Breast Implant Sizing Selection, What You Need to Know

If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, there are good chances that you have questions about the options you will have in implant sizing. We’ve gathered all of the information that you need to know about selecting the right size implant to help you meet your cosmetic surgery goals.

Keep in mind that if you go too far in either direction with your implants, you may not get the right natural look you’re hoping for.

Selecting the right size

Perhaps the biggest mistake the women make when it comes to breast augmentation is selecting the wrong size. This typically means that they opt for implants that are too last. The second most common mistake is on the part of the surgeon, who fails to tailor the implant. What this means is that they don’t get the implant pocket sitting right when in place.

If either of these things take place, you will get results that don’t look natural and definitely do look like it was clear you had implants places.

Any surgeon can place an implant, but it will take an experienced cosmetic surgeon for you to truly get the natural results that you’re dreaming of.

Trust in the wisdom of your surgeon

You’ve selected your surgeon for a reason. Whether it’s because his or her demeanor put you at ease or because you found the results of the breast implants information & images in their portfolio to be inspirational, you should continue to trust your surgeon when it comes to the sizing of your implants.

According to Dr Jeremy Hunt, one of the key errors in judgement surrounding breast augmentation is allowing the patient to select the implant size, rather than the patient being guided by a professional. Just as some women may select the wrong bra size, the majority of women would likely select the wrong implant size.

During your consultation for your breast augmentation, your surgeon will assess many factors unique to you in order to determine the size and shape of implant that will work best for you. This could include the current size and width of your natural breasts, along with the overall size of your body frame.

Bigger is not always better

For some who’ve long wanted larger breasts, the idea of going as big as is possible can be very appealing. The problem here is that oversized implants won’t necessarily fit well when they are placed. Implants need somewhere to go. If there is a lack of space on the chest, the implant may spill into the middle or into the armpits; creating a decidedly unnatural look and feel.

This is often why many opt for saline implants, as they can be adjusted postoperatively. If you want to go up a bit more, your surgeon can offer you this adjustment in office. Keep in mind that the right cosmetic surgeon will know how to best determine the right size so that you can get the best in results. The last thing that you want is to look lopsided or top-heavy after your implant surgery.

Considering your lifestyle

It’s important to keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery can have a marked impact on your life and on your lifestyle. Those who are very active and athletic may now need to adjust how they move and work out, and will definitely need to invest in better supportive garments after surgery.

The pitfalls of going too large

If you feel that going too large, against the advice of your surgeon, is the right choice for you there are a number of concerns to keep in mind.

  • Implants that are too large may lead to the breast sagging.
  • The skin of the breast can stretch out too much, which can also lead to sagging.
  • A breast lift may be needed to repair the damage.
  • Implant visibility may be increased, along with seeing the loss of the natural breast edges, including symmastia.
  • Nipple sensation loss may become a concern.
  • Compression of the natural breast tissue, which can result in atrophy of the breast tissue.

Another concern is that oversized breast implants could feel much firmer, and thus less natural. This is because there is less natural breast tissue in place to cover the implant. Another major concern that many may not consider is that the added weight of oversized implants could potentially result in shoulder, neck and back pain.

Surgeons often reserve larger implants for patients who are undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. In these situations, there is often very little to no natural breast tissue remaining. This means that a larger implant is typically needed in order to restore a natural contour to the chest.

If you’ve already had breast augmentation surgery and you’re unhappy with the fact that your breasts are too large for your body frame, consider a consultation with a plastic surgery who will be able to help you reverse the size of the breasts.

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