100 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs To Ink With

A lot of people love cats because of their playful yet reserved personalities and these characteristics are also evident in the way cats are portrayed in tattoos. We collected and compiled the cutest and coolest cat tattoo designs that have ever existed. If you are planning to get one, take a look at the following inspiring tattoo below.

cat tattoo designs (1)

  1. Cats are, sometimes, considered to be mystical creatures. This tattoo design depicts the cat  crossing boundaries, owing to the belief that they are mystical creatures.

cat tattoo designs (2)

2. This is a creative rendition of the yin-yang symbol at the back of the neck where the design became more visible.

cat tattoo designs (3)

3. Here we see a minimalist sketch of a cat inked above the heel and a literal portrayal of a ‘cat landing on the feet’.

cat tattoo designs (4)

4. While some people are afraid to have a black cat cross their path, this person here wants a black cat badly that he put it permanently in his arm.

cat tattoo designs (5)

5. Cats are loyal creatures and using the feline as the central character of a couple tattoo is a nice idea.

cat tattoo designs (6)

6. This creative use of swirling lines and a play on the thickness of each is an artistic way of expressing love for your cat especially when you placed it on an area, visible enough to be seen by everyone. The intertwining lines also gives the cat tattoo a tribal feel to it.

cat tattoo designs (7)

7. A solid, black cat hiding at the back of the ear is purrfect for those who want a discrete tattoo which can easily be hidden by just laying the hair down.

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cat tattoo designs (8)

8. When you are away from your beloved pet, do you always find yourself daydreaming that he is lying on your arms? If yes, then, you better have this cat tattoo design.

cat tattoo designs (9)

9. A fierce-looking cat with its fangs out, lightning coming out of its eyes, and with number 13 on the forehead is a curious choice for a tattoo design but, nevertheless, beautiful and interesting.

cat tattoo designs (10)

10. You can always customize your cat tattoo design in a way that it incorporates your favorite design elements. In this case, the cat has two hearts for the eyes, a diamond on the forehead, and ribbons on its ears.

cat tattoo designs (11)

11. On the inner bicep of this man is a Cheshire cat tattoo, which is rather unusual because it is not grinning. Cheshire cats are always portrayed as cunning and sinister-looking, especially when they flash their sharp teeth.

cat tattoo designs (12)

12. This is a rather interesting depiction of a cat coming out of a hole from the wearer’s arms. The cat tattoo is designed using watercolor which gives the entire image its dainty feel.

cat tattoo designs (13)

13.  What could be more expressive than having the face of your beloved cat captured inside a heart-shaped frame? Place it on the front of your legs so everyone can see how proud you are of your pets.

cat tattoo designs (14)

14.  Cats are often seen as feminine creatures and what could be more feminine than a rose and a cat tattoo?

cat tattoo designs (15)

15. The cat tattooed on the woman’s arm looks dapper in a top hat and coat, complete with a bow at the neck.

cat tattoo designs (16)

16. Placed on one side of the shoulders, the cat looks up, probably, waiting for someone to pick him up to cuddle him and scratch his belly.

cat tattoo designs (17)

17. A cat tattoo in the inner wrist is one way of having your pet closer to your heart–only that it is placed near the pulse. If you are looking for a tattoo design which can easily be concealed, try this one.

cat tattoo designs (18)

18. If you want to be with your pets 24/7, ink them permanently at the part of your body which you can easily look into everytime you would like to see them.

cat tattoo designs (19)

19. The ‘Lucky Cat’ is a Chinese symbol of prosperity. This cute cat tattoo is believed to provide the wearer with good luck.

20. Rain or shine, this cat is prepared with his umbrella. This playful depiction of the cat is interesting that people can’t help but take a second look at your cat tattoo, once they notice it.

cat tattoo designs (21)

21. This cat, which seems to be wearing a necklace with a gem stone for a pendant, is literally close to the heart of the wearer and is also honored with two large roses.

cat tattoo designs (22)

22. Now, this cat tattoo in solid black and decorated with flowers is really interesting and looks more dainty and feminine.

cat tattoo designs (23)

23. A nice portrait of a cat who looks as if he was smelling the flowers, inked on the inner calf.

cat tattoo designs (24)

24. This cat tattoo is purrfect for those who love cats and  their geometry, too.

cat tattoo designs (25)

25.  This modern style cat tattoo includes a few, colorful figures of fruits that is, probably, on top of  what can be assumed as a basket

cat tattoo designs (26)

26. This cat tattoo features a monocle-wearing, bookworm cat.

cat tattoo designs (27)

27. This tattoo features a kitty with interesting whiskers inked at the upper back. This cat tatoo is easily visible especially if the person wears a backless or low-back dress.

cat tattoo designs (28)

28. The feline fellow featured in this cat tattoo is surrounded by lavender, which gives an additional splash of colors to the entire image.

cat tattoo designs (29)

29. The use of the pyramid in this cat tattoo provides a reference to the prominence of cats in the Egyptian culture.

cat tattoo designs (30)

30. This cat tattoo features a fusion of images as the solid black cat forms part of the woman’s hair.

cat tattoo designs (31)

31. Cats do have beautiful eyes and this one here, who looks like he was about to come out of the frame, has eyes that speaks to the soul.

cat tattoo designs (32)

32. How is the elephant related to the feline in this cat tattoo is something to ponder upon. But this image do hold a significant meaning to the person wearing this tattoo design.

cat tattoo designs (33)

33. This might be the same cat we saw earlier–the one with a top hat–but in this cat tattoo, we can see that he has a monocle and is actually wearing a coat and tie!

cat tattoo designs (34)

34. A fully detailed and colorful cat tattoo such as this one deserves to be placed in the exposed part of the body, where every body else can appreciate the artistry in this image.

cat tattoo designs (35)

35.  Set against the blue night sky during a full moon, the chubby kitty in this cat tattoo looks like he is up to something.

cat tattoo designs (36)

36. Though this cat tattoo only features the head, the way the figure was drawn is so good that one can immediately imagine how the body of this cat would look like, had it been drawn in its entirety.

cat tattoo designs (37)

37. This curled, sleeping cat cannot deny that he just ate a whole fish.

cat tattoo designs (38)

38. This owner is truly in love with his pet that he inked a realistic-looking cat tattoo that looks almost exactly like his cat.

cat tattoo designs (39)

39. See the world and the universe, literally, through the blue eyes of this cat, who has the galaxy, complete with stars and planets, on the background.

cat tattoo designs (40)

40. This cat in this tattoo design is oozing with femininity because of her vintage hat, ruffles around her neck, and the roses surrounding her.

cat tattoo designs (41)

41. This image of a Victorian cat tattoo is a perfect match for the cat lover who also has a strong fascination with  the Victorian era.

cat tattoo designs (43)

42. This particular cat tattoo is done in a tattooing style called as the new school which uses heavy outlines, vivid colors, and an exaggerated way of portraying its subject.

43. Well, if you do not own a pet, but would love to have one, why not start with having a cat tattoo to wear on your arms?

cat tattoo designs (45)

43. If you are a guy, on the other hand, here is another way of wearing your cat on your arms.

cat tattoo designs (46)

44. This Lucky Cat tattoo is not only cute and adorable, it can also be your lucky charm!

cat tattoo designs (47)

45. The three cats depicted in this tattoo design was created using the neo-traditional style which is known for its use of bold colors and realistic images.

cat tattoo designs (48)

46. One can never have too much cat on his body, as this kitty is truly lovable. What else can you add to a cat tattoo and a cat shirt? A cat cap, perhaps?

cat tattoo designs (49)

47. A cat is a sacred animal for most ancient cultures and this depiction right here might be one of the revered images of the cat, as a worshipped creature.

cat tattoo designs (50)

48. There is definitely an air of mystery surrounding cats and this cat tattoo design right here perfectly depicts that nature of the cats.

cat tattoo designs (51)

47. Aside from the usual solid black color, cats can also be depicted in a colorful way. After all, they also have a playful side which only made us love them more.

cat tattoo designs (52)

48. This black-and-white cat tatooo look so real that you can actually hear him purring.

cat tattoo designs (53)

49. The savvy blending of watercolors made this cat tattoo look like a painting.

cat tattoo designs (54)

50. This cat here certainly looks creepy. The use of lines made it look like the cat is wandering and is probably out on the streets.

cat tattoo designs (55)

51. Cats are also said to possess the ability to ward off bad spirits so a lot of people prefers to have a cat tattoo, as a protection.

cat tattoo designs (56)

52. If you are looking for something cute and small enough to fit within the area just above the ankle, then this cat tattoo will do the trick for you.

53.  Having this stunning art piece of a cat tattoo means having to wear back-less clothes and pulling the hair, for this is too precious to be hidden and not be seen by other people.

cat tattoo designs (58)

54. A cat with chrysanthemums on its back is what the Japanese call as Monmon cat. The popularity of this design, which was originally used for tattoos,  has made its way towards apparel and other merchandise.

55. This Maine Coon in this cat tattoo may look fierce but is,  actually, a gentle giant. This cat breed is among the largest domesticated breeds of cat in the United States nowadays.

cat tattoo designs (60)

56. This small hip tattoo depicts an actual scenery and has a nice story going on, visible only if you try to look at the image deeper.

cat tattoo designs (61)

57. This watercolor-based cat tattoo looks real–as if the cat is just coming out from a hole.

cat tattoo designs (62)

58. They say that cats are afraid of water but, probably, not this sailor cat.

cat tattoo designs (63)

59. The artist behind this hipster cat tattoo also used new school styling techniques. Clearly visible is the exaggerated way of portraying a cat, seen here as wearing a bonnet and an eyeglass.

cat tattoo designs (64)

60. In this list of cool cat tattoo designs, we have encountered some designs created using different styling technique. This one is made using another style, which is the steampunk. Tattoos created using this style is usually worn on the arms as these images contain cogs and gears–intricate details of which are too hard to miss.

cat tattoo designs (65)

61. This cat tattoo, on the other hand, was created using cubism as the styling technique which emphasizes flat planes and geometric shapes. Furthermore, the artist used highly-saturated colors to make this image a showstopper.

cat tattoo designs (66)

62. This cat tattoo has a minimalist flair to it. Delicate and understated, this design will go well for those who shy away from big, bold tattoos.

cat tattoo designs (67)

63. The use of heavy black ink in patches simulates how light and dark works to create shadows and dimensions in this cat tattoo design.

cat tattoo designs (68)

64. The beauty of this piece lies in the fact the outline alone and the blending of watercolors help create dimensions that made this cat tattoo unique.

cat tattoo designs (69)

65. Geometry enthusiasts will find this grinning Cheshire cat tattoo fascinating with its clever use of lines.

cat tattoo designs (70)

66. The cat in this abstract image is almost too easy to miss. But taking one good look will reveal a moving cat, speeding against the elements of nature.

67. This cat tattoo sleeve features a combination of the minimalist and childlike design that is definitely appealing.

cat tattoo designs (72)

68. Intriguing and provocative, you will never know what goes on the mind of other people when they are looking at it if you choose this design for a tattoo.

cat tattoo designs (73)

69. The curvy lines and shapes dominating this cat tattoo design adds sensuality to the female form and the perfect place for this kind of tattoo is at the back.

cat tattoo designs (74)

70. Geometric planes and shapes used to create this cat tattoo and it also created the illusion of shadow, giving the image dimension.

cat tattoo designs (75)

71. The artistry behind this simple rendition of a cat’s face is very realistic that one, single look at the cat tattoo is not enough–the image itself requires a second look.

cat tattoo designs (76)

72. A nice choice for a cat tattoo design if you want something for your feet that would look good individually and when combined.

cat tattoo designs (78)

73. One of the most popular fictional cat characters is the Cheshire cat from the novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Though he only had a fleeting appearance in the story, the cat earned quite a reputation that made him appealing to a lot of people.

74. This abstract image of a cat tattoo use watercolors to define the face of a cat and to give that dramatic effect.

cat tattoo designs (80)

75. The use of heavy and light strokes and different thickness of lines help this cat tattoo design more realistic-looking. It even looks like it is breathing.

cat tattoo designs (81)

76. This cat in an upright position resembles the shape of a music note when seen from afar–perfect for the cat lovers who is also into music.

cat tattoo designs (82)

77. Here is an uncommon way of presenting a tattoo. Instead of the usual face fronting image, the tiger here is prowling down at the back of the girl, creating the illusion of movement in an otherwise static image.

cat tattoo designs (83)

78. This cat tattoo design has an image of a cat set against the background depicting a cityscape. The flowing watercolor gave the illusion of the cityscape.

cat tattoo designs (84)

79. This heartwarming image of a mother cat kissing her kitten truly touches the heart and the flowers were able to make it especially beautiful.

cat tattoo designs (85)

80. Having a tattoo on the part of the body you want to emphasize will be more effective if you will choose an interesting design just like this one here, where two cats are looking at the full moon.

cat tattoo designs (86)

81. A sphynx cat is a rare breed that people prefer to feature them in their tattoos over other cat breeds.

cat tattoo designs (87)

82. The entire image of this cat tattoo has a lot of elements on it that the cat almost looks like an icon or even an emblem.

cat tattoo designs (88)

83. A traditional cat tattoo design with the face of the cat with black, gray, and white ink against a red background. This design also works great even if you decide to have a tattoo sleeve later.

cat tattoo designs (90)

84.  Why not have a meme for a tattoo design? You can have your favorite quotation in your skin together with your favorite feline fellow.

cat tattoo designs (91)

85. Such a sweet way of honoring your beloved kitty is to have his portrait in your very own skin and closer to your heart.

cat tattoo designs (92)

86. Do you know that the cat is the oldest representation of felony? They possess the ideal abilities of a thief such as speed, prudence, patience, and slyness.

cat tattoo designs (93)

87. This cat here is slowly fading away, and this image conveys that concept with the skillful use of watercolor.

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