7 Work Life Balance Tips For Students

Studying in a university can cost a lot of money. Apart from the high university fees, it often requires students to relocate to a new city. This brings many unavoidable monthly expenses including high lodging rents, food, electricity and internet bills, laundry and not to mention, the daily commuting costs.

Many students opt for a part-time job to afford this university life and studies. Working part-time while pursuing their degree in a university can help them achieve their goals financially. It can allow them to pay their bills and rents, as well as help them pay off some education fees.

Working part-time while studying, is it a good idea?

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According to the statistics, 55 percent of the students in the United States study and work at the same time. Combining your study life with a part time job can help you to diversify your mind and provide you the ability to learn different skills. These multi-tasking and management skills can benefit you through your job placement through the university. But here’s the catch: to merge study and work is not easy; in fact, it is highly demanding and tiring. Students often feel exhausted, drained of life and energy, trying to find a balance between their studies and part-time jobs but unpleasant with both.

Advantages of combining work with studies

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Even though the struggle is real, working besides studying at a university is quite feasible and manageable. It demands a lot of discipline and sacrifices, but let us motivate you first with the advantages and benefits of working together with studies.

  • Self-management skills: You will learn self-management and self-improvement skills with practice. Both of these skills will come handy as your future employer will be looking for them.
  • Time-management skills: With good time-management skills you be able to focus on meeting your deadlines and goals.
  • Adds flexibility: You will be able to adapt to different phases in work and study life.

Not only will you acquire such skills but also certain qualifications, which will add to your eligibility for future careers. Apart from skills, you will be generating an income that will earn your livelihood.

How to balance work with study life?

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To balance a part-time job with university studies, you need to draw a clear line between the two. It will be easy to manage both time and resources, but not if you end up mingling and thus complicating both of the worlds. Here are some studies cum work life balance tips to help you out:

  1. Look for a part-time job within your university department: It is a great way to associate with your faculties, making it possible to gain access to several resources that are useful.


  1. Look for a job related to your field of study: This allows you to get firsthand experience in your future career. It will help you in understanding and mastering the application of your study.


  1. Look forward to increase your productivity: If you can manage the time properly and find ways to be productive, you can spare some time to deal with other daily tasks or leisure activities. For example, you could use EssayVikings to help you with lengthy assignments.


  1. Organize your routine to combine study and work life: You need to be self-organized in order to bring a balance between study and work hours. You should create a time schedule that allows you to dedicate enough time to each of the field.


  1. Manage your time well: You cannot allow yourself to stray away from your schedule, even in a part time university. Focus on the ‘now’ and make use of the planned hours. Use the study and work hours as intended. This will require self-discipline which you will acquire if you follow your schedule wisely.


  1. Prioritize important over less important: It is simple; prioritize everything in order to successfully manage both work and studies. This priority filter should include your friends, family, desires, habits etc. This means less Friday nights and sometimes, no weekends at all. Give high priority to the tasks that will push you closer to your target, even it means forcing yourself to say ‘no’ to what you want or like.


  1. Maintain goodwill with your employer: At some point or the other, he will ask you for extra shifts. Talking to him politely in advance will ensure that your boss will be more understanding. In fact, he will be kind enough to decrease your work hours during exams at the university.


Here is the most important tip!

Allow yourself to take a break once in a while. Pushing yourself too much will take you nowhere. Take time to relax and sleep well. Remember, you will have enough time to work after you have graduated successfully.


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