6 Best Party Foods for Fitness Fanatics

People never used to care about what kind of foods they ate. They would gorge on anything you put in front of them. It worked out well when you threw parties at your home, but a big chunk of the population live the fitness lifestyle now.

We live in a world where Instagram models and thigh gaps reign supreme. If you try to throw parties fitness fanatics don’t want to come. They’re scared of putting on a few pounds. Let’s look at a few healthy party treats that will save the day.

Potato Salad

If you’re going to choose a carb option opt for potato salad. Fitness addicts will love the healthy fats and protein in whole egg mayonnaise. Potatoes are normally easier to stomach than pasta or bread.

Don’t use too much sauce and everyone should be okay. There are lots of different ways you can prepare the dish, but if you don’t make it often just stick to an old fashioned recipe.


Sushi is something an unusually large percentage of people love if they’re addicted to the gym. They probably don’t even like raw fish, but sushi is low in calories and contains everything weightlifters need.

You should use tuna and salmon unless you’re confident friends will eat your exotic sushi. Make sure you add avocado and spring onions to them. Throw a few little bowls of delicious wasabi on the table too.

Shrimp Cocktail

Party goers will jump at the chance to boost their protein intake by eating shrimp cocktail. Put a few large shrimps in each glass and fill it up with salad. Make sure you don’t cover them in lots of sauce.

The tasty sauce should be low in fat. The reason people enjoy them is because they contain almost zero calories. Shrimps are full of zinc and antioxidants, which you don’t normally find in finger foods.

Chicken Kebabs

You’re not a real fitness fanatic unless you can eat plates full of plain chicken breasts. If you want to excite your guests turn them into delicious kebabs. You can add seasoning if it’s low in calories.

You will have to combine the meat with a selection of tasty steamed vegetables. Try to use as many different colors as possible. Not only will your kebabs look pretty, but they’ll be full of more micronutrients.

Mixed Nuts

Everyone exercise enthusiast wishes they could eat more nuts, but nice ones are usually expensive. They also contain lots of calories, which is why you don’t need to go overboard when dishing them out.

I doubt anyone will know exactly why each nut is healthy, but they will know about the vitamins and fiber. Add some seeds into the mix too. Keep them in small bowls to prevent anyone from worrying about germs.

Fruit and Cheese

Fruit and cheese is amazing because there are so many combinations to choose from. If you want to help your party guests put the food on tiny sticks. It will prevent them from grabbing too much cheese.

The cheese is obviously calorie dense and you don’t need to eat lots. Each stick will contain tons of vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats. You should definitely pick up some uncommon fruits and cheeses.

Tell All Your Friends About the Treats

You’ll have to tell your friends they don’t have to worry about walking away from your party with a belly. Let them know all the tasty treats they’ve got to look forward to.

Don’t forget to serve low calorie alcohol, or you will be the only person who gets drunk. After everyone gets tipsy on gin & tonics you can bring the cases of beers out.

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