125 You Can Do It Memes That Melts Your Negative Thinking Away

Is life dangling your ass up to the air and you just don’t know where to get the muscle strength to save your sanity? Life is great, but it’s also a b*tch that you need to persevere to help you get the best out of life. All we really need is a good dose of moti-vitamins! And it should be practiced daily like a mantra! But Hey! They don’t to be all serious, don’t they?

How else can you inhale some minty-smelling motivation? Let’s take this as an example; soldiers amidst the war take their fighting spirit from looking at the photographs of their loved ones. A simple picture can lift our spirits from almost dying and urges us to survive. Today, advanced methods of self-expression developed a trend that stimulates all types of emotions.

Memes can be anything to get your view about life more enjoyable or graver. The “You can do it” memes are made to diversify your emotions. Sometimes, a single emotion at a time (like when you just missed a big sale.) The other times, they feel like a bad blend of edibles that wreak havoc to your gut. Ready? Start!


When goals are like the adventures of The Toy Story. It is only fun to watch but never to go through yourself. Chill, at least, your goals fill the holes of your close-to-useless future. (You: in panic mode inside)

You are what you believe you are. Consequently, whatever you believe you are you become. Manifest what you envision yourself as a person with the capability to change your life. Start your journey today. Suck at it and make your way to be the best.

Of course, it sounds stupid. BUT, when you program your mind to the things you wish, it will gear up to make it happen. Make a world (your world) that people around you would love to live in.


The easy way, high way, hard way, or whatever way you choose for your future, —it is still a darn way. So, get yourself together and have it your way, the right way. There’s no other way but stop getting in your own way! Never been this redundant, ever!

The best way to be remembered is to never waste a lifetime worth of happiness and abundance over a quick impulse of anger and resentment. Take it from a famous pastor, A.R. Bernard, —”The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.”


If you have big dreams that nurture your spirit, let it feed your soul! Don’t listen to people telling you that your dreams are too big for you. All it takes to live in it is to think big. Y’all feeling me? What really counts is your vision of yourself in that dream.

Turn off the lights, light a black candle, and face the mirror. And then, say “from this point forward, I’d be as badass as bloody Mary!” Say this three times and good luck. Seriously, start working on a better you one at a time. You will one day tap yourself on the shoulder that you listened to what your heart screams.


Food for thought that should serve as a self-reminder; “You can’t do it” is just an opinion. “You can do it” is a fact. What’s in between the two is you deciding which is your choice.
Think of this meme when you are fighting against passing out to drink one last shot of tequila. Cheers! Life can be intoxicating. Therefore, take it easy and drink it moderately.

It clearly defines the difference between imagination and visualization. Imagination is make-believe. While visualization is creating a picture of what you want, believing that are deserving of it, and work your way to get it.

It sounds so familiar, is it? It’s precisely what you hear from your drunk uncles after drinking 90% vodka, and a good number of Sam Adams beers. But, let’s credit their efforts in channeling the great philosopher, Confuscious. Remember, there are only two choices, do or do not. PERIOD!

There are three important words of wisdom you have to live by if you want the best out of life. Be good at what you do, become better at it, and aim to be the best. The sight to the future you want is only blurry at first, but if you adjust well to whatever changes that comes your way, it will become clearer. Long before you know, you are already in that beautiful picture.

Nothing will finish unless you start doing something, anything! It literally means “stop procrastinating and get your ass up!” Pulls out an effin’ megaphone.

OMG. When your goal is straight ahead, keep going. Nothing is worse than finding yourself flat as a carpet just because you let others screw your confidence to get things done. Don’t let anyone run over you.

Remember when you were a kid and everyone calls you’re a weakling because you fell face-first on a baseball game? And then, your parents tell you, “it’s okay honey, you will do great.” While you’re like, “No! I don’t!”

If people around you cast doubt on you, prove them wrong instead of sinking yourself in discouragement. You will never know unless you get your ass up and try a million more times!

Exactly what you feel when your work has been sucking the blood out of you, and you spent 10 minutes trying to press the “OK” button to an airline website. Oh! Hallelujah! Vacation, here I come!
And it says it all! No alcohol can make any man the “dud-iest” of his masculine self as a good glass of ice-cold milk can. All of the dudeness of a man who drinks milk! Make it organic!

We owe a lot from this genius who left us with life lessons that will carry on for generations. It’s not all about hard work, it’s also about working smart. Honestly, you can’t finish anything if you try to do everything.

We all wish that shedding off ugly fat is as easy as undressing an ugly dress. That ain’t the case in reality. Find a supportive friend who’s eager enough to help you on your weight loss journey. And wait until your friend drags your feet from under the bed to the gym.

It’s normal that you slow down in the middle of a challenging stage just as scary it is to fail. But, it is a lot scarier to stop when you’re halfway there and realize you gotta start over again when you should have been celebrating your success by now.

Our society can get shitty enough to spin the heck outta you while you are trying your best to seize that moment. This is why we love doggos, aren’t we? They never stop trying. Be like a doggo! Catch that tail!

Set your mind on how to create something valuable out of what you are great at. Not what you can’t do. It’s a very important tip to time-waste prevention because your manager doesn’t have time to your beating around the bush.

You are who you choose to believe you are. Consequently, you manifest anything you envision yourself as a person. If you hate being the prey, then become the hunter!

Barack Obama didn’t walk on the easy path to reach a goal that made history. He worked head-to-head against all the odds, including the biggest challenge, which is racial discrimination. If he made it as far as obtaining presidency, what is your excuse not striving towards success?

Tap your shoulder for doing a great job. The most prominent bridges weren’t made with just a single piece of wood or steel. It took multiple parts, planning, and lives for it to stretch itself and withstand the strongest forces of nature.

The only way you can find out what you can accomplish is by challenging yourself. People who don’t challenge themselves are boring AF. Now, where do we start?

To stay in your A-game, flex those muscles, sweat your stress away as soon as you get up. Oh! Don’t forget to regularly do a prayer of gratitude before you begin to attack your ‘to-do’ list early. Be like Mr. Bean!

Oh boy! While you’re in a buffet restaurant and your food excitement meets a critical level after several times of going back and forth. Pray your hardest, when it’s the hardest to pray.

Just like if your ugly neighbor manages to score a super hot babe, why a good looking guy like you can’t? Confidence smells good, maybe you don’t smell confident?

Or the face you make after watching your rude contenders have a meltdown after loosing against you. The air of sweet accomplishment, heck yes! Beat this!

The feeling of being close to getting a nervous breakdown while taking EILTS exams and an interview.

If you can’t sleep thinking about that ultimate dream of yours, then go after it! Follow your heart because it there’s a will, there’s a f*cking damn way!

Do you love tacos? Think of this motivational meme as your perfect snack break mantra! Positivity is like your favorite food. So, dip it in the cheesylicious sauce and munch on it!
Well, whoever hears a voice like his would either feel chills up to the spine and be awoken as a new person. Or freak out thinking they’re dead because he sounds like a “GOD.” Jokes aside, we can all agree that he’s accurate!

All you need is one person who has the full confidence that you can do what you set your mind to. It’s because sometimes when you are left with no hope, you become blind of your full potential.

Life is certainly beyond just the thought of survival. Success is only 10% on bad timings and unexpected events of bad experiences. 90% is all about how you react and respond to it.

How to love setting goals? Remind yourself of the reasons why. Think of the sports car you want to drive, the house you want to live in, or the luxury bags you want to collect. Or even as simple as collecting Starbucks mugs from all the countries you have visited.

Keep this in mind, the biggest regret a person can end up having is believing and relying on “what ifs” without ever trying.

When you’re tired, and your energy isn’t cooperating, remind yourself. Don’t ever stop when you are inches away from your goal. Make it your daily routine as a cup of coffee.

Grow old fulfilled and end your life’s story with a happy ending. People with long lives believe that the time you spend on thinking of the impossible is what makes you sick and die early.

This is why moms should be called super moms for having the capability to multitask. Therefore, don’t mess with women who are masters of a family home with a bunch of rugrats. They have all sort of tools to smack your face if you’re being such a worrywart.

DGAF if you lack something. No one is perfect. Don’t let your limits stop you from getting into your goals. You don’t need long legs to run faster. You only need a sharp mind to get there sooner.
Notice how “chances” has a similar ring to “chase,” it’s because they go hand in hand. Chances don’t stay too long to wait for you, chase it, catch it before it escapes. You only lose your chance if you just and do nothing.

Rarely it happens that chances and opportunities come your way twice. So, shake a leg! Be a mover and a shaker! The last thing you want is to watch other people enjoy the benefits of “doing it now.”

Don’t underestimate the value of celebrating your achievements, —no matter how small. Each progress makes you feel good. When you feel good, you become happier. And that joy occupies your system, your motivation becomes powerful. Go buy yourself a pizza. Take days off to go someplace relaxing. Or even better, pamper yourself with a nice massage.

Fear is the poison that paralyzes your hope, your drive, and your overall happiness. On the flipside, optimism is the faith that takes you to the greatest success and fulfillment. Dump that fear and flush it in the toilet! You will feel better once you let it off our system.

Optimism is also about enthusiasm and the ability to step out of your comfort zone. Just look at how stupid this anti-hero chap looks holding a dove in the gayest pose. But, he’s rocking it like a pro!

Look at that cutie hedgehog! He believes he can fly and that doesn’t have to involve real wings! Life has many surprises, and most of them as good if you believe in good things.

Some truths are hard to embrace, but they don’t paint your entire future. Find your balance and the true essence of your self. Don’t give up. You desire will move you forward.

The face of your boss whose patience is thinning in trying to understand and sympathize over your self-pity. Yet, still supports your full potential to accomplish your dreams.

The law of attraction states, “the universe is your catalog. Flip through the pages and pick those stuff that you want. Feel and envision them as if they are already there.”
Don’t you hate it when your buddies and folks try to cheer you up, yet they say “maybe?” Well, yeah, thanks for making it obvious. But, you should take that as a challenge to push harder.
One of our responsibilities is to become the best of ourselves to return the favor of being given the gift of life. Don’t dwell on what you failed to do. Instead, focus on what you can do next.
Life is a toughie, and so you are! Care-less and smile more. At first, roadblocks will piss you off. But, when you overcome them, you’re free as an eagle!
Other possibilities will open up to you once you learn to be in harmony with the things you want, —without thinking too advance. Let it tap on your creativity and childhood desires and let that be your motivation to accomplish your goals.
The harsh truth about fear is it feeds on your energy. When you lose that energy, it will feed next on your sanity, and even your health. Do what you fear until the fear disappears.
Listen to your desires when it is calling for you. When your screams are louder than your fears that it’s almost deafening, chances are it will keep screaming on your ears until you accomplish your goals.

Who would not be motivated if you have a pup as cute as this little beagle fella trying its best to cheer you up?

See how ants can lift and carry weight bigger than their size. Their lifting capacity to withstand pressures makes them the perfect example of endurance. It’s not just the natural form or built of their body. You can accomplish beyond your current situations, no matter how ugly or low it is.




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