A Luxury or Budget African Safari – You Decide

Of the 30 million visitors who frequent Africa on an annual basis, around 20% travel for purely recreational purposes. Of this number, it’s reasonable to assume that the majority book safaris, as africodyssey.com luxury Africa holidays and similar experiences offer a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience,

However, not all safaris are been created equal, with both budget and luxury packages available to customers across the globe.

While your choice of safari package will depend largely on the total amount that you have to spend, there are pros and cons associated with each option. 

We’ve broken these below, and hopefully this will help you to get the most value and experience for your getaway, whether it’s your first time travelling abroad or not.

  1. The Experience

Ultimately, all safaris are about traversing the surrounding terrain and interacting with the local wildlife.

Budget safaris focus solely on thus aspect, however, as they provide access to various sights from numerous migrations (depending on the time of year that you visit) to elephants cross the Olifants River in caravan. Make no mistake; the quality of your safari experience will not be compromised during a budget trip, and this is an important consideration when visiting Africa.

While luxury safaris also offer you access to these experiences, you’ll pay a premium for a few added luxuries and activities.

This includes superior accommodation complete with air con, along with romantic packages such as champagne dinners as the sun sets over the Kruger. Ultimately, you’ll need to make a selection based on your budget and your expectations, with couples likely to be particularly keen on a luxury safari package. 


  1. The Crowds

As with any travel sector, safari prices are influenced heavily by demand.

So, luxury trips tend to feature the most popular national parks and drive bookings at the busiest times of the year, whereas budget packages take in less familiar reserves and may occur during the Green Season.

As you would expect, luxury safaris tend to be popular and crowded, unless you’re able to pay absolutely top dollar for your excursion. In contrast, budget trips are less packed and tend to offer a more relaxed and intimate experience, and one that is a little more serene.

Once again, the final choice comes down to your own unique preferences, although as a general rule younger families are likely to prefer budget destinations or travel periods that allow their kids room to enjoy the experience.

  1. The Proximity to the Main Game Viewing Area

Many will argue that budget safari accommodation places you closer to nature, as they tend to be located within the main game viewing area.

There’s certainly some truth to this, as luxury accommodation is often defined by the privacy and exclusivity offered to visitors during the evening.

So if you really want to experience a rustic safari trip that sees you sleep under the stars and within close proximity the game viewing area, a budget package is arguably your best option.

However, if you prefer privacy at night and would rather sleep with some distance between you and the game viewing area, you’d be better served by saving towards a luxury holiday.

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