6 Ways For Increasing the Value of Your Home

The value of your property depends on million things, but most of them are in your control. This means you can increase the value of your home only by following simple steps. There is a simple formula that calculates the value you put back into your home. The cost for home improvements is about 20 to 25 cents from every dollar you spend, but the other 75 to 80 cents are put back into the increased value of your home.

That is why we decided to highlight some of the best things you should focus on to increase the price of your home.

  1. Small improvements can pay off

There is a saying that the devil is in the details, and it is not different when you are trying to make your home beautiful. In order to increase the price of your home, you need everything to function properly. You can start by making a list of all the things, no matter how small they are that need improvement. If you tackle all of the minor improvements, it will be much harder for potential customers to find a fault, and the price will increase.

  1. Clean your home from top to bottom

A good clean-up will definitely increase the price of your home. Remember, your house is never too clean, and if it on the market, you need to make it extra sparkly. Some people do not pay that much attention to cleaning when they are selling their home, but it is a no-brainer when you consider the amount of money you will receive extra for little effort. It is also important to de-clutter your house and get rid of everything that you don’t need.

  1. Upgrade your kitchen

Most people that want to buy a house or an apartment take the kitchen as their deciding factor. This means that you might consider upgrading some of the appliances or kitchen cabinets in order to increase the value of your home.

Sometimes getting new stuff for your kitchen can cost you more than the increased price, but there is still an option for refreshing the looks of your kitchen yourself. By doing simple things like adding a fresh coat of paint, hanging a pot rack with new pots and pans, new tiles can add so much to the value of your home.

  1. Make your bathroom beautiful

The second most important thing when people look for a house is the bathroom. This can tell you a lot about the previous house owners, and how the home was maintained. This means that you should make your bathroom beautiful and clean. You might consider upgrading the lighting, as well as add some marble countertops or heated floors just because it will attract buyers much more. Upgrading your bathroom on average will give you an 85% return on your overall investment.

  1. Freshen up the property from the outside

It is important to know that the eye buys when it comes to choosing a new home. This means that you need to present your house in the best possible light right from first sight. Upgrading the outside area will have a significant effect on both the value of your home as well as the time you will be selling it.

You will run into a buyer as fast as a winning horse finishing the Belmont Stakes race, if your house looks perfect from the outside. There is no need for expensive improvements, and you can just add a fresh coat of paint, add a few plants, and clean your front yard. This will tell potential customers that the previous owners really cared for the house.

  1. Invest in landscaping

As an addition to the previous point, you should also invest in landscaping your property. This means adding some trees, flowers, garden and a well trimmed lawn. Forbes reports it as one of the 3 ways of increasing your house value on the first year. Quoting one real estate expert, Sara Hopkins, they say “landscaping is probably the best and easiest, most affordable way to increase your home value in the first year”.

One of the most idilic dreams of having a family house is having a garden, where you can see your kids (or future ones) and maybe pets running around freely and safely. Therefore investing in landscaping will put your home into a new perspective for the buyer.

These are some of the ways you can increase the value of your property. Of course, upgrading your house is not always the best option. You need to weight down the costs of upgrading the house and selling it as it is. Some properties that require serious upgrades usually cost a lot of money, in which cases it is better to sell it without doing anything, except cleaning.  Getting experts to handle your landscaping project is always a good investment. Schedule an appointment with an expert by going here https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/fl/tallahassee/


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