75 Sexy Backless Dresses For Evening Parties

As you pass by, many guys will surely stare at you the moment you walk, talk, and glance. Make your outfit a daring look by wearing a sexy backless dress especially when you’re having an evening party to attend. Everyone will absolutely become mesmerize with your stunning dress and gorgeous appearance. Matching up the dress with a glittering jewelries, bags, and shoes will make you standout among the other attendees. Behold and show off the beauty of yours, be confident as well as smart with your sexy backless dress.

Cameron Diaz’ Inspired Glitzy Long Gown

sexy backless dresses0001

When you’re having a gala night, this amazing and stunning long silver glittering gown will surely make you the star of the night. You don’t need to accessorize much because the gown speaks itself.

Sophisiticated Black Long Dress with V Style Backless

sexy backless dresses0011

The dress is elegant and the slits on the side portrays sexiness. The look is edgy and incredibly gorgeous. You may accessorize the style with bracelets and T-strap shoes to look more stunning and glamour.

Show Off Your Beauty in a Glittering Gown

sexy backless dresses0021

Walk on the ball event’s carpet and feel the night with your gorgeous backless dress. You can wear this beautiful gown on your Prom, or special ceremony. The glitzy gown is very elegant and really suits for someone like you.

Bodycon Disco Style Dress

sexy backless dresses0031

Are you wondering what clothes that will suit on you? Try this glittering bodycon mini red dress and partner it with gladiator glittering shoes. It will make you standout for sure like a celebrity.

Summer Casual Look in Lengthy Dress

sexy backless dresses0041

Summer is a hot season that’s why some wear see-through, loose, or skin revealing clothings to refresh their body. This outfit exactly fits the fashion definition as aforementioned above. The red violet dress is very fashionable and breathable as well thus, a great outfit for the summer.

White Dress Great for Occasions

sexy backless dresses0051

If you have to attend a special gathering, you may wear this gorgeous bodycon dress. It is sophisticated and glamorous to look at. It also has a cute ribbon design on the back to make it look sassy and upstyle.

Emma Watsons’ Inspired Dress Code

sexy backless dresses0061

The outfit is entirely chic because of the flouncy lengthy garment match with a loose pants and T-strap royal blue shoes. It is a great get up for a pictorial, run-away walk, modeling, and can be used for special occasions.

Unique Pre-nup Soon-to-be-Bride Dress

sexy backless dresses0071

If you’re planning to take your pre-nuptial pictures, videos, and brideshower shoots, you should try to out this amazing dress on your list. Be beautiful on your wedding soon, as you wear this dress during your pictorials.

Lace Style Pre-Nup Elegant Dress

sexy backless dresses0081

Show off your beautiful body and delicate skin in this amazing lacy long sleeve dress. The design of the dress is perfect for a pre-nup look especiall if you’re working on your photoshoots and video filming.

Floral Backless Bodycon Dress in Pink

sexy backless dresses0091

Are you a sassy type of girl? You can try this adorable outfit as it matches your character and personality. The floral designs of the fitted dress are great and well-tailored. The dress can be used for romantic dates and party time occasions.

Skater White Dress with Scallop Cuts Backless

sexy backless dresses0101

The combination of the black and white really makes an eyecatching view. The skater white dress perfectly match with the T-strap black shoes hence, it makes the wearer elegant to stare at.

Casual Knitted Attire with Sexy Back

sexy backless dresses0111

Not all backless apparels are gowns or cocktail dresses, the amazing backless idea is also applicable for casual apparels. The knitted long sleeve has a perfectly V-cut style on the back that makes it very stylish to look at.

Floral Maxi Dress for Beach Summer

sexy backless dresses0121

Enjoy the hot season with this hot floral maxi dress. It is very refreshing because of the thin texture of the clothing and backless revealing skin to imply sexiness and fashion. It is a must-try outfit for the summer. </p

Sexy Glossy Leather Type Fitted Dress

sexy backless dresses0131

If you’re planning to go on an amazing outfit for the bar night party, you should try to wear this hot outfit. The vibrant color and texture of the fabric makes it a WOW. The red violet color of the bodycon dress really suits for a night party celebration.

Casual Long Sleeve with Backless

sexy backless dresses0141

Are you trying to travel for an adventure or visit? Manage your simple casual style into a sexy yet fashionable outfit. This typical casual long sleeve has a backless design for a stunning civilian look.

Surprise Your Boyfriend in a Daring Bodycon

sexy backless dresses0151

You’re partner will surely lock his eyes on you as you wear this sexy royal blue dress with backless style and chain strap at the back design. The style is sophisticated yet naughty to stare at.

Amazingly Embroidered Pre-Nup Dress

sexy backless dresses0161

This gorgeous dress is very suitable for a pre-nup photoshoot and it connotes elegance, purity, and respect. The stunning bodycon gown makes the wearer very glamorous and royal. The embroidery effects are extremely fantastic.

See-Through Blue Revealing Skin Dress

sexy backless dresses0171

Try this sassy and awesome dress code for your party or summer get away. The outfit is refreshing and comfortable because of its lightweight yet fashionable appeal. The outfit is appropriate for an aesthetic display.

Black and Floral Occasional Dress

sexy backless dresses0181

Are you going to attend on a special gathering? This black sophisticated dress is meant exactly for you. The features of the dress and floral designs really match on a semi-formal occasion. Pair it up with a glossy vivid pink pump shoes for a stand out get up.

An OOTD Floral Skater Dress

sexy backless dresses0191

Are you looking for a perfect dress code of the day? This outfit is sassy and make you look young as you wear it. The tiny floral designs make it an amazing dress with a bit of a sexy touch.

Elegant Aztec Design Long Dress

sexy backless dresses0201

Hype up the summer with a fabulous maxi dress having Aztec vibrant designs. Reveal your sexy back with this awesome dress and you may match it with a duffel bag for a trendy outfit and style.

Backless Scallop Design Dress

sexy backless dresses0211

If you’re preparing for your first date, you should wear something nice yet a bit revealing dress to capture the man’s heart. In this particular dress, it is very sassy and elegant due to the scallop edges and back less effect.

Peach Colored Dress with Backless

sexy backless dresses0221

A summer season is the activity when people starts to wear something revealing and refreshing to keep their body cool and cozy. With this dress, you may achieve that fashionable yet breathable garment.

Hot Red Long Dress with Strap at the Back

sexy backless dresses0231

Are you going to attend a night party? You should be wearing a simple, long, and sophisticated gown. This red dress with an attractive strap at the back is the best to wear so you would draw a lot of attentions to the guests.

Aztec Inspired Dress with Strap at the Back

sexy backless dresses0241

Do you want a back less dress inspired by boho chic? This cute, sassy, and unique dress is the perfect match for you. The designs are creative and eye catching.

Pre-Nup Style Elegant Embroidered Dress

sexy backless dresses0251

Preparing for your future wedding is surely a complicated part of the grand event. Take a look in this elegant white dress with lacy, floral crochet, and glitzy designs. The gown is perfectly stunning and the backless portion connotes sexiness as a bride.

Hot Black Dimensional Bodycon Apparel

sexy backless dresses0261

This backless semi-formal dress is great for night party occasions. The designs of the dress are tremendously great in its tapestry and the dress itself implies sophistication in style.

Sophisticated Red Violet Long Dress

sexy backless dresses0271

If you want to look fierce and daring, this red violet long dress is the suitable attire for you. The dress is tailored with beautiful signature textile and design with lace at the side.

Sassy Apparel in Stripes

sexy backless dresses0281

Are you going with your friends in a hot summer gimmick? You should be wearing something nice yet naughty outfit. Try this striped and edgy dress with backless effect appropriate for the hot summer.

Sexy Black Fitted Dress

sexy backless dresses0291

Surprising your husband in your honeymoon schedule? Try to wear a revealing night dress like this and for sure, he will not get rid off his eyes from you.

Summer Style Crochet Long Dress

sexy backless dresses0301

Enjoying yourself with the summer vacation in a white sand? Try this lacy black dress with backless effect to reveal your sun-kissed skin and be proud of it.

Sexy Back Black Dress with Gold Designs and Chains

sexy backless dresses0311

When you attend the night party to celebrate one’s victory, you may try this gold and black combination dress. The attire is elegant and daring relevant for the event.

Beautiful in White Dress with Feather Edge

sexy backless dresses0321

Express yourself in a creative way of dressing by wearing this fabulous and glamorous white dress with feather designs on the edge. The dress itself is unique, upstyle, and sophisticated.

Sexy Backless Black Attire

sexy backless dresses0331

If you’ll be setting the honeymoon, you should also think of the dress that you’ll be wearing to surprise him. This dress is suitable for that special moments of love.

Cute Cocktail Dress with Floral Designs

sexy backless dresses0341

Picking the right attire for you to wear in a wedding? If the motif of the color is mint, you may personalized your dress with this backless and floral effect. The dress is very appropriate for the special event.

Smart Casual White and Brown Combinations

sexy backless dresses0351

Love exploring the world with your adventure skills? You must wear this suitable dress code for your travels. The dress is sophisticated and edgy which will really make you look like a traveler.

Blue Dress with Girdle Belt

sexy backless dresses0361

Its hard to find a royal blue dress for a special occasion like wedding, awarding, or any semi-formal gathering. This particular dress is the right pick for you. The fabric of the dress is glossy and stunning as well as the girdle belt effect will emphasize your curves.

Casual Backless Pink Tops and White Skirt

sexy backless dresses0371

If you feel going on the vacation and enjoying yourself for a while, you should wear this pink on top and white skirt appropriate on your summer get away. It will make you look sassy, fashionable, and cute as you wear this outfit.

Backless Black Dress with Colorful Crisscross Designs

sexy backless dresses0381

Celebrating a semi-formal gathering? Try this black dress with crisscross vibrant effect to look great on the occasion. The appearance of the dress make you look elegant and formal as well.

Sassy Ribbon Design Minty Dress

sexy backless dresses0391

This lovely minty colored dress will surely make you look beautiful, sassy, and lively during your vacation. A nice and fancy dress to wear appropriate for the season.

High Fashioned Well-Embroidered Gown

sexy backless dresses0401

Consider this wedding masterpiece on your list especially if you’re canvassing for various wedding gowns for your special tying of the knot event. The dress has a serpentine effect, tailored with lace designs, pearls and glitzy embellishments that will make the wearer look elegant and gorgeous.

Semi-Formal Royal Blue Dress

sexy backless dresses0411

This royal blue dress is a hot outfit for the summer escapade. It is sophisticated and stylish which will make the wearer look fashionable and trendy.

Casual Black Dress Attire and Keds

sexy backless dresses0421

If you feel wearing a hippie style, try this black dress and wear a pair of converse shoes to make your appearance look funky, cool, and upstyle. Try this amazing dress code whenever you have gigs with your friends.

Unique Floral Style Dress Code

sexy backless dresses0431

Are you looking for an elegant dress for your pre-nup pictorial? Well then, you should try this amazing dress that will make your partner surprisingly happy and excited with the photoshoot.

Casual Black Embroidered Dress with Addidas

sexy backless dresses0441

Cool people like you should try this awesome dress code in black lacy outfit and addidas shoes. It will make you look remarkably fashionable and funky with this amazing get up.

Neutral and Skin Tone Colored Dress

sexy backless dresses0451

This neutral colored inspired summer look is the new trend especially for those who love boho chic outfits. It is simple yet fashionable hence, it will make the wearer awesome to look at.

Fairy Style White Dress

sexy backless dresses0461

Make your pre-nup photoshoot memorable by wearing this simple white dress and add this floral hair accessory to look great, sassy, and sophisticated.

Seductive Black Dress Attire

sexy backless dresses0471

Show off your elegance with this glamorous black dress that has a revealing backless effect. It is best to wear with golden shoes to look more gorgeous and formal.

Red Sexy Back Dress

sexy backless dresses0481

Are you planning to surprise your husband in your honey moon? Wear this elegant red dress and let him get attracted to you. The dress is semi-formal and vibrant to make you look glamorously beautiful.

Casual Neutral Dress in Pleats

sexy backless dresses0491

Going out of town to unwind yourself? Try to wear this flouncy pleated dress and pair it up with a sandals and chain strap sling bag. Definitely, you will look great and fashionable with this outfit.

Smart Casual White Dress in Long Sleeves

sexy backless dresses0501

This smart casual white dress is edgy, sophisticated, and contemporary hence, it can be worn for special occasions or for office attire by just simply wear a coat and appropriate shoes to make it look formal.

Jumper Pants in Backless Ideas

sexy backless dresses0511

If you love jumper pants, you will even love it more because of its backless effect. It is very suitable for summer seasons since the outfit is comfortable, refreshing, and fashionable.

Beautiful White Dress with Floral Designs and Sequins

sexy backless dresses0521

If you’re planning to go on the beach, you may wear this lovely and glittering white dress with floral designs. It will perfectly suit with sandals and straw hat for a sassy look.

Sparkling Aqua Green Disco Dress

sexy backless dresses0531

Do you have a date and you don’t know what to wear? Try this blue green glistening dress and pair it up with a clutch bag and high-heeled pumps to look beautiful and stylish.

Red Dress in Perfect Crochet Tapestry

sexy backless dresses0541

This gorgeous and daring dress is very creative because of the crochet embroidery. It is very suitable for semi-formal night gatherings and it will definitely make you look edgy and sophisticated.

White Sassy Dress with Ribbons

sexy backless dresses0551

Be inspired with Taylor Swift’s style by wearing this lovely white dress. You may make the sash in a ribbon style to look more sassy, teenage, and young with the dress.

Glamorous Dress in Denim Tops and Floral Skirt

sexy backless dresses0561

Make your style unique and gorgeous by wearing this denim top and floral skirt. You may surprise your friends with this remarkable clothing ideal and pair it up with fashionable shoes to make it more stylish.

Pre-Nuptial Style White Dress

sexy backless dresses0571

Are you preparing for your pre-nup photo shoot? You should try to wear this lovely white gown and have your beautiful bridal shower pictorial. The white gown is very elegant and gorgeous.

Body Fitting Dress in Olive Hue

sexy backless dresses0581

This dress is a perfect disco apparel or night party outfit especially tailored for you. The backless effect makes the wearer revealing and lively because of its color and design.

Emma Watsons’ Inspired Royal Black Dress

sexy backless dresses0591

Try Emma Watson’s inspired black dress. The elegance and glamorous attributes of the dress makes the wearer a stand out among the noble guests. It is best to wear with fashionable pair of shoes.

Hour Shape Crochet Long Gown

sexy backless dresses0601

If you’re looking for a curvaceous long gown with crochet designs, this might be the one that you’re searching for. The amazing design of the gown will definitely make the wearer look gorgeous.

Sassy Red Dress with Crisscross Back Design

sexy backless dresses0611

Do you love Taylor Swift’s blonde hair? You will surely love it more when you try to imitate her dress style. This amazing red dress with crisscross strap at the back is definitely revealing yet sassy.

Floral Dress with Braided and Ribbon Designs at the Back

sexy backless dresses0621

Try this summer style dress and wear it while on the beach or pool to make you feel refreshing and comfortable while embracing the cold breeze of the ocean. It is best matched with a straw hat for a fashionable style.

Wedding Dress in White Inspiration

sexy backless dresses0631

Be inspired with this white lacy dress suitable for your wedding considerations. You may wear when having pictorial for the pre-nuptial or bridal shower activities.

Hot Red Dress with a Sexy Back

sexy backless dresses0641

Choose this daring and beautiful red dress with sexy backless design. Many men will surely fall for you when you wear this amazing dress. It is perfectly matched with high-heeled shoes to complete the overall fashionable look.

Pink Semi-Formal Dress with Quilts

sexy backless dresses0651

Pink is one of the most attractive colors to women. In this dress, it is beautifully designed with quilted embroidery and it has a backless effect to make the wearer look revealing yet sassy. The golden zippers makes the look sexy and naughty.

Highly Fashioned Embroidered Bridal Shower Dress

sexy backless dresses0661

This serpentine style wedding gown makes the wearer look gorgeous and highly fashionable. For sure, the bride will be very happy not only with the wedding celebration but also with her glamorous wedding gown.

Daring Leather Style Black Dress

sexy backless dresses0671

“Black is beauty”, as the phrase suggests, this amazing leather material black dress is perfectly beautiful and it can be matched with any glitzy jewelries and fashionable shoes.

Beautiful Skater Dress with Crochet and Crisscross Design

sexy backless dresses0681

White Backless Dress to Show Off Your Bra Strap

sexy backless dresses0691

If you’ll be having a date, you may try this beautiful lacy and crochet style of dress to make you look more pretty and stylish. The crisscross effect of the strap reduce the simplicity of the dress when looking at the back.

Simple Backless Gray Dress with Ribbon

sexy backless dresses0701

Reveal your sexy back with this flouncy white dress and manage to show off your brassiere strap just for the style. It is a fusion of contemporary and boho chic inspiration hence, this apparel is a must try to wear fashion icon.

Candice Swanepol’s Inspired White Dress

sexy backless dresses0711


White Jumper Pants with Ribbon at the Back

sexy backless dresses0721

Silky White Dress with Ribbon

sexy backless dresses0731

Denim Dress with Unique Ribbon Designs

sexy backless dresses0741


Body Fitting Yellow Dress

sexy backless dresses0751

Skater Dress with Spaghetti Strap

sexy backless dresses0761

Dimensional Black Dress in Modish Style

sexy backless dresses0771

Casual Skinny Strap Black Dress

sexy backless dresses0781

Highly Fashioned Dress for the Soon-to-be-Bride

sexy backless dresses0791

Perfect Bodycon Dress in White

sexy backless dresses0801

Light Brown Long Length Dress

sexy backless dresses0811

Pink Dress with Unique Twisted Design

sexy backless dresses0831

Summer Casual Dress in White

sexy backless dresses0841

Sexy Honey Moon Dress in Black

sexy backless dresses0851

Elegant Jumper Pants in Noble Red

sexy backless dresses0861

One Strap White Dress for Bridal Pictorial

sexy backless dresses0871

Aztec Crochet in Aqua Green Dress

sexy backless dresses0881

Summer Oufit in Floral Style

sexy backless dresses0891

Perfectly Embroidered Bridal Shower Dress

sexy backless dresses0901

Star Studded White Dress in Backless

sexy backless dresses0911

Animal Printed Sexy Bodycon Dress

sexy backless dresses0921

Well-Tailored Dress with Beautiful Pearls

sexy backless dresses0931

Summer Style Lengthy Floral Dress

sexy backless dresses0941

Half Sleeve Black Dress

sexy backless dresses0951

Semi-Formal Dress in Cream Color

sexy backless dresses0961

Dimensional Highly-Fashioned Dress

sexy backless dresses0971

Gray Long Sleeve and Maxi Skirt in Unique Designs

sexy backless dresses0981

Cute Checkered Dress with Black Ribbon

sexy backless dresses0991

Summer Inspired Maxi Dress in Vertical Stripes

sexy backless dresses1001

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