5 Ways To Be A Fashionable Tomboy

It’s a unique characteristic of the tomboy fashion that it can be worn by the majority of girls, no matter what age they are, and still look impressive. The tips that you will most likely encounter differ based on the strength and femininity of the look one wants to display. However, many designers are stitching the outfit and of late, you can hardly walk down the street without noticing a girl or two rocking in the outfit. For the ones who wonder how they can start off, we’ve got you covered! And even if you’re not new to the topic, you can still definitely learn a thing or two about it. Read on to find out more!


  1. Embrace The Style

The first thing is accepting the reality. If you have had divided opinion on how you would look in tomboy fashion, it’s time to shed off the doubts and embrace who you are. Some might be afraid they’d feel awkward wearing it, but, as mentioned before, tomboy fashion is invading fashion runways like bushfire so there’s no doubt there’s something to it. Perhaps, one thing you have to keep in mind is the strength you want to play to.

  1. Donning The Top

Let’s start with the top. Tomboy fashion designers have a lot of things to say when it comes to such a basic item. But probably the most important piece of advice you will hear about is –  boat neck tops, jumpers, and most of all, button down shirts are the rocking attire to put on. Button down shirts used to only be for boys, but nowadays you will be sure to find the one you like in terms of color and design. It will not only be comfortable but also give you a casual, stylish feel.

  1. Some Accessories

Some girls may not want to put on outright boyish outfit, even if it’s not entirely male. But the tomboy dream doesn’t have to die at that point. Are you wearing your normal basic outfit? Well, get some accessories to get it right. When it comes to what sort of accessories, a watch on your wrist will do great, as well as a cap on your head. You can also choose to go for a bag, especially a leather one. If you need some new items, just go shopping with coupons for Kohl’s and you will be able to buy whatever you want on a budget.

  1. Retaining Your Femininity

Just because you wear the tomboy outfit, it will not make you an outright boy. You can still throw in a feminine feel, as it’s a great idea to mix those things. The point is to keep the boyishness and girlishness balanced. One great way of doing that is putting on some jewelry, tiny handbag or pretty shoes. Makeup can make wonders as well. A small change can make a great difference!

  1. ‘Tomboying’ the Feet

After taking care of the top and bottom, it’s the time to think about your feet. Youshouldn’t think that masculine shoes are only for men – talk of smoking slippers, brogues and wingtips.  In fact, typical male shoes are now archetypal of tomboy fashion. So, grab  apair and just put them on!

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