Adelaide – 7 Quirky Facts About The Capital Of South Australia

As a place, Adelaide has always had quite a unique vibe and history about itself. Apart from being one of the first places to abolish both racial and sexual discrimination, it has long enjoyed being one of the prime hubs for free-spirited and free-thinking people.

Not to mention that it was also the first place to abolish capital punishment, enforce equal voting rights for women as well as acknowledging the original land rights of the Aboriginal tribe. Now the last aspect was something a lot of places in Australia took a long time to implement.

So it come as no surprise to anyone that this beautiful city has a great many secrets of its own. From services like Bin Hire in Adelaide to legalizing nude swimming, there is no shortage of fascinating facts about the place. On that note, here are a few of the quirky facts :-

  • The city was named after a proclamation under a gumtree: Yes this did actually happen. For those of you still wondering, the gumtree was at Glenelg, now a seaside hub west of the city. Initially the original settlers were of the aboriginal tribe, but that changed with the influx of early European settlers who subsequently displaced the original tribal population of the city.
  • It was initially established as a colony for free settlers: In Australia, this city probably holds the unique recognition of being one of the first (if not the first) cities to be inhabited by free settlers ever since its inception itself. Then again, it was part of a particular plan involving carving out a specific city solely for British settlers.
  • It is essentially a city of churches: Once you pay a visit to the city and take a close look around, it’s no wonder that it has been nicknamed the “City Of Churches”. With each and every one of the churches boasting quite the exquisite architectural designs, the oldest church in the city was built in 1838.
  • The city has the biggest aboriginal artifacts display: If you want a proper insight into the history of the aboriginals, there is no finer place to look than Adelaide. The city happens to have both a cultural institute as well as a museum.
  • It is known as the “20 Minutes” city: Apart from everything else, it is also known for being high accessible. Any high profile location including the beach, airport and city centre can be accessed within 20 minutes.
  • Some of the biggest glasshouses: Adelaide has some of the largest glasshouses inside its famous botanical garden attracting a large number of tourists every year.
  • The Opal Capital Of Australia: Apart from being the South Australian capital, it also happens to be the Opal capital of Australia as well. Yet another tourist attraction.

There is no dearth to the number of interesting facts about this place. If you happen to be an avid traveller and are in Australia, you certainly know what to do. Rather than visiting all the familiar, cliched tourist-friendly places initially, you’ll do well to start with Adelaide first. As much as this may be hard for most of you to believe, the more unique, non-advertised places tend to be even more charming and friendly to stay in at times.

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