, with the style of a dress and the freedom of shorts.  The delicate lace pockets are a cute add and girly touch to a solid color.

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Blue Jeans: The staple item every girl has in her closet… they’re multi seasonal and come in shades of dark blue to acid wash, blue jeans are a must.  Cropped skinnies are great for spring and summer with flats or strappy sandals.

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Cherry Red: Theres nothing like cherry red to add some va va voom to your day.  The cinched belted waist will show off your sexy shape.

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In the Middle: Try a silk button up with jeans shorts for a delicate feel, its the perfect combination of casual and formal.

cozy outfit for women (17)

Warm Up: Go for something soft and easy like an oversized scarf, and sweater.  We love this look for its earthy tones and cool vibe.

cozy outfit for women (18)

Boho: Lace accents add chicness to this already elegant ensemble.  The black large brimmed hat make this bohemian in every way.

cozy outfit for women (19)

Euro Inspired: This ultra easy cool look is also ultra sophisticatedly fashionable, it has European dream written all over it.

cozy outfit for women (21)

Mellow Yellow: Yellow is the color of happiness and is super on trend.  This outfit is a great way to break into summer and best when paired with a neutral shoe and handbag.

cozy outfit for women (22)

LBD: Everyone has that token little black dress, and some people have quite a few.  We love the casual feel of pairing it with a simple cardigan and converse.

cozy outfit for women (23)

B&W: We adore black and white everything, but whats even better is the pop of red.  If you aren’t a fan of wearing red the best way to add it in and liven up your look is with an accessory.

cozy outfit for women (24)

Simplicity: Play with nautical themes like vertical stripes, without looking like a sailor.  This look is sexy, free spirited an easy to grab and go.

cozy outfit for women (25)

Signature Flats: Dress up any outfit with simple yet chic black flats.  For an extra dose of class pair with a skirt and cotton top.

cozy outfit for women (26)

Vintage dreams: This sweater and skirt makes remind of our favorite vintage pieces.  Its a sweet and girly ensemble completed by thigh highs.

cozy outfit for women (27)

Wrap it up: Scarves an essential in the winter and fall, but they don’t have to just be useful.  For a bold statement to a simple outfit try bright colors, or plaid.

cozy outfit for women (28)

Throw and go: A maxi dress is the perfect piece to have in your closet for those days you’re in a rush.  It’s simple and elegant without trying hard.

cozy outfit for women (29)

Leather Lovin: Leather skirts can be summed up in one word, “cool”.  They add a little edge to any outfit – pair them with flannels and sneakers or blouses and a stilettos.

cozy outfit for women (30)

Hot Heels: These killer stilettos let us put our best foot forward…

cozy outfit for women (31)

Get Wild: A great way to spice up jeans and a t-shirt is by adding print.  Animal print is fun and easy to match with, it will liven up your black skinnies and can definitely make the transition from day to night.

cozy outfit for women (32)

Vests: A jean vest is a great layering piece.  It says “I’m cool” without trying too hard.

cozy outfit for women (33)

Comfort Zone: Jeans and a loose light sweater is the ultimate comfort look.

cozy outfit for women (34)

Hat Envy: Nothing says summertime like a straw hat.  Paired with a fun and flirty skirt, you can hit the boardwalk in style.

cozy outfit for women (35)

White Wash: Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? White jeans are a staple wardrobe piece, they look great with a jean top or flannel.

cozy outfit for women (36)

Outdoors: This outfit is great for a day outside, its comfortable and rolled up blue jeans never go out of style.

cozy outfit for women (37)

Burberry: We love this classic Burberry inspired top, paired with black jeans its formal and fitting for high tea.

cozy outfit for women (38)

Cute Collars: We love this babydoll look, high collars may seem confining but they can be quite cute, especially in the form of a dressy dress.

cozy outfit for women (39)

Teal: A summer color we can’t get enough of, teal blue is soft and sweet.  It works as an accessory or main piece.

cozy outfit for women (40)

California Dreamin: This looks reminds us of a Cali girl headed to the beach.  This throw on dress shirt is great for the beach, bike riding, and lunch.

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cozy outfit for women (42)


cozy outfit for women (43)

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cozy outfit for women (45)cozy outfit for women (46)

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Stay Warm in leggings and knee boots.

cozy outfit for women (49)

An extra long sweater with a turtleneck will take you to the great outdoors.

cozy outfit for women (51)

Go to black and white.

cozy outfit for women (52)

Accessories are our favorite, they add color and texture.

cozy outfit for women (53)

Golden accents are the simple addition you need to spice up jeans and a t-shirt.

cozy outfit for women (54)

Different shades of brown look great with aztec prints.

cozy outfit for women (55)

Pretty in Polka Dots: Babydoll dresses are the definition of adorable and can go from day to night with the switch of a shoe.

cozy outfit for women (56)

Tweed for fall, never fails.

cozy outfit for women (57)

Basics paired with an evening bag, for a touch of class.

cozy outfit for women (58)

Peplum tops with an adorable flair.

cozy outfit for women (59)

Super cropped for those ready to take a walk on the wild side.

cozy outfit for women (60)

Play with lengths, and show some leg.

cozy outfit for women (61)

Burnt orange and sunset colors are fall must haves.

cozy outfit for women (62)

Sweater weather: The best fabric for any piece of clothing.

cozy outfit for women (63)

Model style.

cozy outfit for women (64)

Boyish is the new black.

cozy outfit for women (65)

Don’t be afraid of fluorescence.

cozy outfit for women (66)

Fall colors, will have you blending in.

cozy outfit for women (67)

The Art of Layering: Turtle necks and high socks keep us warm and cozy as the weather gets colder.  The layered look is great for the winter and fall, each piece can be removed or added in accordance with your body temp!

cozy outfit for women (68)

Cinched waist for the perfect curves.

cozy outfit for women (69)

A little leather goes a long way.

cozy outfit for women (70)

Clean lines and neutral colors.

cozy outfit for women (71)

Matching in yellow and black.

cozy outfit for women (72)

Pop of Pink with a nautical vibe.

cozy outfit for women (73)

The simple black t shirt.

cozy outfit for women (74)

Sheer: A sure fire way to look cute is to add a sheer throw over an all black ensemble.

cozy outfit for women (75)

Maxi: Wear a silk soft maxi with a textured top for simple elegance.

cozy outfit for women (76)

Athletic Chic: Pair your favorite heels with a t-shirt and skirt for the best mix of sporty chic.

cozy outfit for women (78)

Mix and match, colors and patterns.

cozy outfit for women (79)

Down to the Floor: Full length dresses work all year round, paired with boots and a cardigan in the winter or sandals and flats in the summer, we love them in fun patterns.

cozy outfit for women (80)

Black on Black: An all black ensemble is slimming and classic.

cozy outfit for women (81)

Stay Comfy: A slouchy sweater is a year round accessory that adds a cozy appeal to any outfit.

cozy outfit for women (82)

Florals: Look for bouquets in an array of assortments, from dainty to to big and bold, we love pastels and bright colors.

cozy outfit for women

White on white: All white can be  a difficult trend to pull off.  We recommend layering for a textured feel and showing a bit of skin.

cozy outfit for women (84)

Polka Dots: Polka dot patterns definitely look cool on a fall dress.  Black tights will dress up your ensemble and a pop of color on your feet will complete it.

cozy outfit for women (85)

Lace up:  Knee high lace up boots are essential for taking on the day.  They’re trendy comfortable and can brave any type of weather.

cozy outfit for women (86)

Sweaters Forever: A sweater dress is a great way to say “I’m comfortable and sexy”.

cozy outfit for women (87)

Skin tight: Never underestimate the power of a figure hugging mini dress, it will accentuate your body and while turning heads.

cozy outfit for women (88)

Get Leggy: Leggings may be the snuggest of them all, paired with this translucent top you’ve got a cool Spring fit.

cozy outfit for women (89)

Prints on prints: Mixing prints is the ultimate trend.  Rule #1 stick to 2 patterns and simple silhouettes.  Statement jewelry will complete the look.

cozy outfit for women (90)

Jean on: Want to take your lace dress down a notch? Add a jean jacket, they’re versatile and cool.

cozy outfit for women (91)

High to low: A plain back tee and elastic band skirt looks fabulous and feels even better.  The low to high skirt accompanied by a stary night print is adorable for a day out shopping.

cozy outfit for women (92)

Simple Summer: Jean shorts and a crop top is the go to summer get up.  If you want to change it up a bit try white wash jeans for an 80’s inspired vibe.

cozy outfit for women (93)

Maxi: Let the wind blow all around you in a maxi skirt that is literally like wearing air, a flowy hippie style is easy going and the use of basic colors leaves plenty of room for extremes in choosing accessories.

cozy outfit for women (94)

Blaze on:  Blazers are a great way to formalize an outfit, and still be feel comfortable, they add a business casual vibe and look super cool in tweed.

cozy outfit for women (95)

All White: A minimal monochrome outfit is always a winner.  The opposite of the little black dress, the little white dress is a summer time favorite.

cozy outfit for women (96)

Plaid: This timeless print makes us think Cher in Clueless. A combination of prep, laid-back, and glam this look is basic plaid with a twist.

cozy outfit for women (97)

Let’s be honest, more times then not we would rather be sitting on our couch in pajamas.  The good news is after reading this post you know have 100 different inspirational outfits and some great tips on how to make leaving the house look and feel good.  Now you can go from a lazy day on the couch to a night out with friends without even changing your clothes.  We’re living in a great time ladies, its free spirited girls fashions paradise.

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