Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that Could Ruin It

Cleaning a carpet could be quite tricky due to the fabric used. If you do not do it right, you stand the chance of ruining the entire thing. Given how expensive carpets are, you cannot afford to destroy them. 

These are some common mistakes people make when cleaning carpets that you need to avoid. 

Waiting for too long before cleaning  

Although vacuuming does not guarantee that the carpet will be entirely clean, it does not mean you can wait until next month before you try steam cleaning. Vacuuming regularly is still crucial to make sure that you remove dust and dirt off the surface. Besides, some stains need immediate removal; otherwise, it will be impossible to take them out.

Using inappropriate carpet cleaning agents 

You need to be careful when choosing the cleaning agents for the carpets. They may contain harsh chemicals that could lead to discoloration or ruining of the fibers. The term organic on the label also does not guarantee that the cleaning agent is appropriate. The best option is to test anything that you use for cleaning the rugs. Apply the cleaning agent only on a small portion. If it leads to discoloration and other unwanted chemical reactions, it means that you need to look for another cleaning agent that suits the nature of the carpet fabric.

Rubbing off stains  

Removing stains could make you lose your patience. Some of them are impossible to remove especially the ones that have already dried. Even if you try to use force to rub them off the carpet, they will stay there. It makes no sense for you to remove stains in this manner. 

Using a colored cloth 

Sometimes, using a damp cloth to remove liquid stains off the surface of the carpet works. However, it only works if you use a white cloth. When you use a colored cloth, you run the risk of transferring its color to the carpet and destroying the original design. 


You can wash the entire carpet by wetting it and using cleaning agents. However, the process is not similar to the regular laundry where you need to drown the clothes in water. You only need a small amount of water for carpet cleaning; otherwise, you might destroy the carpet, and you will prolong the drying process.

Overuse of carpet shampoo 

You need to be cautious since the chemicals present in the agent could ruin the carpet. If not, its remnants will remain and help attract more dust and dirt. Before you know it, your carpet will be in terrible shape again. 

Frequent steam cleaning  

Although regular vacuuming is okay, it does not remove dust hidden underneath. Therefore, steam cleaning is still an ideal method of cleaning the carpet. You can do it once or twice a month. It keeps the carpet in perfect shape, especially if done the right way. However, if you overdo it, you might damage the carpet. Wait for some time before you steam clean again. Vacuuming might suffice until you feel like dirt has started to accumulate.

Not rinsing properly 

It takes time and effort to remove water from the carpet, but you need to do it. You need to repeat the process until you are confident that there is no more cleaning agent left; otherwise, the debris will damage the carpet. It also helps to vacuum one more time after returning the carpet to its regular place at home.

Not hiring professional services 

Although you can do the job yourself, you might make all these mistakes and ruin the carpet. Given how much you spent on purchasing and installing it, you cannot afford to damage it. The worst part is when you damage one area; you have no choice but to replace the entire carpet.

Given this risk, it helps to hire professional cleaning services. You need someone who knows how to deal with a sensitive carpet. You also do not have time to regularly clean it, especially since it takes several hours to get through the entire process.

Do not worry about the cost since carpet cleaning services are affordable. If you can sign a deal that allows the cleaning company to do the job several times, you can ask for a discount.

You can consider a carpet cleaning service in NYC if you want to rely on experts to do the job.




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