8 Best Games for Your End-of-Summer Party

Summer is incredibly short-lived, meaning that everyone has to make the most of it before it’s gone. While no one wants to celebrate the end of beach days and the return to school, summer deserves to go out with a bang, and an epic end-of-summer party.

To host an unforgettable end-of-summer party, you need drinks, food, and lots of games to get people interacting and having fun. Here are the eight best games for your end-of-summer hootenanny.

Tipsy Would You Rather

Everyone knows the classic game, “Would You Rather?” With both child-friendly versions and questions meant for adults only (read the best ones at https://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2014/07/50-would-you-rathers-that-will-destroy-you-forever/) Would You Rather has a way of shedding light on people you thought you knew, yourself included.

In Tipsy Would You Rather, everyone answers the questions asked out loud. The answer that more people chose is safe, while the minority group must drink before moving onto the next question. This game is a great icebreaker!

Drunk Waiter

For this game, you’ll need two serving trays, two buckets, and plastic cups full of water. Load up the tray with cups of water then have your waiter spin in a circle for 30 seconds until adequately dizzy. Give them the tray and have them run to the bucket– which should be at least 20 feet away– to empty their cups. The team with the most water in the bucket at the end wins. Get ready for spills and carnage!

Slip n’ Flip

Slip n’ slides are one of the most affordable ways to have fun in the summer. Slip n’ flip combines your childhood slip n’ slide with a rousing game of flip cup. Break into two teams for a relay race, with cups set up at a table near the bottom. The first person from each team slides down, drinks the contents of their cup, and attempts to flip the cup upside down. When they’ve achieved that, the next person in the relay can come down.

Lawn Twister

For this game, you’ll need spray paint in red, yellow, green, and blue, as well as a spinner reminiscent of the game Twister. Spray the spaces on your lawn and invite all your friends to get twisty. You can either stick to the old format or make a giant version to include more people.


Bocce is basically Italian lawn bowling. You throw a small white ball, then try and get your larger balls as close to it as possible, knocking opponents out of the way as you go. The best part of this game is that it’s super classy, and you can play with one hand while holding a wine glass in the other.

Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong is a classic party game. Giant beer pong takes it to the next level! Rather than using red Solo cups and ping pong balls, use garbage cans and beach balls. Bonus if you paint the garbage cans red to emulate Solo cups. You’ll need lots of room for this one to work.

Party Jenga

Party Jenga adds a twist to the old classic. You can use a traditional Jenga set or create a giant lawn Jenga set for this game. On each block, write a task. It could include finishing a drink, doing a cartwheel or any other zany thing you come up with. When a person pulls that block, they must complete the task for their turn to be finished.

Lap Chance

Prepare to get up close and personal. For this game, you need pillows or mats in a circle. Everyone takes a seat. A series of yes or no questions will be asked. If someone answers yes, they stay where they are. If someone answers no, they must move one spot to the right, even if someone is sitting there. Sometimes you end up with five people sitting on top of each other in one space.

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