5 Ways to Make Money Whilst Travelling

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” Saint Augustine. True the world is like an epic if you do not travel you do not read, struck to the same page making oneself confined.

Travelling Enrichment of Life

Travelling open up your heart and mind, you become a universal citizen, giving respect to every culture, tradition, lifestyle and way of thinking of different people of different countries. Mingling with different ethnics around the world makes you more tolerant and solicitous. Charity begins at home if you start travelling in our own country you will be more knitted with your fellow citizens. It gives insight into the diversification of the world and how insignificant human are in front of the vastness of this world. The experience you gather resonates a long time thereafter, no books or university can give those lessons you learn while travelling. Meeting with the unexpected situation or sometimes hostile people sharpens your survival instinct and boost self-confidence. Learning a different language is an additional point. But travelling need resource, and if you can make money while travelling the process can be prolonged. Making money while travelling buys you some comfort and do not have to stick to a stringent budget. You can be a roaming lecturer or a crew to a ship or aircraft. But to be a digital nomad all you need is a laptop with a reliable and good internet connection to make this world your office. Here are a few options.


In the digital market, small companies advertise for web designing, copywriting and online teaching. You will find thousands of freelancing jobs when you surf the net. You can work whenever you want, after having dinner or after watching beautiful scenery. The biggest advantage is that the whole world is your market. Sitting in the Amazon forest, you can work for a company situated in New York and send the assigned job on a specific date and time. There is huge potential to enrich your income as there is no hard and fast rule about working hours. If you love teaching many sites are giving you the opportunity to teach online.

Show your talent

If you are a performer, then do not be shy showing your singing, dancing, painting or whatever skills you have on those foreign lands. You will be more acclaimed and respected being torchbearer of your own culture and tradition. Money earned from this you a cosy room or a square meal. Be sensible and if possible take permission from local authority before performing. If you travel in group and resource permit, you can hire a small auditorium for group performance which gives you more money and respect. The language in which you sing may not be comprehensible to them, but the melody has a universal language which touches the heart of every single human being as a smile have no language.

Odd jobs

If you are on some busy town or cities, there could be a chance of picking up a job in restaurants, bars or café. Season times give more such job opportunity as tourist flocks on those areas. Knowing a few languages other than mother tongue give you added advantage. Being polite and courteous is another feather in the hat to find a job like this. Showing your visa and passport gives authenticity to your identity, and the owners will be more comfortable hiring you. If you are a salesperson then picking a sales job around that region could be a lucrative one. Sales jobs always pay higher than other odd jobs. If you are a makeup artist, this talent comes handy in local parlors. Manicure, pedicure, hair cut or facial can give you a few good bucks to travel for a few more days.

Laptop-The Slot Machine

Use your laptop for online casinos to earn a few quick bugs as the transfer of money to and from is easy as child`s play nowadays. Surf on the net to find a secure and reliable site to play any popular casino game like agen poker to test your fortune. If you have a trading account on your native country then buying and selling stocks and churning your portfolio through online trading platform certainly increases your resource to be a nomad for a few more days. Write blogs on your free time on the company`s blog which is called content marketing, which will fetch you some good amount. Edit those photos which you have taken while travelling and sell them online. Work and play can make your travelling more enjoyable and hassle-free, keeping your mind free from anxiety and financial worries.

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