8 Things You Can Clarify with a Background Check

Although a background check might seem nosy or overly intrusive, you might choose it for several reasons. Knowledge is power and this can give you some insight about someone you may not know.

Background screening is nothing new, and background checks for the general public are now even more accessible thanks to the Internet. How you choose a background check service can be a daunting task, so we’ve found a great reliable source for you. The following are 8 situations in which you may want to use a background check service:


If you are interviewing strangers to come and potentially live with you then you want to make sure that this person won’t pose a threat. You can use a background check to find out if they have a questionable history which raises a red flag.  Armed with this information, you can choose to inquire more, or simply move on.

Blind Dates

Background checks can also be used when going to meet someone for a blind date, especially given the rise of catfishing and other dating scams. Although it might seem a little cold and callous, especially if you are attempting to enter a romantic relationship with the person, it might also uncover something important which you may not have otherwise known.

Online Sellers

Sometimes when buying a product online, a website might not look legitimate or be from a big-name source. In order to avoid buying something from a scammer, a quick background check might be a good idea to avoid a big headache.  This is especially relevant when buying from someone on a website like Craigslist.  A background check plus the use of an online payment option like PayPal should help to protect you from fraudulent activity.

Public Court Checks

The ability to check court records is incredibly useful. A background check can often shed light upon the details and verdicts of cases available to the general public.  It also organizes it in an accessible and easy-to-understand way to read.

Property Ownership Disputes

Property line disputes can quickly turn ugly, especially if one party wants to put up a fence or wall. A background check of yourself and your neighbour might shed light on where the property line lies. This can help quash a dispute like this before it turns ugly.

Arrest Records

Not every arrest can lead to a day in court, but it is still sometimes good to know what the nature of an arrest was, or if someone you know or plan to meet has been arrested. If you feel like this is information you should know, a background check is one great way to gather some insight.

Weapon Permits

Have you seen your neighbor carrying a weapon or firearm? A background check is a useful tool in some states.  You might be able to find out what kind of weapons permit or licencing the gun owner has.  Just remember, some states like Arizona don’t require permits in the first place.  A background check will show information depending on the regulations and level of transparency of the state you live in.

Vehicle Reports

Buying a new car can be difficult. You need to be especially careful when buying a second-hand car. Ensuring that the seller is telling the truth about the vehicle’s history is an important step that should not be skipped.  A few dollars spent in the beginning on a background check could mean the difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars difference in repairs. You don’t want to buy anything stolen, so a background check can at least help you to verify that you’re buying from a clean seller.

Worth the Investment?

Paying for a background check is worth it simply for the wealth of information you can attain. It will procure far more information than what could be found on one’s own, because it goes past looking at public records. Whether it is checking the background of a seller, or simply having a peek into the past of someone you just met, a background check could offer the security and clarity you are looking for.

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