9 Facts You Did Not Know About the GPS

GPS is not some new term to us anymore like it was before. People were crazy about the discovery of it, and when it was being introduced in the daily usage devices like mobile phones, cars, tablets, etc., people were shocked.

Even though you now know what the GPS is, there are still some of the things that you do not know about the GPS and are not some simple and well-known facts.

1.  Military usage and the first launch

When the GPS was first launched in the market, it was used by the military for military purposes. It was one of the biggest weapons that the US military had in its hands while being able to track down anyone from anywhere that they wanted. It then later became a fashion to use it for other purposes such as in vehicles and mobiles.

2.  Before GPS

GPS was not always in our hands, but the military always had to use something to be ahead of everyone, before the GPS was being introduced and was made, the normal Navy navigation was used to fulfill the needs of the military and the other people.

3.  GPS satellites

There were around 10 GPS satellites that were being launched in the space. They were also referred to as the Navstar, but only one out of those 10 made to space in real and other 9 were wasted. The first fully functional satellite made it to space in 1989.

4.  The functioning of the satellites

While all people know about the GPS and even know how to use it well as well, a lot of people still are not aware of the fact that it was based on the Doppler’s effect.

5.  Idea of GPS

People did not need or want the GPS until World War 2. When this was started, people needed something more sophisticated to track down their enemies and locate the airplanes to target them. It was the time when they felt the most need for a GPS device, and it was then later invented by the scientists using the Doppler’s effect.

6.  Number of satellites

The satellites, which have been, launched in the space originally just 10 out of which, only one made it to space perfectly. Now, there are a total of 31 satellites covering the world out of which, around 24 are only focused on making the GPS better. They are all concerned and working on GPS alone.

7.  Public availability

Even though the GPS was used for the military purposes for a long time, it was not made public until 1998 to be used by the common people too. It happened after an accident that people realized they needed a more sophisticated system for their locations. In 2000, the GPS was made public completely to be sued by people.

8.  Automobiles

While these are some of the most common things that need to use the GPS and have the basic need of it, the GPS was not introduced in them until 1996. Before that time, even airplanes did not use the GPS location services to land or to take off and worked on the ordinary navy navigation to work.

9.  GPS in mobiles

Android GPS tracking app is the newest update that was launched in the Android phones to be able to track every person, and so every person can track itself.

This has made the lives of a lot of people very easy, and they are using it for multiple purposes such as uber, entertainment, etc.

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