8 Best Ever Homework Excuses

We’ve all been there. Sweaty-palmed, spotty faced teenagers waiting to face down that nemesis of a teacher. Dreading the inevitable question about where the assigned piece of homework is. Whether this particular scenario is your past, present or your future, these best ever homework excuses could come in handy. At the very least, they might make you smile. Who doesn’t like a good list? Well, here at our site, we love them.

My Dog Ate It

A classic. If it didn’t work for Bart Simpson, let’s face it, it probably won’t work for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a whirl just for the fun of it. If you actually have a dog at home, it makes the story a little bit more credible, but not having a dog is not an excluding factor from using this excuse. A lie is a lie!

If you don’t have a dog, you can create the most adorable fantasy dog anyway.


Mind you, an adorable dog wouldn’t eat your homework. You better create the most menacing, math hungry mongrel that your mind can muster. Imagination and blind hope are the major players here if you’re going to be successful. All The Stuff has plenty of reviews on paper shredders if you need to create some props, and there are plenty of tips for keeping pets in the home too, on the off chance that you do actually have a homework-eating dog.


“What homework? We didn’t get any homework? I specifically remember thinking that it was strange that we weren’t assigned any homework, but we definitely weren’t given any homework.” The most important thing here is to remain calm and composed. Even if everyone around you is producing their essays or their cardboard models of volcanos, you must continue to show absolutely no signs of remembering the homework that you definitely remember being given.

I Left It At Home

This one is a dangerous one. Pull it off, and you’re home free. It was a simple mistake, you left it at home and you’ll simply bring it in tomorrow. Wait? Tomorrow? That means you’ll have to get it done tonight. A more useful variation could be that you left it at your Aunt’s home and that your Aunt lives in Papua New Guinea. Now that’s an excuse. Lists World has plenty of suggestions as to how you can get those assignments done whilst traveling, so maybe you could go and see that Aunt after all!

I Didn’t Get It

This is another risky one. If your teacher is sympathetic to your misunderstanding, you could end up spending your lunch break going over the finer details of quantum physics, one to one with the teacher. This won’t exactly do your street cred any favors and it might actually have been better to just take the detention or the fail. It’s your choice. They may simply write you off as a lost cause, in which case “wahoo!” You could even get an extension on a piece of homework! It all depends on the recipient. Good luck!

Computer Fail

This is pretty much flawless by way of an excuse. The printer ran out of ink, the file shut down without saving. It really wasn’t your fault and it would take the coldest of souls to turn down a computer-based excuse. Everyone has had computer issues at one time or another. Limit yourself to one computer-based excuse a year though, save some for everybody else. This is a winner amongst a world of loser excuses, so don’t hog it.


If you weren’t there when it was handed out, you’re fine anyway; but if you’re planning on using this excuse knowing full well that you were there, you better hope that your teacher isn’t particularly good at keeping or checking records, as they’ll be on to you in a flash.


If you’ve been ill, you’re allowed to skip homework, surely. What teacher would want to think of you struggling with algebra whilst juggling your meds and a thermometer? Where’s the humanity in that? Faking that you’ve been ill is much easier than faking that you are ill, so pretty much anyone can use this excuse. Like the computer fail excuse though, don’t overdo it. This one is for everyone so don’t be greedy.

Be Honest

Nope. Never. Unless the FBI is coming in to investigate, honesty is never the best policy. Excuses never get old. Keep fighting the good fight. Alternatively, just do your homework. If you’re feeling a little underwhelmed by this suggestion, try this list of motivational songs to get you in the mood. You can totally do it!


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