5 Useful Facts You Should Know About Adult Acne

Adult acne affects around 66 per cent of adults in their 20s, and around 43 per cent of adults in their 30s. So, if you feel like you are the only one suffering from this embarrassing condition, think again. In order to rid your face of the unsightly blemishes that adult acne can create, begin by dispelling the myths and getting the facts straight on the causes of adult acne, adult acne treatments and the best ways to restore your skin to its natural, healthy glow.

Adult Acne May Have a Number of CausesAdult_Acne

The majority of people think that adult acne is caused by a poor diet. For some people, this is true. But there are many other causes that can lead to breakouts, blackheads, and cysts forming on the face, neck, chest and back. Hormonal imbalances, including the use of hormone-based contraceptives, are a common cause for many. Sebaceous glands can overreact, leading to a build-up of oil under the skin’s surface. Stress is another major cause of adult acne, along with the use of poor-quality cosmetics or facial products that are out-of-date and filled with bacteria.

Generally, acne begins with the appearance of blackheads, which are tiny pores in the skin where a mixture of oils and dead skin cells get trapped just under the top layers of the skin. Despite their name, blackheads are not caused by dirt being trapped in the skin’s pores. For most people, blackheads develop into pimples.

Adult Acne Needs to Be Treated Differently From Teenage Acne

Where teenage acne treatment products are directed towards dealing with oily skin, adult acne is not usually caused by oily skin. In fact, adult skin is usually dry and in need of nourishment, despite how many breakouts may be present. Teenage acne treatments are quite harsh, with strong astringent chemicals to dry out oily adolescent skin. Using these types of products on adult acne is only likely to exacerbate the problem. Using drying products on already dry skin is likely to encourage the skin to begin overproducing oil, something that only leads to further outbreaks.

Gentle cleansers are the way to go when treating adult acne, along with exfoliating products that use glycolic acids and salicylic acids to gently remove dead skin cells without using harsh abrasive products. When it comes to moisturising, keep in mind that skin nourishment is the key.

Facial Treatments Can Reduce Adult Acne and Restore Healthy Skin

Because adult acne is a condition that can be treated when you have the right understanding, knowledge, and experience, regular facial treatments are an ideal way to reduce adult acne and help restore your skin to its natural health. Professional skin therapists are able to use the right kind of products to gently cleanse skin from deep within, exfoliate away dead skin cells, and restore nourishment to dry and inflamed skin. With the use of a combination of medical grade skin care products, natural vitamin and mineral treatments, and relaxing massage techniques, adult acne has shown to dramatically improve and disappear for many sufferers who choose to have regular facial treatments.

Eating Chocolate Does not Affect Adult Acne

There is no proof that eating chocolate causes or exacerbates adult acne. Neither does eating any other sort of unhealthy food such as French fries, candy or soft drinks. Although not good for your health, these foods don’t cause adult acne.

Having said this, there is recent evidence that dairy may have the potential to increase certain chemicals and hormones in our bodies that can, in turn, lead to adult acne becoming more pronounced.

Adult Acne can Benefit From High -Tech Facial Care Treatments

Various laser treatments, chemical-peel treatments, and other high-tech facial care treatments have proven to be very effective in not only improving and clearing adult acne, but they can also restore skin to its pre-acne condition in many cases. Acne scarring and discolouration, skin pigmentation, skin elasticity, and overall poor complexion can be dramatically improved with the various non-invasive treatments that are readily available today.

About the Author: Cherie Taylor, regular guest writer for many online beauty and skin care magazines, strongly recommends using a trusted and reputable professional skin therapist, such as Facial Care by SIA, for adult acne treatment, especially when having laser or chemical peel skin treatments.

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