7 Hidden Tricks You Should Learn in Playing Card Games

Of course, you would like to be Richard Turner, the living legend of card magic, but it took him his entire life and his exceptional skill to learn the art. We neither have that life span nor do we want to bamboozle the opponents into submission. Everyone, however, interested in card games, must watch ‘Dealt’ the documentary about his life and achievement.

Card games have fifty shades of gray or whatever color you prefer. These can be in living paper form for you to flip or tear them away or turn the table violently when losing or drunk. But, let’s leave it to the bad guys in the movies. Card games, today, are played mostly online provides you with unlimited variety, the options at the website idn poker gives you insight into how online poker is easy to access at little or no cost. Card games buffs can learn and play games designed especially for online playing. You may accumulate points and bonuses.

When you think of card games, the names that come to your mind from Bah to Wow, are poker, blackjack, bridge, solitaire, rummy, patience, crazy eight and of course Uno. Some can be played singly or between two to six players. Cards and tricks are inseparable; they are actually happily married and cannot be divorced. Tricks do not mean cheating or unfair play and are regularly employed by the professionals in casinos as strategies. Tricks are hidden in the rules of the game you intend to play. 

1)  Poker or straight face

Disclosing your hand through facial or body expression is a fatal error in any card game. Poker face means leaving emotions behind and not giving any inkling to your opponent what cards you have in your hand. This is the first trick you must master in any card game. It requires practice in real time and some expert advice from professionals.

2)  Know the rules inside out

Smart moves in different card games come from the thorough knowledge of the rules of that game. Poker rules are different from Bridge and so on. Research and acquire hands-on knowledge of each rule and what role it plays in winning. Some of the rules are quite complex.

3)  Pack of cards

It is not only about the game, it is also about the pack of cards. Each card in a pack has a significant role and importance, which differs in each game type. A good player always learns the value attached to each card applicable to the game.

4)  The art of the cut and deal

The shuffling and dealing in a card game is the distribution of cards among the players. The trick is how you can shuffle and hand over the cards to your partner without much detection or cheating. The trick comes with constant playing and your developed intuition.

After dealing the bidding starts and cards are played. Some card games are individual and some partner based. You are not allowed to gesture, indicate or cheat by eye movement but you can definitely learn which cards to discard. Such tricks are both calculated and logical.

5)  Bluffing

Bluffing is yet another trick that you can put into practice. It could be dangerous if you are not an apt player. It is generally a strategic choice. Bluffing means that you try to outmaneuver the opponent by giving the impression even when you do not have a winning hand. This is an advanced trick, which may work in your favor, especially when you master the poker face.

6)  Winning and quitting

Another trick or strategy in card playing is the timely decision to either continue playing a possible winning hand or simply quitting when the stakes are high and bidding reaches a risky level. You cannot be too bluffing or too confident if not supported by the cards. Even the best have to give in from time to time.

7)  Cheating the right way

It is good to learn some cheating through simple techniques and a bit of practice, which then can be used in fun games with friends and family. Most of these cheating tricks involved in shuffling and dealing the cards in such a manner that gives you or your partner the winning cards. You stack, float and reverse the order of the preferred cards through different techniques that can be learned through YouTube and other internet sources.

Overall, learning tricks and/or strategies are always hidden deep down in the game rulebook. There is really no magical formula, which can make you a winner overnight. You need to pick up a card game that thrills you, find partners, first within your inner circle and at the professional level.






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