6 Common Relationship Problems That Might Be Present In Your


Even the healthiest couples will have challenges and situations where they don’t get along with each other. There are bound to be problems in relationships, though it can be minimized and managed. Identifying and finding solutions to the little problems in your relationship can help prevent it from resulting into a much larger problem and ultimately, separation. Do yourself a favor by speaking to your spouse whenever you notice a red flag, or you think something isn’t right.

On the hunt for where to look? Here are 6 common relationship problems you should be on the lookout for.

  1. Communication problem.

Most relationship problems are a result of poor or lack of communication. You have to communicate with your partner effectively. Sometimes, we want to say something or explain ourselves but because the other person isn’t listening, or raising their voice, or being judgmental, we give up.

Effective communication is key. Speak up whenever you have an issue bothering you. No one is a mind reader and it might be hard to understand you just by your actions or inactions. Else, you will keep getting hurt. You should also learn to hear others out and be attentive, quit the blame game. Keep your sentiments to yourself until the other person is through. This way, you will get to understand yourselves better and avoid conflict.

Also, do not assume anything in a relationship. Talk it out with your partner, because it might not be what you think. Poor communication habits eventually harm the relationship.

  1. Sex Problem.

Sex problems can come in different forms even among couples who love each other. It could be that your sex drive do not match your partner’s or you are more adventurous or vice versa. Your partner could be one that fancy sex toys, such as a glass dildo while you don’t, and a host of other possibilities.

Some couples find it hard to reach a compromise when it comes to sex, and this can lead to disagreement. Sex isn’t something to give up on. In Please Dear, Not Tonight, Mary Jo Fay, says sex “brings us closer together, releases hormones that help our bodies both physically and mentally, and keeps the chemistry of a healthy couple, healthy.”

Any sexual related problem you might have noticed in your relationship, try to communicate with your partner openly about it. See if you can get to the root of the problem while respecting each other’s desires and needs. When that doesn’t work, see a therapist. Put in the effort to solve the problem and restore the pleasure in your relationship.


Once trust is broken in a relationship, it’s mostly hard to get it back and that’s because trust is the foundation of all relationships. No one wants to have a partner that’s not trustworthy, or even a friend or child that isn’t trustworthy. Trust is highly germane in our relation with other humans. You feel secure and comfortable when you are with someone you trust. While it may take a while to create a secure relationship, early occurrences of betrayals might jeopardize the whole process and make it almost impossible.

Trust is a vital part of any relationship. Do not put your partner in a position where you will be doubted. Try to build their confidence in you and let them feel safe with you.

Few tips on how to build trust in any relationship:

  • Don’t lie. No matter how bitter the truth is, do no hesitate to spill it.
  • Be reliable. Do whatever you say you’ll do and whenever you say you’ll do it. Keep your promises and let your words be in sync with your actions.
  • Be less secretive. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your secrets but be less hideous. In essence, do not give them reasons to suspect you.
  • Be sincere. In everything you do, let sincerity be your watchword. Have a clean heart towards everyone and love people for who they are. Do not try to dig up old wounds.
  • Be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Don’t say things you would regret later. Even while you argue, be fair and don’t overreact.
  • Relationships in which both parties respect each other thrive. Do not look down on your partner.

  1. Spending more time apart other than together.

This can happen due to distance issues or due to the fact that you both are busy with life. Whatever your reason is, do not make it a habit because the long term effect won’t be healthy for your love life especially when your relationship is still new. That is the time you’re just getting to know each other and spending more time apart won’t make it easy for you to bond.

Remember, the couple who plays together stays together. If one or both of you really needs to be far away or your kind of job wouldn’t give you enough time to be with your partner, then there’s some rigorous planning you both have to do. Listing out your priorities, squeezing out time no matter what and discussing the way forward would go a long way. Take short breaks and go on trips to beautiful and romantic cities where it will be just the two of you. You’ll feel more comfortable and get to connect more. Nevertheless, continue to communicate electronically to keep each other hot and running when you can’t meet in person.

  1. Infidelity.

Cheating is one action that fast destroys relationships and signifies that there might be underlying problems although there is absolutely nothing justifies cheating. It is more honorable to walk out of a relationship than cheat.

I have heard stories of people when went as far as killing their partners because they caught them cheating or probably just suspected they were. This tells a lot about how deep, destructive and hurtful infidelity is. It has roots in other issues like trust, disrespect, jealousy which most people find hard to deal with.

Address any problem that might result into infidelity before it does. No relationship can ever be the same when there’s a history of infidelity attached. The feeling of hurt, disappointment, betrayal, disrespect that comes with cheating makes it sometimes unforgivable. The comfort and security that comes with being in a relationship is replaced with distrust, suspiciousness and resentment.

Be faithful to your partner and be less suspicious. Sort out issues before they become bigger. Communicate regularly with each other and visit therapists if you need to. More importantly, walk way if the relationship is not working out. Save yourself the stress of holding onto a dying relationship.

  1. Money

Many People tend to be on their best behavior in the early days of their relationship and pretend they don’t care about money. Finance is an important aspect of our lives and it is one of the reasons couples fight. When it comes to money, understanding how your partner relates to it is important. If you both have different spending habits, acknowledge it and learn that there are benefits in both. Don’t wreck your relationship because of that and respect the way your partner handles it. We all have different personalities. You should also talk to your partner if you are not comfortable with their spending habits.

And lastly, don’t hide your financial status from your spouse. You’re in it together.

Although there are other problems that can arise in relationships, these are quite common and the sooner you notice and begin to tackle them, the better.

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