7 Places You Should Visit in 2018

With summer knocking on the door, it is time to start planning your summer vacation. Below, can find a list of the best holiday destinations you should definitely visit in 2018 gathered by Casino Reports Canada. Read on and start packing – these destinations will blow your mind!

1. Wroclaw, Poland

Dubbed the Polish Venice, this beautiful Polish city is dotted with canals and over 120 bridges that link 12 islands. Wroclaw is truly a truly charming city—the “Rynek” Market Square, the Town Halls, the Flower Market—every inch of Wroclaw will enchant you. Moreover, the city was voted Europe’s Best Destination of 2018 – another reason to visit it.

Ostrów Tumski—or Cathedral Island—is the oldest part of the city. The first constructions here date back to the 10th century. They were built by the Piast dynasty and, interestingly, they were made from wood. In 1315, the church acquired Ostrów Tumski.

Watch carefully as you walk Wroclaw’s streets – there are 350 unique drawrves spread all over the city, and their number increases each year, too. 

2. Malta

After visiting Wroclaw, why not go to Malta? A mix between Sicily, North Africa, and colonial England, Malta is a unique travel destination you should not miss. The country will entice you with its exceptional scuba diving sites and unparalleled Baroque architecture.

What definitely adds glamour to Malta is the fact that its 450-year-old capital—Valletta—was elected European Culture Capital of 2018.

You can plan your visit in January and enjoy Valletta’s International Baroque Festival, take a ferry to the Gozo island for a swim you will never forget, or visit the prehistoric ruins of the renown Hagar Qim Temples, which date back to 3,600 B.C.

3. Azores, Portugal

You have no idea what the Azores are? No surprise – this is Europe’s best-kept secret since Iceland. The Azores are a paradise located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nature is omnipresent here – you can find green fields, waterfalls running into other waterfalls, etc.

And there are a lot of things to do, too! If you are leading an active lifestyle, you will definitely love The Azores. You can go hiking, bird/whale watching, or surfing. And if you are an adventurer, we recommend climbing Mount Pico – Portugal’s highest peak (2,351 m).

4. Petra, Jordan

Why not enjoy world’s wonders of old? Dating back to the 5th century B.C., Petra is a rose-red city that is almost as old as time itself. As you enter the valley of Petra, you will be thrilled by the site’s natural beauty. You will see magnificent rock-cut tombs with unique carvings.

But the tomb carvings are not the only amazing thing about Petra. Visitors are always thrilled to see the magnificent Nabataean-built theatre, which sits as much as 3,000 people. Obelisks, altars, temples, and the unparalleled Ad-Deir Monastery – Petra is a sacred place you should not turn a blind eye on.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Honestly, who would not want to go in Vegas? It does not matter whether you are a casual gambler or if you are into high-stake gaming, Vegas is  all about gambling. There is something magical about Las Vegas – this city can make anyone fall for gambling. Even the most conservative person will be thrilled by Vegas’s casino glamour.

Las Vegas has something to offer even if you decide to pass on the whole gambling thing. Here you can dine in some of the world’s finest Michelin star restaurants or take your children to the dazzling roller coaster at New York New York.

6. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

You might think that this US paradise offers entertainment only in the winter months  as it is located in the Teton Mountain Range, but the case is not such. The mountain resort is 60 miles south of Yellowstone National Park and only 12 miles away from the amazing Grand Teton National Park. You can also observe the majestic animals at the National Elk Refuge and relax at the Granite Hot Springs.

Of course, Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of skiing and snowboarding activities in the winter months, but the resort is also a world class paradise in the summer as well. Mountain bikers will love Jackson Hole. As will hikers. On top of all, Jackson Hole offers visitors rafting opportunities in the mesmerizing Snake River Canyon.

7. Corsica

Last, but not least, we recommend you to visit Corsica in 2018. This picturesque Mediterranean island offers visitors to hike, loiter on the beach, or take a walk among the local vineyards, all without breaking into a sweat – average temperatures here are about 25°C. And if this does not sound good enough, you will also have the opportunity to smell the Maquis – an aromatic shrub which can be found throughout the island. Locals say the smell of this unique plant could be sensed from the sea!

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