8 Enchanting Keepsakes to Make This Christmas

Christmas is all about making memories. If you’re lucky enough to have little ones about the place, it’s even more important to preserve every precious moment. Precisely why it can be no less than magical to create a couple of Christmas keepsakes for you and the kids to enjoy.

They might not appreciate them quite as much as you for the time being, but wait until they’re older and they’ll love them! 

Arts and crafts are all part of the Christmas experience, but it’s best to keep things simple where possible. After all, it’s not like you don’t already have a thousand and one things to juggle.

So with this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of 12 inspiring ideas for Christmas keepsakes to make with (or for) your kiddies this festive season:

  1. Ultrasound Ornament

The fact that your little bundle of joy hasn’t yet formally arrived is a mere technicality. Christmas is a time to celebrate everything that is wonderful in the world, so why not make your own DIY ultrasound ornament? Simply take a copy of your latest scan, frame it and display him or her (if you know that much!) for the world to see. A great way of reminding yourself and everyone else of the wonderful joys you’ve still to come.

  1. Personalised Message from Santa

However old or young your kids are, nothing brings the magic of Christmas to life quite like a personalised message from Santa. Go for a traditional Santa letter if you prefer, or take things into the 21st century with a recorded video message.  Either way, you’ll want to make sure it includes plenty of references to your child personally, which they’ll get a kick of either now or when they’re a little older. This can also be a great way of ramping up the magic in the run-up to Christmas.

  1. Hospital Hat & Bracelet Ornament

If your gorgeous little baby has only recently arrived, why not transform their hospital hat and bracelet into a keepsake? Literally, all you need to make the darling ornament is a clear plastic Christmas decoration, which can be picked up from almost anywhere for next to nothing. Pop in a few mementoes and hey presto – an incredible Christmas keepsake for life!

  1. Footprint Plate

Grab yourself a plate and some kid-friendly paint and you’ve everything you need to make your own heart-warming footprint plate. Well, aside from two tiny feet and two teeny tiny toes, which your baby will happily provide! Messy as it gets, it’s more than worth it!

  1. Personalised Glitter Ornaments

These days, you can make just about anything into a magical, mesmerising snow-globe for the Christmas season. You’ll of course need some outside help to make it happen, but simply by submitting a photo or two online, your very own one-of-a-kind snow-globe could be whisking its way to your door in no time. Far more enchanting than any store-bought snow-globe could ever be.

  1. Baby Onesie Christmas Stocking

If you simply can’t bear to throw out baby’s adorable little clothes that no longer fit, why not repurpose them? One great way of doing so is to transform a onesie into baby’s first ever Christmas stocking. You’ll need rudimentary sewing skills to make it happen, but what better time to dabble in arts and crafts than Christmas?

  1. Personalised Christmas Cards

If time simply isn’t on your side, one of the quickest and easiest keepsakes you can make at Christmas is a bunch of personalised Christmas cards. Use your favourite family photos to create and print courteous greetings cards on your computer, ensuring you keep at least one copy of each to hold onto.

  1. Kiddies’ Christmas Wish Lists

Last but not least, there’s really nothing more adorable than looking back at the things your kids wanted more than anything in the world in years gone by.  Kiddies’ Christmas wish lists make the most magical mementoes. They can also be quickly and easily transformed into Christmas ornaments, using a little more than a simple frame or an empty plastic tree decoration.

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