7 Useful Travelling Tips For Instagrammers

Traveling is so much fun most especially when it is well planned. Moreover, one of the most important reasons why people travel is to learn about new cultures and to create newer memories. Unfortunately, newer memories can’t be shared when kept within ourselves but when captured and preserved in pictures, they become immortal. Whether you are traveling locally within your country or crossingthe oceanstoanother time zone, there are a few ways to make the best of those memorable pictures.

This post is for you, Instagrammer. In addition to having a great camera for taking Instagram photos, you need to know some basic but very useful photography tips like the following:

Plan ahead

The timeless saying that “he, who fails to plan, should plan to fail” holds true, even for you, dear traveler.

Nothing is as discouraging as embarking on a trip without putting the right checks in  place – like checking if your phone memory is cleared, if your phone camera is in top shape and if all the clothes you want to be captured in, are all in order.

You don’t want to be millions of miles away from your home before tearfully realizing that you won’t be able to capture some picture perfect moments. If you want to take photos that look professional, you need all kinds of things that can make your photography top class. Research online, read the tips from top and most successful photographers about the things needed for best photos and try to follow as many as you can. The more you will know the better you can be by practicing each tip yourself. Know how seasoned photographers plan for their travels and try to follow their instructions.

Never forget your hashtags

Hashtags are not just some strange words and figures. They are used to add life to your Instagram picturesand make it easier to locate them depending on the information you put in your hashtag. So, never forget to use them.

Poor lighting will ruin your pictures

Except the goal is to capture shadows in the course of your trips, learn to always adjust the lighting on your device.

The right amount of light ensures that you get just the perfect effect for your landscape pictures. Such pictures get a lot of love on Instagram. So, it is very important you know exactly when to have the best light for an awesome photo that you are planning to take. After taking an average quality photo, try to know how you could make it way better.

Test new equipment immediately after purchase

Imagine repeatedly pressing on your shutter, and it repeatedly fails to click, or bringing out your selfie stick which unfortunately isn’t compatible with your phone. These are the most likely scenarios that can play out when you fail to double check whatever newly purchased device you want to use on your trip.

Do something edgy

No one will believe your holidays were fun if all your pictures tell a different story. If you want your snapshots to reawaken the fun memoriesin years to come, make sure you do things outside of the ordinary. Stand on a train, dive in a pond, and scream.

Be present in your own pictures

Truth be told, no one wants to see just your selfie or pictures of the places you visited without you in them. Therefore, ask friends to take pictures of you and if you havetravelled alone, ask a stranger for a few minutes of their time and you won’t regret it. In this case, make sure you have friends who can follow instructions to take creative and perfect clicks. People sometimes hire professionals to do this kind of job for instagram fame but if you have someone who is already good as a photographer, why spend money for that. The best idea is have a team that comprises your friends but they all are equally expert photographers.

Editing apps exist for a reason

With over thousands of editing apps to choose from, you are the only one to blame if your pictures don’t look as presentable on the gram like those of others. So, get yourself an app or two for editing purposes; you will be glad you did.


It seems we all live for the gram and if we truly live just once, why don’t we make our pictures unforgettable, just the way we want our memories to be remembered. Start, by following the listed tips.

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